Housekeeper Job Description [Updated for 2024]

housekeeper job description

In the modern world, the role of housekeepers has never been more essential.

As our lives become increasingly busy, the demand for skilled individuals who can maintain, manage, and transform our living spaces grows.

But let’s delve deeper: What’s truly expected from a housekeeper?

Whether you are:

  • A job seeker trying to understand the core responsibilities of this role,
  • A hiring manager outlining the perfect candidate,
  • Or simply curious about the intricacies of housekeeping,

You’re in the right place.

Today, we reveal a customizable housekeeper job description template, designed for effortless posting on job boards or career sites.

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Housekeeper Duties and Responsibilities

Housekeepers are primarily responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of homes, hotels, and other such establishments.

Their tasks include cleaning rooms, bathrooms and other work areas, while ensuring that they are equipped with necessary items for comfort and convenience.

Their daily duties and responsibilities include:

  • Clean and sanitize rooms, bathrooms, and other work areas
  • Change bedding and make beds as directed
  • Stock and maintain supply rooms
  • Replenish items such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies, and bathroom supplies
  • Empty waste bins, dispose of trash and recyclables, and manage waste recycling programs
  • Operate mechanized cleaning equipment
  • Maintain all cleaning equipment and materials in a safe and sanitary working condition
  • Monitor and report necessary domestic repairs and replacements
  • Check and purchase groceries and household supplies to maintain adequate levels


Housekeeper Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are seeking a professional and dedicated Housekeeper to join our team.

In this position, you will take on the role of maintaining our premises to the highest cleanliness standards.

Housekeeper responsibilities include performing a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing.

Additionally, you will need to ensure that all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards.

Our ideal candidates have a keen eye for detail, respect for the items and spaces they are cleaning, and knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies.



  • Perform a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing
  • Ensure all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards
  • Protect equipment and make sure there are no inadequacies
  • Notify superiors on any damages, deficits, and disturbances
  • Deal with reasonable complaints/requests with professionalism and patience
  • Check stocking levels of all consumables and replace when appropriate
  • Adhere strictly to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company-related practices



  • Proven experience as a cleaner or housekeeper
  • Ability to work with little supervision and maintain a high level of performance
  • Customer-oriented and friendly
  • Prioritization and time management skills
  • Working quickly without compromising quality
  • Knowledge of English language
  • High school degree



  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development opportunities


Additional Information

  • Job Title: Housekeeper
  • Work Environment: This role involves physical activities including lifting, bending, and standing for long periods. You will also need to handle various cleaning solutions.
  • Reporting Structure: Reports to the Housekeeping Manager or Facility Manager.
  • Salary: Salary is based upon candidate experience and qualifications, as well as market and business considerations.
  • Pay Range: $25,000 minimum to $35,000 maximum
  • Location: [City, State] (specify the location or indicate if remote)
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Equal Opportunity Statement: We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
  • Application Instructions: Please submit your resume and a brief description of your cleaning experience to [email address or application portal].


What Does a Housekeeper Do?

A Housekeeper typically works for residential homes, hotels, and other establishments, providing a clean and organized environment for occupants.

They can also work as self-employed individuals or for cleaning service companies.

Their primary role involves maintaining cleanliness in the assigned areas, which may include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas.

This typically involves sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and washing dishes.

Housekeepers are also responsible for changing bed linens, doing laundry, and ensuring that toiletries and other supplies are adequately stocked.

They may also do some light cooking or meal preparation in certain settings.

In hotels or other large establishments, housekeepers may be required to clean and prepare rooms for new guests, ensuring that the rooms meet the establishment’s cleanliness and presentation standards.

Furthermore, housekeepers often handle the disposal of trash and recycling, and may carry out minor maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs.

Some housekeepers may also be tasked with shopping for groceries and other household items, particularly when working for private households.

They work closely with their employers or supervisors to understand specific cleaning needs, schedules, and standards, ensuring they deliver the desired level of service.

Their role is crucial in maintaining a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for residents or guests.


Housekeeper Qualifications and Skills

A proficient housekeeper should possess skills and qualifications that align with the job role’s necessities, such as:

  • Excellent cleaning and sanitization skills to ensure all areas of the living space are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Time management skills to complete tasks efficiently and punctually according to the specified schedule.
  • Physical stamina and agility necessary for tasks such as lifting heavy items, bending, kneeling, and standing for long durations.
  • Organizational skills to keep track of cleaning supplies, manage inventory and maintain order in the living space.
  • Detail-oriented to notice and clean spots that are often overlooked, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills to build a good relationship with the employer, understand their preferences, and discuss any issues related to cleaning or maintenance.
  • Problem-solving skills to address common housekeeping challenges such as stain removal, equipment malfunction, and supply shortages.
  • Knowledge of safe and effective cleaning chemicals and tools, and the ability to use them properly and safely.


