29 Jobs For Narcissists (Selfie Career Paths)

Jobs For Narcissists

Are you delightfully self-confident? Love to be the center of attention?

Then, this could be your golden ticket!

Today, we’re unveiling a list of ideal professions for narcissists.

From public relations specialists to high-powered CEOs. Each one is a consummate match for those who thrive on admiration and importance.

Picture yourself basking in the limelight. Day in, day out.

Sounds like a dream, right?

So, position yourself in front of a mirror.

And get ready to discover your perfect narcissistic profession!

CEO or Company Executive

Average Salary: $180,000 – $10,000,000+ per year

CEOs and Company Executives lead organizations, setting strategic direction, and making decisions that affect the entire company.

This role is ideal for individuals with a narcissistic trait who thrive on power and enjoy being at the pinnacle of an organization’s hierarchy.

Job Duties:

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Set the long-term vision and strategy of the company, making critical decisions that steer the company’s direction.
  • Leadership: Inspire and lead a team of senior managers and employees, driving the company towards achieving its goals.
  • Public Representation: Represent the company in public events, conferences, and media interviews, often becoming the face of the organization.
  • Financial Oversight: Oversee the financial health of the company, ensuring profitability and sustainable growth.
  • Stakeholder Management: Engage with shareholders, the board of directors, and other key stakeholders to align on business objectives and report on progress.
  • Industry Trends: Stay abreast of market trends, competitive landscapes, and emerging technologies to keep the company ahead of the curve.



  • Educational Background: An advanced degree in Business Administration, Management, Economics, or a related field is highly valued.
  • Leadership Skills: Exceptional leadership and decision-making skills, with a track record of successfully managing organizations or large teams.
  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to formulate effective strategies and drive the company to success.
  • Communication Skills: Strong public speaking and negotiation skills to effectively communicate with various stakeholders.
  • Resilience: The capacity to handle pressure and make tough decisions in a high-stakes environment.


Career Path and Growth:

CEOs and Company Executives occupy the top-tier positions in their organizations.

Their role offers significant influence and control over company operations and culture.

For those with a narcissistic personality, this role can be highly satisfying, as it provides opportunities for personal recognition and the ability to leave a lasting impact on the business landscape.

With success, executives can move on to even larger organizations, join elite business circles, or establish themselves as thought leaders and influencers within their industry.


Politician or Public Office Holder

Average Salary: $174,000 (U.S. Congress members’ base salary) – varies widely based on the office held per year

Politicians or Public Office Holders are elected or appointed individuals who make, change, or enforce laws, and represent the interests of their constituents at various levels of government.

This role is ideal for individuals with a strong sense of self and a desire to be in the public eye, traits often associated with narcissistic personalities.

Job Duties:

  • Legislative Responsibilities: Draft, promote, and vote on new laws and policies that will impact the community, state, or nation.
  • Public Representation: Act as a representative of the people, addressing their concerns and advocating for their needs at the local, state, or national level.
  • Policy Development: Collaborate with advisers, other politicians, and stakeholders to develop strategies and policies.
  • Speeches and Appearances: Deliver speeches and make public appearances to share information, rally support, and maintain a public presence.
  • Constituent Services: Provide assistance to constituents, addressing their individual concerns and issues.
  • Media Relations: Engage with traditional and social media to shape public perception and promote policies or political positions.



  • Educational Background: While there is no specific degree requirement, degrees in Political Science, Law, Public Administration, or related fields are common.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to persuade, inform, and connect with the public.
  • Leadership: Strong leadership qualities and the ability to make decisions that will impact large populations.
  • Public Speaking: Confidence in speaking to diverse groups, often under scrutiny or in high-pressure situations.
  • Resilience: The capacity to withstand public criticism and bounce back from political setbacks.


Career Path and Growth:

Politicians have the potential to make a significant impact on society and the lives of their constituents.

Depending on their ambition, effectiveness, and public approval, they can aspire to higher offices, including leadership positions within their political party, governorships, congressional leadership roles, or even the presidency.

The career path can also lead to opportunities in lobbying, consulting, or political analysis following their public service tenure.


TV or Radio Personality

Average Salary: $30,000 – $100,000+ (highly variable based on experience, location, and audience size) per year

TV or Radio Personalities entertain and inform the public on various media platforms, from traditional broadcast television and radio to online streaming services.

This role is perfect for narcissists who enjoy being the center of attention and have a knack for captivating audiences with their charisma and communication skills.

Job Duties:

  • On-Air Broadcasting: Host and present programs, shows, or segments on TV or radio, often live, to engage with a broad audience.
  • Content Creation: Develop and deliver entertaining and informative content, tailored to the interests of the target audience and the personality’s unique style.
  • Interviewing Guests: Conduct interviews with celebrities, experts, or everyday individuals, adding personal flair and probing for intriguing responses.
  • Public Interaction: Interact with the audience through social media, live calls, or public events, fostering a connection and building a fan base.
  • Brand Representation: Serve as the face or voice of the station or network, often participating in marketing and promotional activities.
  • Continuous Improvement: Seek feedback and ratings to refine on-air presence and performance, staying relevant and competitive in the industry.



  • Educational Background: While formal education in Broadcasting, Communications, Journalism, or a related field can be beneficial, it is not always necessary.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding verbal communication and storytelling skills, with the ability to engage and entertain diverse audiences.
  • Charismatic Presence: A strong and captivating on-air personality that resonates with viewers or listeners.
  • Public Speaking: Confidence and comfort in speaking to both live and virtual audiences, often without a script.
  • Adaptability: Ability to think on one’s feet and adapt content or responses to live developments and audience feedback.


Career Path and Growth:

This role allows for significant personal branding and the opportunity to become a public figure.

Career growth can include advancing to higher-profile programs, syndication, or securing a spot on national networks.

Successful TV or Radio Personalities may also branch out into other areas of entertainment, such as acting, writing, or producing.


Social Media Influencer

Average Salary: $30,000 – $100,000+ per year

Social Media Influencers create and share content on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, to engage and grow their audience.

This role is perfect for narcissists who thrive on attention and enjoy leveraging their personal brand to influence others.

