25 Ben & Jerry’s Interview Questions (And Creamy Answers)

Ben and Jerry's Interview Questions

As the tantalizing aroma of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor fills your mind, imagine strolling into your job interview at the delectably whimsical ice cream giant, exuding an air of confidence and readiness. That dream job within your mouth-watering grasp! This is not a dream but a tantalizingly tangible reality that could soon be yours. But how, you ask? By mastering the inside scoop on the most commonly asked interview questions at Ben & Jerry’s, of course!

We’ve whipped together an intimately detailed insight into the secrets behind acing your interview and landing your dream job at Ben & Jerry’s. Within this post, we’ve smoothed out not only the questions you’re most likely to face but we’ve also ladled creamy, rich example responses onto each.

Remember, we’re not merely feeding you the answers. No – this is about equipping you with the understanding and strategies to concoct your awe-inspiring responses. This is about ensuring you’re not just another face in the crowd but a standout flavor that leaves an unforgettable taste.

So, ready to dive deep into the heart of the sweetest interview of your life? Then let the journey begin!

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Ben & Jerry’s Company Information

To confidently answer research-based questions in your Ben & Jerry’s interview, immerse yourself in the following facts that underline the company’s growth and achievements. This groundwork will elevate your responses and empower you to demonstrate your interest in the company.

Trade Name Ben & Jerry’s
Type Ice Cream Company
Date Founded May 5, 1978
Founders Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield
Headquarters South Burlington, Vermont, United States
Menu Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Waffle Cones, Sundaes, Shakes, Smoothies
Signature Items Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Phish Food, Half Baked
Core Values Thoughtful Ingredients, Shared Success, Making a Difference
Website www.benjerry.com
Competitors Haagen-Dazs, Baskin-Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Magnum

Additional facts:

  • Humble Beginnings: Before their ice cream empire, both founders, Ben and Jerry, struggled in different careers, including pottery-making and med-school aspirations. Their ice cream making and business knowledge came from a $5 Penn State correspondence course and 20-cent brochures. The pair opened their first ice cream shop in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, in 1978.
  • The Pillsbury Confrontation: In the face of a corporate giant’s ultimatum, their resilience and innovative protest ensured their survival against Pillsbury’s monopolistic tactics in 1984.
  • Unexpected Bestseller: Despite their range of innovative flavors, their vanilla remains not only the first but the best-selling flavor. It symbolizes the foundation of their ice cream journey.
  • Flavor Controversies: Their innovative flavor names have sometimes stirred debates, from “Black & Tan” to “Schweddy Balls” and “Hazed & Confused.” Ben & Jerry’s has gone to court to protect their brand’s image, including a lawsuit against X-rated parodies of their product names.
  • Flavor Graveyard: There exists an actual graveyard for their discontinued flavors at their Vermont Factory, with creative epitaphs commemorating each flavor’s history.
  • Grape Flavor Myth Debunked: Contrary to myths, the absence of grape ice cream is due to grapes’ high water content, leading to icy chunks.
  • Pay Equality Initiatives: They initially implemented a 5-to-1 pay ratio between the highest and lowest-paid workers, showcasing their commitment to equality.
  • Ethical Continuity: Even after its acquisition by Unilever in 2000, the company’s ethos of fair trade and environmental responsibility persists.
  • Canine Coworkers: Embracing the emotional well-being of their human employees, Ben & Jerry’s welcomes their canine companions at work, dubbing them “K-9 to 5’ers”.

Ben & Jerry’s Mission Statement

To make, distribute, and sell the finest-quality ice cream and euphoric concoctions with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment.

Ben & Jerry’s Interview Questions

Can you share some highlights about yourself, your background, and your interests?

This question is the interviewer’s chance to assess your personality, background, and interests to determine if they align well with the company’s ethos and values. Remember, Ben & Jerry’s is renowned for its laid-back, socially responsible culture.

Now, how to craft a stellar answer? First, familiarize yourself with Ben & Jerry’s mission and core values, like social justice, environmental responsibility, and, let’s not forget, a love for ice cream!

Then, dig deep and reflect on unique aspects of your life, experience, and passions that sync with these values.

Don’t ramble. Instead, identify two to three key points about your background and interests that you believe fit the company’s ethos and illustrate them with compelling, concise examples.

Consider this your golden ticket—no, your golden scoop—to show ’em what flavor you’d bring to their already vibrant mix.