Housekeeper Experience Requirements

Entry-level housekeepers often have no previous experience, instead gaining their initial knowledge and training on the job.

Some may have completed a vocational training course or attended a housekeeping program at a community college, but this is not usually a requirement for most positions.

Candidates with 1 to 2 years of experience will have developed their cleaning and organization skills in a variety of settings, from private residences to hotels or businesses.

At this level, they should be able to work independently and efficiently to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Those with 3 to 5 years of experience often have additional skills such as minor repair work, laundry services, cooking, and childcare.

At this stage, housekeepers may also have experience training and supervising new staff members.

Housekeepers with more than 5 years of experience are often ready to take on managerial roles.

They may have experience in scheduling and assigning tasks, managing inventories of supplies, and conducting quality checks.

In addition, they may have developed strong problem-solving and customer service skills through years of interacting with clients and addressing their needs and concerns.


Housekeeper Education and Training Requirements

While there are no formal education requirements for becoming a housekeeper, a high school diploma or equivalent may be preferred by some employers.

On-the-job training is typically provided, where housekeepers learn about the specific cleaning procedures, chemicals, and policies of their employer.

Basic math skills for inventory and time management, as well as a thorough understanding of cleanliness and hygiene principles, are essential.

For those looking to advance in the field, courses in hospitality or facility management may be beneficial.

Certification programs are also available through organizations like the International Executive Housekeepers Association, which provides a Certified Executive Housekeeper and Registered Executive Housekeeper designation for those with a certain level of experience and education.

Experience in a similar role can be advantageous, and for certain positions, a valid driver’s license may be required.

Overall, housekeepers must be detail-oriented, reliable, and able to perform physical tasks, such as lifting and bending.


Housekeeper Salary Expectations

The average salary for a housekeeper is $11.84 (USD) per hour.

The actual income can differ based on factors such as experience, location, type of establishment (private house, hotel, hospital etc.), and the workload.

Some housekeepers may also earn additional income through tips and overtime work.


Housekeeper Job Description FAQs

What skills does a housekeeper need?

Housekeepers should possess organization and attention to detail, ensuring that all cleaning tasks are completed to the highest standard.

They should have good physical stamina as the job often involves considerable physical work.

A housekeeper must also have excellent time-management abilities to complete their tasks in a timely manner.

Communication skills are also important for understanding the needs and requests of the client or employer.


Do housekeepers need a degree?

Housekeepers do not need a formal degree, but they should have a basic education.

In some cases, a high school diploma or equivalent may be required.

Formal training is not typically necessary as most housekeepers learn their duties on the job.

However, certification programs exist for those who wish to advance in the field or specialize in certain areas of housekeeping.


What should you look for in a housekeeper resume?

When reviewing a housekeeper resume, check for experience in cleaning tasks in a similar setting.

This could include previous work in hotels, hospitals, private homes, or cleaning companies.

Also, look for skills like hardworking, meticulous, punctual, and reliable.

Check for any specific skills like operating cleaning equipment or knowledge of cleaning products.


What qualities make a good housekeeper?

A good housekeeper should be dependable and punctual, ensuring that they always show up for work on time and perform their duties to the best of their ability.

They should also be thorough and detail-oriented, making sure that no task is overlooked.

Good housekeepers should respect the privacy of their employers, understanding that they are often working in personal and private spaces.

Lastly, they should be able to work efficiently, completing tasks in a timely manner without compromising the quality of their work.


How can I assess the performance of a housekeeper?

The performance of a housekeeper can be assessed through regular inspections of their work, noting whether cleaning standards are maintained consistently.

Feedback from clients or residents can also provide valuable insight into their work quality.

In addition, punctuality, reliability, and the ability to complete all assigned tasks within a specified time frame are other important metrics for assessing the performance of a housekeeper.



So there we have it.

Today, we’ve shed light on what it truly means to be a housekeeper.

Surprise, surprise!

It’s not just about cleaning rooms.

It’s about creating a welcoming environment and a clean, comfortable haven for everyone.

With our handy housekeeper job description template and real-life examples, you’re all set to step up.

But why end your journey here?

Dig deeper with our job description generator. It’s your ultimate tool for fine-tuning your listings or polishing your resume to shine.

Keep this in mind:

Every clean room is a part of the bigger experience.

Let’s create that inviting space. Together.

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