Job Duties:

  • Content Creation: Produce compelling and attractive content that resonates with followers and promotes engagement.
  • Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with brands to advertise products or services in a way that feels authentic to the influencer’s image.
  • Engaging with Followers: Respond to comments, messages, and engage with followers to build a loyal community.
  • Analytics Monitoring: Track the performance of posts and campaigns using social media analytics tools to optimize strategies.
  • Trendspotting: Stay ahead of social media trends and adapt content strategy to maintain relevance and audience interest.
  • Personal Branding: Continuously refine and promote a personal brand that is attractive to both followers and potential sponsors.



  • Charisma: A magnetic personality that draws people in and encourages them to follow your social media journey.
  • Marketing Skills: Understanding of social media algorithms and marketing strategies to grow and maintain an audience.
  • Consistency: Regular posting of content to keep the audience engaged and to maintain visibility on social media platforms.
  • Networking: Ability to connect with other influencers, brands, and industry professionals to expand reach and opportunities.
  • Resilience: Staying motivated and positive in the face of criticism or fluctuations in follower engagement.


Career Path and Growth:

Social Media Influencers have the potential to turn their online presence into a lucrative career.

With growth, they can launch their own product lines, receive invitations to exclusive events, and become recognized as thought leaders in their respective niches.

Experienced influencers might also expand into other areas such as acting, modeling, or starting a business, using their platform to amplify their success.


Actor or Performer

Average Salary: $40,000 – $100,000+ per year

Actors and performers captivate audiences by bringing characters and stories to life on stage, on camera, or through various digital media platforms.

This role is perfect for those with a narcissistic streak who thrive in the spotlight and enjoy the adulation that comes with a successful performance.

Job Duties:

  • Character Interpretation: Immerse themselves in various roles, understanding the character’s motivations and portraying them convincingly to the audience.
  • Script Learning: Memorize and deliver lines, cues, and stage directions with precision and emotional depth.
  • Rehearsing: Participate in rehearsals to refine performances, work on timing, and ensure a seamless execution of the production.
  • Collaborating with Directors and Cast: Work closely with creative teams to develop a cohesive vision for the performance.
  • Engaging Audiences: Use skills in voice, movement, and expression to captivate and connect with live audiences or through the camera.
  • Continuous Improvement: Seek feedback and critique to enhance acting skills and adapt to various styles and mediums of performance.



  • Training: Formal training in drama, theater, or performing arts from an accredited institution is highly beneficial.
  • Stage Presence: Natural charisma and the ability to command attention while performing in front of an audience.
  • Emotional Range: Capacity to express a wide spectrum of emotions authentically and adjust performances based on the character’s needs.
  • Resilience: Able to handle rejection and criticism while continually auditioning for new roles and opportunities.
  • Versatility: Flexibility to take on varied roles and genres, adapting to different performance environments and styles.


Career Path and Growth:

Actors and performers have the potential to progress from small, independent productions to larger, high-profile projects.

With dedication and talent, they may achieve leading roles, garner awards, and even influence the direction of their projects.

Actors with a strong personal brand can leverage their fame to launch related ventures, such as production companies or lifestyle brands, further capitalizing on their public image.


Sales Director

Average Salary: $100,000 – $150,000 per year

Sales Directors orchestrate and oversee the sales strategy of a company, leading teams to meet and exceed sales targets.

This role is perfect for narcissists who thrive in leadership positions and enjoy the prestige and power that come with directing a company’s sales efforts.

Job Duties:

  • Developing Sales Strategies: Create comprehensive sales plans that align with company goals and market trends.
  • Leading Sales Teams: Manage and inspire sales personnel to achieve sales objectives and foster a competitive, high-performance environment.
  • Building Client Relationships: Cultivate and maintain relationships with key clients, negotiating deals and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Analyzing Market Trends: Monitor industry trends to identify opportunities for new sales initiatives or product offerings.
  • Training and Development: Implement training programs to enhance the skills of the sales team and introduce best practices.
  • Reporting and Forecasting: Provide accurate sales forecasts and reports to upper management, using data to drive decision-making.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field is often required, with an MBA preferred.
  • Leadership Skills: Exceptional leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and influence others.
  • Sales Expertise: Proven track record of sales success and an in-depth understanding of sales principles and customer relationship management.
  • Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the capability to negotiate and close deals effectively.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop strategic sales plans and think critically about market dynamics and competition.


Career Path and Growth:

As a Sales Director, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the profitability and growth of a company.

With success, you can expect to move into higher executive roles, such as Vice President of Sales or Chief Sales Officer, where you can exert even greater influence and garner more prestige within the industry.


Attorney or Litigator

Average Salary: $60,000 – $200,000 per year

Attorneys and Litigators represent clients in legal disputes, providing counsel, and presenting cases in courtrooms.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive on being the center of attention and wielding influence over others.

Job Duties:

  • Client Representation: Provide legal representation to clients, advising them on their rights and the best course of action.
  • Courtroom Advocacy: Argue cases in court, using persuasive speech and legal expertise to sway judges and juries in favor of their client.
  • Legal Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough research and interpret laws, rulings, and regulations to develop legal strategies.
  • Document Preparation: Draft and prepare legal documents such as lawsuits, appeals, contracts, and deeds.
  • Negotiation and Mediation: Engage in negotiations or mediation sessions to reach settlements beneficial to their clients.
  • Professional Development: Keep abreast of new laws, legal precedents, and developments in the legal field to maintain a competitive edge.



  • Educational Background: A Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an accredited law school is required.
  • Licensure: Must pass the bar exam in the state where they wish to practice.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to argue a case effectively and persuasively.
  • Confidence and Presence: Strong presence in the courtroom and the confidence to take command of legal proceedings.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop and implement sophisticated legal strategies.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail when preparing legal documents and analyzing case information.


Career Path and Growth:

For a narcissist, the role of an Attorney or Litigator can be highly gratifying as it often puts them in a high-stakes, high-visibility position.

Success in this field can lead to a reputation of power and prestige, with opportunities to become a partner in a law firm, specialize in high-profile cases, or even aim for judicial appointments.

With their persuasive abilities and strategic thinking, narcissistic attorneys can leave a significant mark on the legal landscape.