A sample response could be,

“Well, in college I studied Business Administration with a minor in Environmental Sustainability, so I really appreciate Ben & Jerry’s commitment to balancing growth with environmental consciousness. I’ve always enjoyed volunteer work and organized multiple community clean-up initiatives, which aligns with your social mission. I’m also a fervent fan of your creative ice cream flavors —‘Chunky Monkey’ holds a special place in my heart! I think these aspects of my background and interests could blend wonderfully well with Ben & Jerry’s ethos.”


Why do you want to work for Ben & Jerry’s?

The hiring manager is looking for you to delve below the surface and offer a response that’s more insightful than “I love your ice cream.” They’re interested in assessing if your values align with the company’s, your passion for the brand and its mission, and whether you’ve done your homework to really understand what Ben & Jerry’s is all about.

So, before stepping foot for the interview, do a little homework. Figure out what Ben & Jerry’s social mission is, what the company culture feels like, and what values they hold close. Think about why you love the brand beyond the mouthwatering Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia. Maybe you appreciate their commitment to the community, stance on environmental sustainability, or fair trade practices.

Demonstrating an understanding of these finer points could set you apart from other candidates.

Becoming an ace at answering this question is akin to perfecting a sundae; carefully layer your response with understanding, passion, and a dash of personal connection.

“Firstly, I’ve always admired Ben & Jerry’s not merely for its delicious range of flavors, but for its commitment to using business as a force for good. Their dedication to sustainability and fairtrade have significantly influenced my consumer choices. Secondly, personally, I see a synergy between my passion for creative marketing and Ben & Jerry’s quirky and innovative approach to their campaigns. A role at Ben & Jerry’s would allow me to help a brand I genuinely admire, while simultaneously cultivating my professional skills in a work environment that promotes responsibility, community and fun.”


If you had to choose an ice cream flavor and persuade customers why it’s better than other flavors, how would you describe and sell that flavor?

Pistachio Pistachio

The ice cream question is as intriguing as it sounds. Not just a test of your capability to sell an ice cream flavor but a delightful glimpse into your inventiveness and persuasive abilities.

Ultimately, they’re looking for a convincing storyteller who can lend a unique narrative to a scoop of frozen sweetness, transforming it into an irresistible experience for the customers.

Now, let’s enhance your flavor-selling skills!

Consider your chosen flavor; explore its nuances, from its texture to its taste. How does the flavor make you feel? What sensory memories might it trigger for you or potential customers? Remember, your goal isn’t simply to list off its ingredients but rather to paint a vivid, mouth-watering image of the treat.

Use anecdotes, metaphors, or create a captivating story around that flavor. It’s all about drawing listeners into the world of your chosen scoop, making them crave your flavor above all else.

Are you ready for the leap? Here’s the golden scoop!

“Imagine a perfect summer’s day: tendrils of comforting warmth, ethereal sunshine, and the breezy lure of ‘Pistachio Pistachio.’ This isn’t just ice cream, no. It’s a symphony of smooth, rich, and creamy textures paired with a surprising kick from the finest pistachios, grounding you in a feeling of nostalgic warmth from summers past. Memories transcend the mundane, reminding you of your grandmother’s garden, the crunch of fallen leaves, and hearty laughter. Enveloping you in its cozy embrace, ‘Pistachio Pistachio’ isn’t just better, it’s a window to simpler, happier times. Other flavors might offer you a taste; ‘Pistachio Pistachio’ brings you an unforgettable experience. So why settle for just a dessert when you can relive a feeling?”


If you had to pick a Ben & Jerry’s flavor that captures the essence of your personality, what would it be?

Phish Food

In the spirit of their playful, imaginative approach to creating flavors, Ben & Jerry’s often includes unconventional questions in their interviews.

This question may seem like a fun, relaxing shift from the standard interview fare, but don’t let it fool you. The interviewer wants to peek into your personality, your creativity, and your capacity for introspection and self-awareness.

Crafting the perfect answer to this question requires a good understanding not only of yourself but also of the ice cream giant’s colorful flavor portfolio. Therefore, our first tip for you would be to research and familiarize yourself with Ben & Jerry’s range of flavors.

Are there any flavors that resonate with your character traits? Perhaps you’re as classic and reliable as “Vanilla,” or as exotic and adventurous as “Cherry Garcia,” or maybe as funky and unconventional as “Half Baked.”

