Construction Expeditor Job Description [Updated for 2024]

construction expeditor job description

In the world of construction, the role of a construction expediter is becoming increasingly crucial.

As projects become more complex and deadlines more stringent, the demand for skilled professionals who can manage, streamline, and safeguard our construction processes is growing.

But let’s delve deeper: What’s truly expected from a construction expediter?

Whether you are:

  • A job seeker trying to understand the core responsibilities of this role,
  • A hiring manager outlining the perfect candidate,
  • Or simply curious about the intricacies of construction expediting,

You’re in the right place.

Today, we present a customizable construction expediter job description template, designed for effortless posting on job boards or career sites.

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Construction Expeditor Duties and Responsibilities

Construction Expeditors play a vital role in coordinating and overseeing the progress of construction projects.

They ensure that all necessary materials and equipment are available when needed and that the project is completed on schedule.

The duties and responsibilities of a Construction Expeditor may include:

  • Coordinate and track the delivery of materials and equipment for construction projects
  • Communicate with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of materials and resolve any supply issues
  • Review and verify project plans and specifications
  • Work closely with project managers and construction crews to understand and meet project timelines
  • Monitor and report on the progress of projects, identifying any potential delays or issues
  • Maintain accurate records of all purchases and deliveries
  • Negotiate prices and delivery terms with suppliers
  • Ensure all safety regulations and quality standards are met
  • Resolve any discrepancies between the project plan and actual progress
  • Collaborate with other departments such as finance to manage the budget for materials and equipment


Construction Expeditor Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are seeking a skilled Construction Expeditor to ensure smooth operations on our construction sites.

The Construction Expeditor’s responsibilities will include scheduling and overseeing deliveries, liaising with suppliers, and ensuring that all materials arrive on time.

Our ideal candidate has previous construction industry experience, strong communication skills, and the ability to solve problems quickly.

In this role, you will play a crucial part in the successful completion of our construction projects by ensuring the timely delivery of materials and equipment.



  • Coordinate and expedite the flow of construction materials and equipment.
  • Communicate with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Monitor and manage inventory levels.
  • Address and resolve any issues or delays in the delivery process.
  • Maintain accurate records of all orders and shipments.
  • Collaborate with project managers and site supervisors to ensure materials arrive in time for project schedules.
  • Arrange for return of defective or unused materials.
  • Manage and update supplier database.



  • Proven experience as a Construction Expeditor or similar role in the construction industry.
  • Strong understanding of construction materials and equipment.
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Proficient in MS Office and database management.
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and solve problems quickly.
  • High school diploma or equivalent. A degree in business, logistics, or a related field is a plus.



  • 401(k)
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development opportunities


Additional Information

  • Job Title: Construction Expeditor
  • Work Environment: Construction site. This role often requires working outdoors, in all weather conditions. Some travel may be required to different construction sites.
  • Reporting Structure: Reports to the Project Manager or Site Supervisor.
  • Salary: Salary is based upon candidate experience and qualifications, as well as market and business considerations.
  • Pay Range: $45,000 minimum to $65,000 maximum
  • Location: [City, State] (specify the location or indicate if remote)
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Equal Opportunity Statement: We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
  • Application Instructions: Please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your qualifications and experience to [email address or application portal].


What Does a Construction Expeditor Do?

A Construction Expeditor acts as a liaison between various departments within a construction project, ensuring that all components are delivered on time and within the budget.

They may work directly for construction companies, or they might be independent contractors who work for several different clients or projects at the same time.

Construction expeditors oversee the logistics of material delivery, keeping track of shipments, monitoring costs, and coordinating between suppliers, contractors, and the construction team.

They are also responsible for resolving any issues that might arise during the project, such as delays in delivery or material shortages.

In such cases, they may need to source alternative suppliers or negotiate new delivery schedules.

A significant part of their role involves maintaining clear and accurate records of all transactions and communications.

The construction expeditor may also play a role in project planning and scheduling, providing input based on their knowledge of supplier capabilities and lead times.

To fulfill their job successfully, they need to have a strong understanding of the construction process, excellent organizational and problem-solving skills, and the ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.