Corporate Trainer or Motivational Speaker

Average Salary: $45,000 – $80,000 per year

Corporate Trainers and Motivational Speakers deliver engaging presentations and training sessions to improve the performance and motivation of company employees.

This role is perfect for individuals with a charismatic personality and a desire to influence and inspire others in a corporate environment.

Job Duties:

  • Delivering Engaging Presentations: Conduct dynamic and motivating presentations or workshops aimed at enhancing employee skills and morale.
  • Customizing Training Materials: Develop and adapt training content to meet the specific needs of an organization or audience.
  • Facilitating Team-Building Exercises: Lead exercises designed to strengthen teamwork, communication, and collaboration among employees.
  • Personal Development Coaching: Provide one-on-one coaching to employees to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Monitoring Progress: Track and analyze the effectiveness of training programs and make adjustments as necessary to ensure maximum impact.
  • Staying Current: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in corporate training, motivational techniques, and industry-specific knowledge.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Human Resources, Psychology, Communication, or a related field is often preferred.
  • Exceptional Communication Skills: Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to engage and persuade diverse audiences.
  • Charisma and Enthusiasm: A magnetic personality that commands attention and exudes confidence and positivity.
  • Public Speaking: Comfortable and experienced in speaking to both small groups and large audiences, often in high-pressure situations.
  • Flexibility: Ability to tailor presentations and training to different corporate cultures, learning styles, and performance levels.


Career Path and Growth:

As a Corporate Trainer or Motivational Speaker, there is significant potential for career growth and personal branding.

With experience and a track record of successful engagements, individuals can become sought-after speakers, authors of business and personal development books, or start their own consulting firms.

There’s also the opportunity to specialize in certain areas of training or motivational speaking, such as leadership development, sales performance, or employee wellness.


Real Estate Developer

Average Salary: $95,000 – $200,000 per year

Real Estate Developers initiate and manage the creation or renovation of real estate projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

This role is ideal for individuals with a strong sense of self-confidence and ambition, traits often associated with narcissists, who enjoy leading major projects and making a significant impact on the community landscape.

Job Duties:

  • Project Initiation: Identify and evaluate potential development sites, conduct feasibility studies, and create project proposals.
  • Design and Planning: Collaborate with architects, engineers, and city planners to design properties that are both profitable and compliant with local regulations.
  • Financial Management: Secure funding for projects through investments, loans, or partnerships, and manage budgets to ensure profitability.
  • Construction Oversight: Oversee the construction process, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.
  • Marketing and Sales: Develop marketing strategies for the finished project and work with sales teams or real estate agents to sell or lease properties.
  • Community Relations: Engage with community stakeholders and address any concerns related to the development’s impact on the local area.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, or a related field is often required.
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership abilities to manage teams, coordinate with contractors, and drive projects to completion.
  • Financial Acumen: A solid understanding of real estate finance, investment strategies, and market analysis.
  • Negotiation Skills: Excellent negotiation skills to secure favorable terms with contractors, investors, and other stakeholders.
  • Problem-Solving: Ability to anticipate and resolve issues that may arise during the development process.
  • Networking: A well-established network in the real estate industry can be a significant asset.


Career Path and Growth:

Real Estate Development offers a dynamic career with the potential for substantial financial reward.

Developers may start with smaller projects and, over time, work their way up to multimillion-dollar developments.

Successful developers can also start their own development firms or expand into related fields such as property management or real estate investment trusts (REITs).


Fashion Designer or Model

Average Salary: $50,000 – $100,000 for Designers, $32,000 – $48,000 for Models per year

Fashion Designers and Models play a crucial role in the creation and showcasing of new fashion trends and styles.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive on attention and admiration, and who have a keen eye for aesthetics and fashion.

Job Duties:

  • Designing Fashion Collections: Create original clothing, accessories, or footwear, drawing inspiration from current trends, personal vision, or cultural influences.
  • Runway Modeling: Walk in fashion shows to display the latest designer collections to audiences, often becoming the focal point of the event.
  • Public Appearances: Attend high-profile events and engage with the media to promote brands or personal image, further increasing visibility.
  • Photo Shoots: Participate in or direct photo shoots for fashion editorials, advertisements, or portfolio development.
  • Network and Collaboration: Work with photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and other designers to produce a cohesive vision.
  • Brand Development: For designers, developing a personal brand and aesthetic that stands out in the competitive fashion industry.



  • Educational Background: For designers, a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design or a related field is beneficial. Models may not require formal education but need a strong portfolio.
  • Creativity and Style: A strong sense of style, creativity, and understanding of fashion trends.
  • Self-Promotion: Ability to market oneself and one’s designs, often through social media and networking events.
  • Confidence and Poise: For models, confidence in one’s appearance and the ability to present oneself gracefully on the runway and in photographs.
  • Resilience: The fashion industry can be highly competitive and critical, requiring thick skin and persistence.


Career Path and Growth:

Fashion Designers and Models have the opportunity to become icons within the industry, with the potential to influence fashion trends globally.

Designers can aspire to create their own labels or become head designers for prestigious fashion houses.

Models can aim for supermodel status, become brand ambassadors, or transition into related fields such as acting or media.

Both roles offer opportunities to travel and work with internationally acclaimed industry professionals.


Marketing or Advertising Executive

Average Salary: $50,000 – $120,000 per year

Marketing or Advertising Executives create and oversee campaigns to promote products or services to the public, often for a variety of clients within an agency setting or a single company.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive on influence and enjoy the prestige that comes with crafting campaigns that shape consumer behavior.

Job Duties:

  • Developing Marketing Strategies: Create comprehensive marketing plans that align with client or company objectives.
  • Leading Campaigns: Oversee the execution of marketing campaigns, ensuring they are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Analyzing Data: Utilize market research and analysis to inform marketing strategies and measure campaign effectiveness.
  • Client Interaction: Build and maintain relationships with clients, understanding their needs and delivering results that exceed expectations.
  • Brand Development: Enhance and protect the brand identity, ensuring that all marketing materials align with the brand voice and vision.
  • Staying Current: Keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, technologies, and best practices to maintain a competitive edge.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business, or a related field is often required.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to craft compelling messages and persuade others.
  • Creativity: A strong creative vision and the ability to generate innovative ideas for campaigns that capture the public’s attention.
  • Leadership: Proven leadership skills, with the ability to manage teams and guide projects to successful completion.
  • Analytical Thinking: Aptitude for analyzing data and translating insights into actionable marketing strategies.