Once you’ve zeroed in on a fitting flavor, delve into an explanation of why you chose it. Your answer should weave a story, tying your traits to the characteristics of the chosen ice cream flavor.

Now, scoop up your thoughts and get ready for a perfectly sprinkled example.

“If my personality were a Ben & Jerry’s flavor, I would definitely be ‘Phish Food.’ Just like this flavor, I am full of surprises and depth. The rich chocolate ice cream symbolizes my passion and dedication in everything I do. The marshmallow swirls represent my soft side, my empathy, and my ability to adapt to different environments, just like marshmallows melding smoothly into the ice cream. The caramel swirls illustrate my sweet sense of humor, while the fudge fish are indicative of my piscine strength in navigating the currents of challenging situations. And much like ‘Phish Food,’ I bring a unique and delightful experience to the table, leaving a lasting impression.”


Could you tell me about a time you went above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service?

The hiring manager wants to uncover your ability to handle difficult situations, demonstrate problem-solving skills, and, most importantly, your capacity to sprinkle the extra sugar that delights the customer, creating a memorable Ben & Jerry’s experience.

Now let’s delve into a triple scoop of advice on how to answer this question. First, recall an instance where you genuinely had to push beyond the regular crumbles to turn a customer’s frown upside down. Next, frame your answer using the STAR method: describe the Situation (S), detail the Task (T) at hand, the Action (A) you took, and the satisfactory Result(R) achieved.

Remember, the cherry on top is detailing how you blended company values into your extraordinary actions to create a harmonious customer service experience.

Hold on to your waffle cones because your scoop of inspiration is on its way!

“During my previous role as a barista at a bustling café, a regular customer came in visibly upset (S). She was scheduled to host a neighborhood party but her dessert supplier had canceled at the last minute (T). Recognizing her distress, I proposed a custom-made dessert platter using our assortment of pastries and personally delivered it to her event within the hour (A). Not only was she relieved, but she was also incredibly grateful for the personal touch and the effort I’d put in to make her day better. Following this, she started recommending our café to her friends and colleagues, resulting in a noticeable increase in new customers (R). I believe this mirrors Ben & Jerry’s commitment to going the extra mile in delighting customers and building community connections.”


Could you give me an example of a difficult situation or obstacle you encountered at your last job and how you overcame it?

This curveball is thrown your way to assess your problem-solving skills, resilience, and, most importantly, your mindset when it comes to dealing with challenges. They want to see that you are able to handle tricky circumstances with composure and come out of them successfully without crumbling under pressure.

Now, here’s how you tackle this with style.

Choose a situation that, although tough, allowed you to learn and grow professionally. Make sure to detail what the issue was, the steps you took to deal with it, and the positive results that emerged from those actions.

Demonstrate your ability to keep a cool head when under pressure, think logically and systematically to find a solution, and turn difficult circumstances into opportunities for growth.

The trick is in showing them that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And never inflate the details—it’s a real miracle how quickly the truth bubbles up.

Like scooping out your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor on a hot day, finding the perfect example to answer this question requires effort, but the end result is undeniably rewarding.



What strengths and expertise could you bring to this role based on your past experiences?

The bustling energy within a Ben & Jerry’s location isn’t born out of magic. It’s the byproduct of individuals like you who leverage their unique strengths and expertise to provide customers with an unforgettable ice cream experience.

So, when that oh-so-important interview question pops up, remember, they’re checking to see if you’re a good fit – in terms of the skills you bring to the table and past experiences that honed those skills.

Arguably, providing a well-rounded response to this question will require a blend of self-awareness, reflection, and strategic storytelling.

To start, identify which of your skills strongly resonate with the role’s demands. You might possess exceptional customer service skills, for instance, or perhaps you have proven leadership and teamwork skills.

Next, delve into your past experiences to borrow epic stories that showcase your discussed strengths in action.  Remember, stories are powerful. They not only demonstrate your strengths tangibly but also offer glimpses into your personality, your work ethic, and how you handle situations.

So, are you ready to scoop up some success? We bet you’re more than ready!