Construction Expeditor Qualifications and Skills

A competent construction expeditor should possess the skills and qualifications that align with the job role, such as:

  • Strong organizational skills to manage the flow of construction materials and ensure they arrive on time.
  • Excellent communication skills to liaise with suppliers, contractors, and construction teams, keeping all parties updated on delivery times and any potential delays.
  • Problem-solving abilities to address and resolve issues that may lead to a delay in the delivery or shortage of construction materials.
  • A keen understanding of construction processes and materials to accurately coordinate the delivery of the right materials at the right time.
  • Negotiation skills to work with suppliers on pricing, delivery schedules, and terms of payment.
  • Ability to work under pressure and multi-task, as they may need to manage several orders and deliveries at once.
  • Knowledge of construction safety regulations to ensure the safe and proper handling and transportation of construction materials.
  • Technical skills for using construction management software, placing orders, and tracking deliveries.


Construction Expeditor Experience Requirements

A Construction Expeditor is typically expected to have a minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience in the construction industry.

Often, this experience is gained through roles such as Construction Assistant, Site Clerk, or Project Coordinator, where they can learn the fundamental principles of construction project management.

Additionally, relevant hands-on experience is invaluable, especially in relation to construction materials, construction planning, and logistics.

Understanding the process of procuring materials and coordinating deliveries is essential, and this is often learned through practical, on-the-job experience.

Candidates with more than 5 years of experience in the field are typically considered for senior or managerial expediter roles.

These roles often require a deep understanding of construction processes, excellent communication skills, and the ability to manage and resolve issues related to material supply and delivery.

Having experience with construction software such as AutoCAD, MS Project, or other project management tools is also beneficial.

These tools are commonly used in the construction industry and having experience with them can be a key advantage.

Additionally, experience dealing with contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders within the construction industry is typically a requirement for this role.

As such, a background in procurement, logistics, or supply chain management can be beneficial.


Construction Expeditor Education and Training Requirements

Construction Expeditors typically have at least a high school diploma, although an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a related field is increasingly preferred by employers.

In addition to formal education, a strong understanding of construction processes, materials, and timelines is crucial in this role.

This knowledge is often gained through on-the-job training, internships, or apprenticeships in the construction industry.

Certifications, while not always required, can provide a competitive edge.

For instance, certification as a Certified Construction Manager (CCM) or Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) can demonstrate a proven level of competence and professionalism in the field.

Experience with construction software, such as project management and scheduling tools, is also often required.

Familiarity with building codes and regulations, contract interpretation, and excellent communication skills are also essential in this role.

Continuing education to stay updated with the latest construction techniques, materials, and regulations is important for progression in this field.


Construction Expeditor Salary Expectations

A Construction Expeditor earns an average salary of $54,500 (USD) per year.

However, the total income can differ based on factors such as experience, the size and scope of the projects they are involved in, their geographical location, and the company they are working for.


Construction Expeditor Job Description FAQs

What skills does a construction expeditor need?

Construction expeditors should have strong organizational and planning skills, as they are responsible for scheduling and coordinating various project elements.

They should have excellent communication skills, both oral and written, to effectively liaise with vendors, contractors, and other project stakeholders.

They should also have a good understanding of construction practices and processes, and the ability to multitask and work under pressure.


Do construction expeditors need a degree?

While a degree is not always required, some employers may prefer candidates with a degree in construction management, business management, or a related field.

In many cases, relevant work experience in the construction industry can be equally or more important.

Additionally, knowledge of construction materials, equipment, and processes is usually necessary.


What should you look for in a construction expeditor resume?

In a construction expeditor’s resume, look for experience in construction, procurement, or project management.

Knowledge of construction materials, supply chain management, and vendor relations can also be important.

Other key skills to look for include organizational abilities, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication.

Check also if the applicant has any relevant certifications, such as a Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) or Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM).


What qualities make a good construction expeditor?

A good construction expeditor is proactive, detail-oriented, and can anticipate potential delays or problems in the construction process.

They have excellent negotiation skills to work with vendors and contractors, and the ability to multi-task and manage several projects or tasks at once.

A keen understanding of construction processes and strong problem-solving skills are also beneficial.


Is it difficult to hire construction expeditors?

Hiring construction expeditors can be challenging due to the specialized skill set required for this role.

Companies may face difficulty finding candidates with the right combination of construction knowledge, organizational skills, and experience in procurement or supply chain management.

To attract qualified candidates, companies may need to offer competitive salaries and benefits, opportunities for professional development, and a positive work environment.



And there you have it.

Today, we’ve shed light on the critical role of a construction expeditor.

You know what?

It’s not just about managing orders and ensuring timely delivery.

It’s about building the physical world, one order at a time.

With our on-point construction expeditor job description template and real-world examples, you’re ready to step up.

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Delve deeper with our job description generator. It’s your next step to meticulously crafted job listings or optimizing your resume to perfection.


Every construction order is a piece of a larger project.

Let’s build that world. Together.

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