Career Path and Growth:

In the world of marketing and advertising, narcissists can leverage their ambition and desire for success to climb the corporate ladder.

With experience, Marketing or Advertising Executives can advance to higher-level positions such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or even start their own successful agencies.

Their ability to shape and influence public opinion can also open doors to careers in public relations, brand consulting, or corporate communications.


Talent Agent or Manager

Average Salary: $50,000 – $100,000+ per year

Talent Agents or Managers represent and promote artists, performers, and athletes to further their careers.

This role is perfect for self-assured individuals who thrive on networking, negotiation, and the buzz of the entertainment industry.

Job Duties:

  • Scouting Talent: Identify promising new artists, performers, or athletes and sign them to your agency.
  • Negotiating Contracts: Secure lucrative and fair contracts for clients, involving engagements, performances, or endorsements.
  • Building Relationships: Maintain and cultivate strong relationships with industry professionals, including producers, casting directors, and venue managers.
  • Marketing Clients: Develop and implement marketing strategies to enhance the visibility and brand of clients.
  • Advising and Guiding: Provide career advice and guidance to clients, helping them make informed decisions about their professional paths.
  • Staying Current: Keep up-to-date with industry trends, events, and opportunities that may benefit clients.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Communications, or related fields is often beneficial.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to pitch clients and negotiate deals effectively.
  • Networking Abilities: A strong network within the entertainment industry and the skills to forge new relationships.
  • Charisma and Confidence: An engaging personality that exudes self-confidence and can influence others.
  • Resilience: The tenacity to handle rejection and continue working toward client success.


Career Path and Growth:

As a Talent Agent or Manager, you have the power to shape careers and become a recognized figure in the entertainment world.

Success in this field can lead to the creation of your own agency, managing A-list clients, or becoming an influential executive within larger management companies.


Event Promoter or Planner

Average Salary: $40,000 – $75,000 per year

Event Promoters or Planners are responsible for organizing and marketing events, such as concerts, festivals, conferences, or private parties.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive on being the center of attention and enjoy making events about themselves as much as the actual performers or content.

Job Duties:

  • Conceptualizing Events: Develop unique and engaging event concepts that are likely to attract attention and generate buzz.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Execute effective marketing strategies to promote events, leveraging social media, traditional media, and personal networks.
  • Coordination and Logistics: Oversee every detail of event planning, from venue selection to vendor management and on-site logistics.
  • Networking: Build and maintain relationships with clients, vendors, sponsors, and attendees to enhance the event’s success and personal reputation.
  • Managing Budgets: Ensure events are financially successful by managing budgets carefully and maximizing return on investment.
  • Handling Feedback: Solicit and respond to feedback, using it to create an even more impressive personal brand and event experience next time.



  • Experience in Event Planning: Proven track record of planning successful events, with the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Charisma and Confidence: A strong presence, both in person and online, that commands attention and inspires trust and excitement about the events.
  • Marketing Skills: Knowledge of marketing techniques and social media savvy to effectively promote events.
  • Detail-Oriented: Attention to detail and the ability to organize complex logistics without overlooking anything.
  • Networking Ability: An extensive network of contacts and the skill to forge new partnerships and sponsorships to enhance event prestige.


Career Path and Growth:

The role of an Event Promoter or Planner offers ample opportunity to build a personal brand and become a recognized figure in the industry.

With experience, one can move up to larger, more prestigious events or start their own event planning company, becoming a key influencer in the world of events and entertainment.


Public Relations Specialist

Average Salary: $50,000 – $70,000 per year

Public Relations Specialists manage the public image of their clients, ranging from celebrities and businesses to non-profit organizations.

This role is well-suited for narcissists who thrive on being in the spotlight and using their charm to shape and control public perception.

Job Duties:

  • Creating Publicity Campaigns: Design and implement strategic campaigns to enhance the client’s public image and brand awareness.
  • Writing Press Releases: Craft compelling press releases to highlight client achievements, events, or responses to media inquiries.
  • Media Relations: Build and maintain relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to secure positive coverage for clients.
  • Event Coordination: Organize press conferences, interviews, and public appearances to promote clients and manage their public engagements.
  • Crisis Management: Develop and execute crisis communication plans to protect clients’ reputation in challenging situations.
  • Monitoring Public Opinion: Keep a pulse on public sentiment and media trends to tailor strategies effectively.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism, or a related field is typically required.
  • Communication Skills: Superior written and verbal communication skills to craft messages and engage with diverse audiences.
  • Charisma: A confident and persuasive personality that can captivate an audience and sway public opinion.
  • Media Savvy: An understanding of media operations and the ability to work well with press representatives.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop and implement comprehensive PR strategies that align with client goals.
  • Networking: Excellent interpersonal skills to build and maintain professional relationships.


Career Path and Growth:

PR Specialists have the opportunity to become the face associated with high-profile clients and events.

Career advancement can lead to higher-level positions such as PR Manager or Director, where one can oversee larger campaigns, manage teams, and have a more significant impact on the public image of various clients.


Professional Athlete

Average Salary: $50,000 – $Millions per year

Professional Athletes compete at the highest levels of their sports, from regional teams to international competitions.

This role is perfect for those who not only have exceptional skill in their chosen sport but also possess a strong desire for personal achievement and recognition.

Job Duties:

  • Competing in Events: Participate in sports competitions, games, and events at professional levels, showcasing top-tier performance and skill.
  • Training and Conditioning: Engage in rigorous daily training routines to maintain peak physical condition and refine sports techniques.
  • Media and Public Appearances: Represent the sport and team in various media formats, including interviews, endorsements, and public events.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with teammates, coaches, and support staff to develop strategies and foster team success.
  • Engaging with Fans: Interact with fans through social media, autograph signings, and public events, building a personal brand and fanbase.
  • Personal Development: Continuously work on personal growth, including mental toughness, strategic understanding, and sportsmanship.