“In my previous role as a Sales Associate at XYZ, my ability to quickly build rapport with customers and consistently exceed sales targets was often highlighted. I’m a people’s person, and I absolutely love connecting with customers– this, coupled with my in-depth knowledge about the product undersells, helped increase sales by 20% in 6 months, a record in the company’s history. In a place like Ben & Jerry’s, where delivering premium service to each customer is paramount, I think these strengths could really bring a new lease of life. Plus, having a penchant for ice cream myself, my enthusiasm will undoubtedly translate into an elevated customer experience that does the quality of your ice cream justice.”


If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

Sounds fun, right? Well, it is! But behind this amusing question lies a rather hidden layer of complexity: essentially, the interviewer is assessing your creativity, ethics, and personal values. They are gauging your spontaneous wit, your character judgment when possessing a hypothetical power, and the depth or light-heartedness of your personality.

Answering this question effectively requires an embrace of your creativity.

Start by choosing a superpower that resonates with who you are. This will make your answer more genuine and engaging. Perceptiveness could be a good start, as it empowers one to solve problems more effectively.

As you reveal your choice, show enthusiasm but don’t stop there.

Also elaborate on how you would responsibly use your superpower to bring about positive change or contribute to Ben & Jerry’s. Remember to keep your answer cheerful and vibrant, much like the unique flavor combinations at Ben & Jerry’s.

How about illustrating our advice with a little sprinkle of an example answer?

“If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to taste with my mind. I could create sensational flavor combinations by merely envisioning them. Just imagine the unique flavors we could deliver! With each new variant, we’d push the boundaries further, becoming forerunners in innovative ice cream flavors. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, so, I’d use this ability to bring joy to our customers, ensuring a small portion of their day is made special with our flavors.”


Could you walk me through your approach to dealing with an angry customer?

Dealing with an angry customer is a common situation in customer service, and they want to see how you handle sticky situations (pun intended), how cool-headed you can stay, and whether you’ve got the sort of problem-solving smarts that make for excellent customer service.

So how to tackle this one, you ask? Think sincere, think empathetic, and above all, think chill.

Firstly, mention how you would listen to the customer calmly, without interrupting. The customer’s frustration needs to be acknowledged and their feelings validated.

Secondly, emphasize how important it is to apologize and offer solutions. The key here is to show that your focus stays on resolving the issue at hand and salvaging the customer’s experience.

Thirdly, let them know you understand the role of clear communication in such incidents. This includes informing relevant team members or supervisors about the situation to avoid recurrence.

Now, let’s dive deliciously into building an answer that’ll scoop up their approval!

“If faced with an angry customer, my initial step would be to remain calm and let them vent their frustrations without interruption. I believe that everyone has a desire to be heard, especially when they’re upset. I would say something like, ‘I can understand why you’re upset. I apologize for the inconvenience we’ve caused.’ After fully understanding their issue, I’d tap into my problem-solving skills to come up with a viable solution. For example, if the customer was upset due to a mix-up in their order, I’d promptly offer to replace the order, or provide a complimentary item as a goodwill gesture. In addition to resolving the immediate issue, I would relay the incident to my team during a debriefing session to avoid such occurrences in the future. My goal would always be to turn a negative situation into a positive experience, even in the face of adversities.”


We all have difficult days sometimes. What strategies do you use to rebound when you’re having an off day?

This question is a thinly-veiled litmus test to gauge your resilience, adaptability and, most importantly, your problem-solving skills. The interviewer is essentially attempting to determine how you cope with conflict and challenges and if you can perform under pressure, with the dual objective of maintaining productivity and fostering a healthy work environment.

Alright, so how do you knock this one out of the park?

Start by sharing how you handle the stress of life’s curveballs. Show off your positive attitude and ability to stay on task. No need to spin heroic tales here – they’re after a real, down-to-earth reply that shows your wisdom and maturity.

It’s also a great idea to share examples of how you’ve weathered a tough situation without dropping the ball. But remember to keep it real. Authenticity has an unmistakable sparkle.

So, you’ve got your strategy down pat – now it’s time to walk the talk!

“During hard days, I first remind myself that everyone has rough patches. I focus extensively on prioritizing tasks and break them down into manageable segments. This helps me avoid feeling overwhelmed and keeps me productive. I look for ways to reframe negative situations into learning opportunities, and try to maintain a solutions-oriented mindset. For instance, when we had a big order cancellation at my previous job, instead of dwelling on the loss, I focused on how we could improve our customer relations to prevent such incidents in the future. I also understand the importance of self-care and know when to take a breather to recharge myself physically and mentally. But ultimately, what keeps me going is my genuine passion for the work.”