  • Athletic Skill: Exceptional talent and proficiency in the chosen sport.
  • Physical Fitness: Peak physical condition and the ability to perform at the highest level of the sport.
  • Competitive Spirit: A strong drive to win and be recognized as one of the best in the sport.
  • Resilience: The mental strength to cope with the pressures of competition and public scrutiny.
  • Teamwork: The ability to work well with a team, even in sports that are individually based.


Career Path and Growth:

A career as a Professional Athlete can lead to numerous opportunities, including enhanced fame, lucrative endorsements, and the chance to become a role model for aspiring athletes.

With the advancement of their careers, athletes can transition into roles such as coaches, sports commentators, or business entrepreneurs within the sporting industry.


Financial Advisor / Investment Banker

Average Salary: $70,000 – $150,000+ per year

Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers provide financial advice, investment management, and capital-raising services to individuals, corporations, and governments.

This role is ideal for individuals who are confident in their financial acumen and enjoy leveraging their expertise to influence and guide others in financial matters.

Job Duties:

  • Client Consultations: Meet with clients to understand their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences.
  • Portfolio Management: Develop and manage investment portfolios, optimizing clients’ financial assets and wealth over time.
  • Market Analysis: Research and analyze market trends to make informed investment decisions and recommendations.
  • Financial Planning: Create comprehensive financial plans that cover savings, investments, taxes, retirement, and estate planning.
  • Networking and Business Development: Actively seek out new clients and maintain relationships with existing ones to grow business opportunities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure all advice and transactions comply with the financial laws and regulations.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or a related field is required, with an MBA or professional certifications (such as CFA or CPA) being highly advantageous.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to explain complex financial concepts in a clear and persuasive manner.
  • Financial Expertise: Strong understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and economic factors that influence investment performance.
  • Client Service: Commitment to providing high-quality service and building long-term client relationships.
  • Analytical Skills: Proficiency in analyzing financial data and statistical information to make informed decisions.


Career Path and Growth:

Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers have substantial potential for career advancement.

With experience, they can move into higher positions within their firms, such as becoming a senior advisor, portfolio manager, or director of investment banking.

Success in these roles can also lead to opportunities to start their own financial advisory firm or become a partner in an investment bank.

Additionally, their expertise and reputation can attract high-net-worth clients and larger, more complex financial projects, further enhancing their professional status and income potential.


Cosmetic Surgeon or Dermatologist

Average Salary: $200,000 – $400,000+ per year

Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists specialize in enhancing and improving the appearance of the skin, hair, and body through medical and surgical procedures.

This role is ideal for individuals who take pride in their ability to transform appearances and enjoy the admiration and gratitude of their clients.

Job Duties:

  • Performing Surgical Procedures: Conduct cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, liposuction, and rhinoplasties to improve patients’ appearance.
  • Administering Non-Surgical Treatments: Provide treatments like Botox, fillers, laser therapies, and chemical peels to rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of aging.
  • Consulting with Patients: Evaluate patients’ concerns and desires, providing professional advice on suitable procedures and treatments.
  • Developing Treatment Plans: Tailor individualized care plans that address specific patient needs and aesthetic goals.
  • Continuing Education: Stay abreast of the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery and dermatology to offer cutting-edge treatments.
  • Maintaining Patient Records: Keep accurate records of patient consultations, procedures, and follow-up care.



  • Educational Background: A medical degree with specialized training in dermatology or cosmetic surgery, including residency and fellowships as required.
  • Board Certification: Certification by the relevant board such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or the American Board of Dermatology.
  • Technical Skills: Advanced surgical skills and proficiency in using various medical instruments and technologies.
  • Attention to Detail: Precise attention to detail to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Excellent bedside manner and the ability to build trust with patients.
  • Business Acumen: Understanding of how to manage and grow a medical practice for those in private practice.


Career Path and Growth:

This role offers the opportunity to make a significant impact on patients’ confidence and self-image, which can be deeply rewarding.

With experience, Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists can become renowned experts in their field, open private practices, develop their own line of skincare products, or become influencers in the beauty and health industry.

They may also engage in research, teaching, or speaking at international conferences, further enhancing their reputation and professional standing.


Film Director or Producer

Average Salary: $70,000 – $200,000+ per year

Film Directors and Producers are the visionaries behind the stories that captivate audiences on the big screen.

They are responsible for the overall creative direction of a film and bringing scripts to life.

This role is ideal for individuals who have a strong sense of self, enjoy the spotlight, and have a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling and cinema.

Job Duties:

  • Directing or Producing Films: Oversee the creative and technical aspects of film production, including scripting, shooting, and editing.
  • Managing Talent and Crews: Lead and motivate a team of actors, crew members, and other production staff to achieve the film’s vision.
  • Budgeting and Scheduling: Ensure the film is completed within budgetary constraints and on schedule.
  • Networking: Build and maintain relationships with industry professionals, including studios, distributors, and financial backers.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Collaborate with marketing teams to develop strategies for promoting the film to audiences.
  • Continual Learning: Stay informed about industry trends, new technologies, and creative methods in filmmaking.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Film, Cinematography, or a related field is often beneficial, but not always required.
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership abilities to guide and inspire a production team.
  • Creative Vision: A distinct creative vision and the ability to tell compelling stories through film.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to articulate ideas and collaborate effectively.
  • Resilience: The tenacity to handle the pressures of film production and the ability to overcome challenges and setbacks.


Career Path and Growth:

This role offers the opportunity to leave a mark on the film industry and potentially become a celebrated figure in cinema.

With experience, Film Directors and Producers can take on more ambitious projects, gain recognition at film festivals, and perhaps even win prestigious awards.

Successful individuals in this field may also establish their own production companies, become mentors to emerging talent, or branch out into other creative endeavors within the entertainment industry.


Art Director

Average Salary: $70,000 – $100,000 per year

Art Directors are responsible for the visual style and images created in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions.

This role is ideal for narcissists who relish the opportunity to shape and influence a project’s aesthetic, receiving recognition and praise for their visionary work.

Job Duties:

  • Conceptualizing Visual Style: Define and create the overall look and feel for various media productions, ensuring a coherent visual experience.
  • Leading Design Teams: Guide and oversee the work of other designers and artists, often taking credit for collective creative endeavors.
  • Making Decisive Choices: Select photographs, art, props, colors, and other elements that align with the desired artistic vision.
  • Collaborating with Creative Departments: Work alongside marketing, editorial, or production departments to align artistic concepts with business strategies.
  • Pitching Ideas: Present design concepts and persuade stakeholders of the vision’s value and impact.
  • Managing Timelines and Budgets: Ensure that projects are completed on time and within financial constraints, often showcasing the ability to lead under pressure.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Art, Design, or a related field is often required.
  • Creative Vision: A strong, confident artistic sensibility and the ability to guide and inspire others with that vision.
  • Leadership Skills: The capacity to lead and direct the work of others, often enjoying the spotlight as the driving creative force.
  • Decision-Making Abilities: Confidence in making bold, definitive choices that will define a project’s visual identity.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to articulate creative concepts and rally a team around a shared vision.


Career Path and Growth:

Art Directors have the opportunity to leave a significant mark on the visual aspects of cultural products and campaigns.

They can gain prestige and recognition in the industry, potentially leading to higher-profile projects and positions.

With experience, they may advance to creative director roles or start their own design firms, further enhancing their reputation and influence.


Author or Writer

Average Salary: $50,000 – $75,000 per year

Authors and Writers create and publish written content, ranging from books and articles to scripts and online content.

This role is ideal for narcissists who enjoy the spotlight and the prestige that comes with being a published writer.

Job Duties:

  • Crafting Engaging Narratives: Write compelling and original stories, articles, or scripts that captivate an audience.
  • Researching and Developing Ideas: Generate ideas and conduct research to add authenticity and depth to written works.
  • Editing and Revising: Continuously refine written content to meet publishing standards and reader expectations.
  • Building a Personal Brand: Develop a strong authorial presence, whether through social media, public appearances, or literary events.
  • Marketing: Collaborate with publishers and marketers to promote written works and maximize reach.
  • Networking: Engage with other professionals in the literary community to expand influence and opportunities.



  • Educational Background: A degree in English, Journalism, Creative Writing, or related fields is beneficial, though not always necessary.
  • Writing Skills: Exceptional writing abilities, with a strong command of language and narrative techniques.
  • Self-Promotion: A flair for personal branding and self-promotion, critical for building an audience and selling books or articles.
  • Persistence: Dedication to the craft, including the capacity to handle criticism and rejection while continuing to produce high-quality work.
  • Adaptability: Ability to write in various styles and for different platforms to reach diverse audiences.


Career Path and Growth:

This role offers the potential for high visibility and acclaim, particularly if a writer’s work becomes widely read or adapted for other media.

With success, authors and writers can become recognized experts in their field, secure lucrative book deals, and command higher fees for speaking engagements and appearances.

They might also diversify into related fields such as teaching, editing, or screenwriting.


Television Show Host

Average Salary: $45,000 – $110,000+ per year

Television Show Hosts are the face of various programs, ranging from news and entertainment to reality shows and talk shows.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive in the spotlight and enjoy influencing and engaging with a large audience.

Job Duties:

  • Hosting Shows: Lead television programs with confidence and charisma, ensuring that viewers are entertained, informed, and wanting more.
  • Interviewing Guests: Conduct interviews with guests, asking insightful questions that captivate the audience.
  • Segment Presentation: Introduce and transition between different segments of a show smoothly and professionally.
  • Script Review and Improvisation: Work closely with writers and producers to review scripts, adding personal flair and improvising when necessary.
  • Audience Interaction: Engage with the studio audience and viewers through various mediums, including social media, to build a loyal fanbase.
  • Staying Current: Keep up-to-date with current events, pop culture, and trends to ensure relevance and relatability in discussions and presentations.



  • Media Presence: A strong on-screen presence with an ability to connect with viewers and hold their attention.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptional verbal communication skills, including clear articulation, engaging storytelling, and the ability to think on your feet.
  • Charisma: A magnetic personality that draws in viewers and keeps them interested in the show and its content.
  • Public Speaking: Comfortable with speaking in front of the camera and engaging with both guests and audiences with ease.
  • Adaptability: Ability to handle live broadcasts and adapt to changes in show format or content quickly and professionally.


Career Path and Growth:

This role offers narcissists a platform to be admired and adored by a wide audience, with the potential for significant influence in the media industry.

With experience, Television Show Hosts can advance to larger platforms, gain opportunities to host high-profile events, or even produce their own shows.

The sky’s the limit for those who can maintain their viewers’ interest and grow their personal brand.


Sales Manager

Average Salary: $60,000 – $120,000 per year

Sales Managers are responsible for directing and guiding sales teams to reach and exceed sales targets.

They play a crucial role in developing and implementing sales strategies and monitoring the overall sales performance of their company or department.

This role is ideal for individuals with a narcissistic personality who thrive on leadership, recognition, and the competitive nature of sales environments.

Job Duties:

  • Leading Sales Teams: Motivate and direct a team of sales professionals, setting goals and monitoring performance to ensure targets are met or exceeded.
  • Strategy Development: Create and implement effective sales strategies to drive revenue growth and expand customer base.
  • Training and Development: Coach and develop team members to enhance their sales skills and product knowledge.
  • Performance Analysis: Regularly review sales data and market trends to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.
  • Client Relationships: Build and maintain strong relationships with key clients, while also identifying new business opportunities.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with marketing, product development, and customer service teams to ensure a cohesive approach to sales.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field is often required.
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership qualities with the ability to inspire and motivate a sales team.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to negotiate and persuade effectively.
  • Results-Driven: A focus on achieving sales goals and driving business success.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop and execute sales strategies that align with the company’s objectives.
  • Industry Knowledge: In-depth understanding of the industry, market trends, and customer needs.


Career Path and Growth:

Sales Managers have the opportunity to significantly impact their company’s revenue and growth.

Success in this role can lead to higher positions such as Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, or other executive roles within the organization.

Additionally, high-performing Sales Managers can receive substantial bonuses, commissions, and other incentives that not only increase their earning potential but also serve as recognition for their achievements.