Where do you see yourself in your career 5 years from now, and how does this role at Ben & Jerry’s fit into your goals?

As with most job interviews, one of the integral parts of a Ben & Jerry’s interview revolves around your future aspirations.

This is your chance to chat about your dreams, ambitions, and where you’re headed, all while connecting them to the good vibes and goals of Ben & Jerry’s. What they’re really wanting to know is whether your dreams for the future and Ben & Jerry’s dreams go together like a waffle cone and Cherry Garcia.

When answering this question, think of it like scooping ice cream – you want just the right amount. Aim to talk about dreams that show progress, but don’t go over the top. You don’t want to put people on the back foot by sounding like you plan to take over the whole ice cream empire.

Start with chatting about your professional goals, then weave in how they fit with what Ben & Jerry’s is up to. Do some homework on the company’s direction and spirit, and then connect your own goals to stuff that matters to them – new leadership roles, flavor innovations, or giving back to the community. Go for an answer that suggests sticking with Ben & Jerry’s is gonna be sweet for your career.

Now let’s embody all that insight into a winning response.

“In 5 years, I hope to have worked my way up to a management position within Ben & Jerry’s, preferably as a Store Manager. This role is a perfect opportunity for me to gain hands-on experience working directly with customers and learning the ins and outs of running ice cream shop operations on a daily basis. I’ve always enjoyed customer service jobs and making people happy. I’m confident I can take on more responsibility over time and work my way into a full management role within the company.”


How does your current schedule look in terms of availability for shifts?

This question holds more weight than you’d imagine. The interviewer aims to assess if your timeline matches their needs, whether you can manage your time effectively, and if you’re flexible to adapt to changes.

Now, how do you ace this question? Firstly, it’s essential to get a good grasp of the expected work hours.  Before the interview, do some research about the required shift patterns at your local Ben & Jerry’s. Having this information will help tailor your answer effectively.

Secondly, be honest about your availability. Overcommitting to hours that clash with your obligations may lead to difficulties down the line.

Finally, highlighting any flexibility can give you an edge. The ability to fill in for unexpected shift changes or cover extra hours can greatly impress your hiring manager.

Ready to scoop up success with your answer? Let’s shake and bake!

“I appreciate you asking about my availability. Given that I understand Ben & Jerry’s operates on a rotating shift basis, I’m flexible and open to adjusting my schedule to meet the needs of the team. Currently, I am available to work any day of the week, including weekends. I’m also open to working on holidays and taking up additional shifts if need be. I believe in effective time management and understand that being part of Ben & Jerry’s means committing to an ever-changing, customer-focused schedule.”


If given the opportunity, what flavor of ice cream would you create?

Interviewing at Ben & Jerry’s is not about grueling brain-busters. No! They care more about your personality, creativity, and your knack for thinking outside that boring old box.

Tackling this question effectively requires you to apply a blend of analysis and creativity.

Start by reflecting on your personal preferences, then take a step back to think about what could appeal to broader taste palates and align with Ben & Jerry’s diverse range of offerings. Consider doing some research beforehand about existing flavors and customer favorites.

But don’t forget to add your personal twist! They want to hear your individual voice through your choice of flavor.

Make sure to also justify your choice – why does this flavor deserve a spot on the Ben & Jerry’s menu? What unique ingredients might it feature, and what fabulous name could it bear?

Now, with those tips in mind, let’s step into the spotlight of imagination and see this creative process in action.

“If I were to create a new flavor, I’d go for ‘Churro Choco Fiesta.’ This would be a blend of cinnamon spice, sweet cream ice cream, and chunks of crunchy churros, generously swirled with a rich dark chocolate sauce. I believe in flavors that transport you, and this one would represent a fun, festive journey to a Spanish fiesta. The combination of the warming cinnamon with the cooling ice cream base works well, reflecting the contrasts that Ben & Jerry’s isn’t afraid to explore. Plus, the fabulous name and exciting taste are sure to appeal to the adventurous ice cream lovers out there. ‘Churro Choco Fiesta’ – it’s a party in a pint!”


What is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor and why?

Cherry Garcia

This question is their way to see whether you’re truly sweet on their scoopable sensations. They’re not angling for you to choose the crowd favorite. No, they’re looking for that sprinkling of personal touch that says, “Hey, this is my top pick, and here’s why it’s super for me.”

To prepare for this question, we recommend not only choosing your favorite flavor but also understanding what that choice says about you.

Try to recall some memory or moment associated with your favorite flavor and build a story around it. Maybe it was the flavor your family always chose for celebrations, or, perhaps it’s a flavor you’ve come to love after trying it on a special occasion.

This way, you’ll be demonstrating your personal relationship with the Ben & Jerry’s brand while showing off your storytelling skills, a valuable asset for customer interaction.

Now, let’s put all that creamy, dreamy advice into practice, and craft an unforgettably delicious response.

“My favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor would have to be ‘Cherry Garcia.’ Why? Well, it was always the only ice cream my grandmother ever kept in her freezer when I was growing up. Every visit to her would end with us sharing a bowl while she’d recount tales from her youth. The unique blend of cherries and fudge flakes, for me, not only symbolizes the sweet and special bond I shared with her but also reflects my personality – a cherry mix of nostalgia infused with elements of surprise, represented by the contrast in textures. Funnily enough, these ingredients are also what I believe make for a great Ben & Jerry’s team member: unique, memorable, and full of surprises!”


Can you share your understanding of Ben & Jerry’s company mission and values?

The hiring manager is trying to discern your enthusiasm for their company culture and gauge how well you’ve done your homework. Ben & Jerry’s positions itself not merely as an ice cream brand but as a socially responsible, environmentally focused community, and they want their employees to share that ethos.

Now let’s get you ready for this question.

All clear answers begin with research. Go deep into Ben & Jerry’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) culture; they cherish it and prominently feature it on their website. Understand their mission to create linked prosperity.

Memorize their values centered around product quality, economic reward, respect for the Earth, and a sense of fun.

Bring these elements together in a manner that clearly conveys you’ve understood and appreciate their ethos and are excited to contribute to it.

And now, we change gears.

“Upon reading and reflecting on Ben & Jerry’s mission and values, I appreciate its dedication to creating ‘linked prosperity.’ From what I understand, this involves delivering high-quality, fun, and innovative products while ensuring every stakeholder, from suppliers to customers, benefits. Economically, the company isn’t just about profit—it values employees and considers their welfare a crucial part of the business equation. Environmentally, Ben & Jerry’s is deeply committed to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting sustainable sourcing. The company’s mission and values create a vibrant, socially-conscious culture, and I am excited by the prospect of contributing to this positive impact firsthand.”


Do you think that the customer is always right?

This seemingly straightforward question is designed to delve deep into your understanding of customer service and your ability to balance customer desires with company policies. The Ben & Jerry’s interviewer is not just seeking a yes or no answer, what they’re really looking for is your ability to handle difficult situations and turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones.

Consider a thoughtful response that shows a balanced view. Paint them a picture that clearly shows your understanding of the nuanced business realities. Emphasis on your knack for preserving customer relationships even when you can’t fully meet their expectations.

Choosing an example from your past, where you effectively handled a tricky customer situation and managed to keep the customer satisfied, can drive home your point.

Okay, enough chatter, let’s get to how you can deliver this answer.

“Yes, in my opinion, customer satisfaction is paramount, but ‘the customer is always right’ is a phrase that should be understood with discretion. During my previous employment tenure, I was often confronted with customer requests that, while valid, did not align with our company policies. In one instance, a customer wanted a return on a product well past the return period. Although our policy wouldn’t allow it, I didn’t just dismiss the customer’s request. Instead, I offered them a discount on their next purchase. This way, the customer felt valued and appreciated, even if the original dispute wasn’t resolved in their favor. Similarly, in an environment like Ben & Jerry’s, my objective would be to ensure every customer leaves satisfied, even if their initial expectations can’t be met 100% of the time.”


If hired, what’s one area you’d be excited to develop further as part of our team?

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

In the sweet and flavorful world of Ben & Jerry’s, there’s more to the job than simply scooping ice cream. This pivotal question has been designed to uncloak your passion, aspirations, and alignment with the company’s ethos.

Answering this question with an enthusiastic and well-thought-out response is your chance to show you’re much more than a prospective employee – you can be a valuable, multi-dimensional asset to their team.