Corporate Lawyer

Average Salary: $100,000 – $160,000 per year

Corporate Lawyers advise businesses on legal matters related to their corporate activities, including mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property rights, and compliance issues.

This role is perfect for narcissists who thrive on high stakes, have a persuasive personality, and relish the power and prestige associated with corporate law.

Job Duties:

  • Negotiating and Drafting Contracts: Prepare and revise legal documents, ensuring that their clients’ interests are protected in business transactions.
  • Advising on Corporate Law: Offer guidance on the legal implications of corporate decisions and strategies.
  • Handling Mergers and Acquisitions: Lead due diligence, structure deals, and manage the legal aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Keep clients informed about changes in regulations and help them maintain compliance with various laws.
  • Intellectual Property Management: Advise on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Dispute Resolution: Represent corporations in legal disputes, negotiations, and settlement discussions.



  • Educational Background: A Juris Doctor (JD) degree from an accredited law school and a license to practice law.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding verbal and written communication skills for negotiating deals and drafting legal documents.
  • Attention to Detail: A meticulous approach to ensure all legalities are correctly addressed and risks are minimized.
  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to foresee potential legal issues and advise clients accordingly.
  • Confidence: A self-assured demeanor that instills trust in clients and exudes authority in negotiations.


Career Path and Growth:

Corporate Lawyers have the opportunity to work with prestigious firms and high-profile clients, gaining notoriety and influence in the legal and business worlds.

With experience, they can aspire to become partners in their law firms, specialize further in high-demand areas of corporate law, or transition into executive roles within corporate entities.


Reality TV Star

Average Salary: $10,000 – $1,000,000+ per year

Reality TV Stars are individuals who appear on unscripted television shows, showcasing their lives, talents, or specific aspects of their personalities.

This role is ideal for narcissists who enjoy being in the spotlight and have a strong desire for fame and recognition.

Job Duties:

  • On-Screen Presence: Maintain a captivating and dynamic presence on camera, often engaging in drama or activities that entertain viewers.
  • Personal Branding: Develop and promote a personal brand that resonates with audiences and increases viewer engagement.
  • Interacting with Participants: Build relationships with fellow cast members, which may include forming alliances or rivalries to enhance the show’s appeal.
  • Media Appearances: Participate in interviews, talk shows, and public appearances to promote the show and personal brand.
  • Social Media Engagement: Actively engage with fans on social media platforms, sharing personal insights, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Adapting to Storylines: Work with producers to adapt to evolving storylines and ensure a compelling narrative for viewers.



  • Strong Personality: A bold, charismatic, or controversial personality that stands out on screen.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal communication skills, with the ability to articulate thoughts and emotions effectively to the audience.
  • Desire for Attention: A natural inclination towards seeking attention and enjoying being the center of attention.
  • Resilience: Ability to handle public scrutiny, criticism, and the pressures of fame.
  • Flexibility: Willingness to participate in a variety of scenarios and adapt to the changing demands of reality TV production.


Career Path and Growth:

For narcissists, becoming a Reality TV Star can be the ultimate platform to amplify their need for attention and validation.

With increased popularity, Reality TV Stars can leverage their fame to launch product lines, secure endorsement deals, or transition into other entertainment industry roles such as acting or hosting.

Success in the industry can lead to a lucrative career and significant influence as a public figure.


High-End Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: $75,000 – $250,000+ (highly variable based on commission) per year

High-End Real Estate Agents specialize in the luxury property market, facilitating the buying, selling, and leasing of upscale homes and estates.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive on status, enjoy being in the spotlight, and appreciate the finer things in life, including high-end properties.

Job Duties:

  • Networking with Affluent Clients: Build and maintain relationships with high-net-worth individuals, offering personalized and exclusive services.
  • Presenting Luxury Properties: Showcase upscale properties to potential buyers through private showings, highlighting unique features and amenities.
  • Marketing Listings: Utilize high-quality marketing materials, including professional photography and virtual tours, to promote luxury homes effectively.
  • Negotiating Deals: Skilfully negotiate transactions to secure the best possible terms for clients while maximizing your own commission.
  • Market Analysis: Conduct thorough market analysis to price properties accurately and advise clients on market trends.
  • Staying Informed: Keep up-to-date with the luxury real estate market, including new listings, price changes, and industry regulations.



  • Educational Background: A real estate license is required, and a background in business, marketing, or a related field can be beneficial.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to persuade and influence high-end clientele.
  • Passion for Luxury: A genuine appreciation for luxury properties and an understanding of the lifestyle and desires of affluent clients.
  • Networking Abilities: Strong networking skills to connect with potential buyers, sellers, and industry professionals.
  • Personal Branding: Ability to create and maintain a personal brand that resonates with luxury and exclusivity.


Career Path and Growth:

This role allows for significant personal branding and high visibility in the luxury market.

With experience and a strong network, High-End Real Estate Agents can become top sellers in their region, start their own luxury real estate firms, or even become celebrities within the industry, often featured in high-profile publications and media.


Public Relations Director

Average Salary: $85,000 – $150,000 per year

Public Relations Directors manage and guide the public image and communications strategies of organizations, enhancing their reputation and brand presence.

This role is ideal for individuals with a touch of narcissism who excel in the spotlight and are eager to shape and maintain the public persona of their company or clients.

Job Duties:

  • Strategic Communication Planning: Develop and implement comprehensive public relations strategies that align with the organization’s objectives.
  • Media Relations: Serve as the main point of contact for all media inquiries, building and nurturing relationships with journalists and key influencers.
  • Brand Messaging: Craft compelling messaging and storylines that position the organization favorably in the public eye.
  • Crisis Management: Anticipate potential public relations crises and prepare contingency plans; manage communication during and after crises to maintain the organization’s reputation.
  • Public Relations Campaigns: Lead dynamic PR campaigns that enhance visibility and positive perception of the brand.
  • Team Leadership: Guide and inspire a team of public relations professionals to achieve exceptional results.



  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism, or a related field is often required.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, with a talent for persuasive messaging and narrative crafting.
  • Leadership Qualities: Strong leadership skills with the ability to manage and motivate a team.
  • Media Savvy: Deep understanding of the media landscape and the ability to cultivate positive media relationships.
  • Strategic Thinking: Capable of thinking strategically and executing plans that advance the organization’s public relations goals.
  • Adaptability: The ability to pivot strategies in response to market trends, public opinion, and organizational changes.