Begin by identifying an aspect of your persona or skills that you’re passionate about and wish to grow, but ensure it fits within the sweet confines of Ben & Jerry’s operations. Remember, the best answers should tie into the Ben & Jerry’s core mission of joyfully delivering flavors and fun.

Research about the company, its initiatives, and how your interest aligns with them. A knack for creativity? An interest in sustainability? Or a desire to bring smiles through customer interaction?

You can articulate anything that resonates with their ethos and illustrates your potential for growth within those parameters.

When logic churns with emotions, the most satisfying flavor of your professional scoop gets unraveled.

“If selected, a space I would love to explore and cultivate further with Ben & Jerry’s is my passion for sustainability. Ever since I became aware of your commitment to sustainable practices like your ‘Caring Dairy’ program and the transition to non-GMO sourced ingredients, I have been immensely intrigued and inspired. I have a keen interest in this domain and have previously been an active participant in local sustainability initiatives. By joining your team, I would not only get an opportunity to deepen my understanding and skillset in this area but also actively contribute to a mission close to my heart, making the world a better place, one scoop at a time.”


Walk me through a time you faced a conflict with a coworker. How did you resolve it?

As unexpected as it might be, this is an excellent way for the interviewer to assess your interpersonal skills, problem-solving ability, and overall temperament in potentially stressful situations. Remember, at Ben & Jerry’s, they value a work environment built on teamwork and cooperation, where conflicts are handled appropriately.

When responding to this query, here are a few pointers that may come in handy. First, focus on a real situation – authenticity always resonates well. Be clear and concise; clarify your role and describe the disagreement without pointing fingers or assigning blame. Stress the steps you took to reconcile the issue, highlighting your ability to empathize and compromise. Lastly, describe what you learned through this encounter and how it helped your overall maturity and team-building skills. This shows the hiring manager that beyond the conflict, you grew professionally.

Now, let’s move from theory to practice.

“At my last job at a busy cafe, one of my coworkers and I started competing over who could take the most orders during our morning rush, creating tension.

During a break, I suggested collaborating instead of competing. We agreed the customers deserved friendly service, not stressed-out baristas. From then on, we made sure to communicate clearly, check in with each other, and divide up duties to cover the whole order queue smoothly. Anytime it started feeling crowded, we took a breath and refocused on helping everyone with a smile.

Our manager noticed the change and commented on our improved teamwork. The conflict brought up something we could both work on, but discussing it respectfully with an open mind made a big difference. Now small issues don’t cause nearly as much friction. I’m proud we were able to resolve it professionally and get back to providing great service.

I learned that conflicts could serve as an opportunity for growth, creativity, and better teamwork, all of which I look forward to bringing to Ben & Jerry’s”


What would you do if a customer believed they were owed additional change but you knew they were mistaken?

The Ben & Jerry’s interviewer asks this not to trip you up but to gauge your skills in customer service, effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

So how best can one tackle such a question you wonder? Let’s delve into it!

Our first piece of advice is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes before framing your response. Consider the feeling of injustice the customer might be experiencing, and articulate how you’d handle the situation delicately to placate them while ensuring correct policies are adhered to. Emphasize de-escalating the situation tactfully, using clear explanations and a calm demeanor.

Now, let’s weave this all together:

“If an incident like this were to occur, I would approach it carefully. I’d start by calmly reiterating the transaction to the customer, emphasizing on the tendered amount, item prices, and the change given. If they’re still convinced about the mistake, I’d assure them we could easily verify it by counting the till. I would maintain a sincere, non-confrontational tone throughout this. If the count supports my original calculation, I’d calmly explain it to the customer again, displaying empathy and understanding for their confusion. However, if they still disagree, I’d call for a manager to handle the situation further, ensuring they feel their complaint is taken seriously while adhering to guidelines. I believe that treating every customer with respect and patience is important to maintain their loyalty and overall satisfaction.”


If a customer was upset about our prices and began harassing you, how would you respond?

The question seems simple, yet it aims to evaluate more than your hypothetical response. It’s assessing your ability to handle stressful situations, your interpersonal skills, your understanding of company values, and how you uphold customer service standards.

Now, how should you answer? We’ve got you covered.

First, remember it’s crucial to demonstrate empathy towards the customer’s feelings and to validate their concerns.

Next, keep in mind that you’re representing Ben & Jerry’s, and your actions are a reflection of the company’s ethos. Ensure them that you’d strive to maintain a calm demeanor and control of the situation.