Career Path and Growth:

In this role, Public Relations Directors have the opportunity to become the face and voice of an organization, driving its narrative and engaging with the public on a grand scale.

With experience and proven success, PR Directors can climb to higher executive positions, such as Vice President of Communications or Chief Communications Officer, or establish their own PR consultancy firms, offering their expertise to a variety of clients.


Nightclub Owner

Average Salary: $60,000 – $150,000+ per year

Nightclub Owners manage and oversee the operations of nightclubs, creating an energetic and vibrant environment for patrons to enjoy their nightlife experience.

This role is perfect for narcissists who thrive in the spotlight and enjoy being at the center of social scenes and entertainment.

Job Duties:

  • Creating a Buzz: Generate excitement and draw in crowds by organizing high-profile events, themed parties, and booking popular DJs or entertainers.
  • Management Oversight: Supervise all aspects of nightclub operations, including staff management, financial performance, and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Ensure patrons have an exceptional experience by maintaining high standards of service, ambiance, and overall nightclub atmosphere.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Develop innovative strategies to market the nightclub, build a strong brand presence, and engage with customers through social media and other platforms.
  • Networking: Establish connections with influencers, celebrities, and key figures in the entertainment industry to boost the nightclub’s prestige and popularity.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly update the club’s offerings, such as music, themes, and drinks, to stay current and exceed customer expectations.



  • Business Acumen: Strong understanding of business operations, including finance, marketing, and management.
  • Leadership Skills: Ability to lead a team, make quick decisions, and handle high-pressure situations with confidence.
  • Passion for Entertainment: A genuine love for the nightlife and entertainment industry, ensuring a keen eye for trends and customer preferences.
  • Networking Abilities: Proficiency in building relationships with industry professionals, sponsors, and patrons to grow the business.
  • Flexibility: Adapt to a dynamic environment, including working late hours and adjusting to the ever-changing landscape of nightlife entertainment.


Career Path and Growth:

As a Nightclub Owner, you have the opportunity to become a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

You can expand your brand by opening additional venues, franchising your nightclub, or even starting your own line of related products or services.

With success, you could become a trendsetter in the nightlife scene and potentially influence the direction of entertainment culture.


Author or Columnist

Average Salary: $48,000 – $75,000 per year

Authors and Columnists craft compelling narratives and opinion pieces, often publishing their works in newspapers, magazines, online platforms, or through books.

This role is ideal for narcissists who relish the spotlight and enjoy influencing public opinion or telling stories that captivate an audience.

Job Duties:

  • Writing Engaging Content: Create captivating articles, essays, columns, or books that attract and retain a readership.
  • Researching Topics: Investigate and analyze a wide range of subjects to develop informed and authoritative content.
  • Establishing a Unique Voice: Develop a distinctive writing style that sets you apart and draws readers to your work.
  • Building a Personal Brand: Leverage various media platforms to create a strong personal brand that resonates with your target audience.
  • Engaging with Readers: Interact with your readership through social media, book signings, speaking engagements, or reader comments.
  • Staying Current: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and developments within your writing niche or genre.



  • Strong Writing Skills: Exceptional ability to craft narratives, arguments, and content that engage and persuade readers.
  • Expertise in a Niche: A deep understanding of specific topics or genres that you can write about with authority.
  • Self-Promotion: Talent for self-marketing and promoting your work to publishers, agents, and the public.
  • Networking: Ability to connect with industry professionals, other writers, and influencers to grow your presence in the field.
  • Perseverance: Determination to continue writing and submitting work despite rejections or criticism.


Career Path and Growth:

For the narcissistic personality, the role of an Author or Columnist can be extremely gratifying, offering public recognition and the chance to influence a wide audience.

With success, Authors and Columnists can become celebrated figures in their field, with opportunities for high-profile collaborations, speaking engagements, and potentially significant financial rewards from best-selling works or syndicated columns.



Average Salary: Varies widely, from less than $30,000 to millions of dollars per year

Entrepreneurs create, manage, and grow their own businesses, ranging from tech startups to personal brands.

This role is ideal for narcissists who thrive on being the center of attention and controlling their business vision and execution.

Job Duties:

  • Business Planning: Develop comprehensive business plans that outline goals, strategies, and the path to financial success.
  • Networking: Build and maintain relationships with investors, partners, customers, and other entrepreneurs.
  • Marketing and Brand Development: Create and implement marketing strategies to establish and enhance the company’s brand and reach.
  • Financial Management: Oversee budgets, funding, and revenue streams to ensure the business remains profitable.
  • Team Leadership: Hire and lead a team, fostering a culture that aligns with the company’s mission and values.
  • Innovation: Continuously seek new opportunities for growth and innovation within the market.



  • Educational Background: While no specific degree is required, a background in Business, Marketing, or a related field can be beneficial.
  • Self-Confidence: A strong belief in one’s abilities and vision, often found in narcissistic personalities.
  • Risk-Taking: Willingness to take calculated risks that could lead to high rewards or failures.
  • Leadership Skills: Ability to inspire and motivate a team, often with a charismatic presence.
  • Resilience: Capable of handling rejection and setbacks while remaining focused on goals.


Career Path and Growth:

Entrepreneurship offers the chance to be at the forefront of innovation and to receive recognition for one’s achievements and successes.

Narcissists may find this especially appealing as it allows them to be in the spotlight and garner admiration.

As businesses grow, entrepreneurs can become industry leaders, public figures, and sometimes, celebrities in their own right.

The potential for growth is essentially limitless, depending on the success of the business and the individual’s drive and ambition.



In conclusion,

We’ve explored an exciting array of career prospects ideal for the charismatic and self-confident, aptly termed – jobs for narcissists.

There is no shortage of options that meet diverse interests and expertise, thereby offering something for every narcissistic persona.

Feel encouraged to channel your self-assurance and charisma into a career that appreciates and rewards your skills.

Always bear in mind: there’s no time too late to transform your distinctive characteristics into a rewarding career.

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