Then indicate your intentions of explaining the pricing policy by reminding the customer about the premium value the company provides.

Ultimately, if the situation escalates, let the hiring manager know you’d seek help from a supervisor or manager, portraying your team-player attitude.

Buckle up, we’re about to delve into the sweet treat of an answer that you’ve been scooping out for.

“Absolutely, I understand how difficult it can be to handle challenging customers, especially when they’re upset about pricing. I believe it is essential to remain calm and polite, allowing them space to express their frustrations. I would sympathize with the customer and say, ‘I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m sorry the prices are causing concerns for you. Here at Ben & Jerry’s, we aim to provide you with the best quality and most unique flavors which do come at a premium price. However, we do occasionally offer deals and rewards to our loyal customers.’ If, despite my efforts, the customer continues to feel uneasy about the prices, I would kindly request my manager’s intervention to handle the situation, ensuring a continuous smooth operation of our store.”


Are you able to remain calm and positive when helping customers during incredibly busy times with long lines?

Imagine yourself standing behind an enchanting Ben & Jerry’s counter, the air filled with the sweet scent of swirling ice cream, but the line of customers seems never-ending.

This question is about testing your patience and resilience under pressure, your ability to multitask, and your knack for remaining delightful when faced with the chaotic rush of dessert lovers.

To tackle this question with confidence, you must keep a few key points in mind.

Firstly, stress your past experiences where you remained composed during high-pressure situations. The hiring manager is looking for someone who won’t crack under the heat of a busy store.

Secondly, give examples where you’ve dealt with long lines of customers with patience, yet efficiency. Remember, this isn’t just about handling stress; it’s about being productive and maintaining high service quality amidst it.

Lastly, always show your passion for customer service. The love for Ben & Jerry’s creamy delights should reflect in your words, making the hiring manager believe that you would give the customers the best experience possible, irrespective of how busy the place gets.

But how does an example answer look like, blending all this advice, you wonder?

“Absolutely! This situation pretty much reminded me of my previous job, where during the sales, the lines could get exceptionally long. Not only did I maintain my cool, but I also developed an efficient method to quickly assist customers, by suggesting popular items and up-selling. Despite the rush, I never compromised on the customer experience, often adding a joke or two, to keep them entertained while they waited. I believe a Ben & Jerry’s experience should be as delightful as its ice-creams. No matter how long the queue, customers should leave with a smile and a scoop of their favorite flavor!”


Why do you think you would thrive in this role at Ben & Jerry’s?

This question is a golden opportunity to showcase not only why you‘re drawn to this job, but also why you’re a perfect fit. The interviewer really wants to see if you get what this job’s all about, if your abilities match what they’re looking for and whether you vibe with their values.

Given the uniqueness of Ben & Jerry’s, crafting a perfect response starts with thorough research about the company culture. We advise you to delve into the company’s history, mission, values, and how they’re driving positive change.

Next, understand the role you’re applying for in depth and consider how your skills, experiences, and passion intertwine with the job. When you respond, articulate your enthusiasm about the role by specifically mentioning what aspects of the job excite you. Portray your understanding of the company values and culture then correlate them with your own values.

Finally, explain how your skills and professional background make you a suitable candidate for the role.

With that in mind, let’s see what a top-notch answer would look like.

“Having done intensive research about the company, I have grown fond of your social mission, commitment to fair trade, and the way you harness the power of business to drive societal change. This aligns perfectly with my personal values and my urge to make a positive impact in the world. As for the role, working in a fast-paced environment is something that has always excited me. Drawing from my past experience, where I was repeatedly praised for my creativity and teamwork, I’m confident I will not only fit into this role but thrive in it. The idea of using my skills to serve innovative flavors that maintain Ben & Jerry’s reputation for excellent quality puts a smile on my face. So, I’m not just aiming to do well; my goal is to excel and be a part of Ben & Jerry’s success story.”


Part of the role involves maintaining store cleanliness. Are you comfortable with those responsibilities?

The interviewer is evaluating your willingness to take up less glamourous but essential tasks maintaining the store’s pristine condition, mirroring Ben & Jerry’s impeccable reputation.

You can approach this question by acknowledging its significance, aligning yourself with the company’s ethos, and demonstrating your team spirit.

Begin by expressing that you understand the importance of cleanliness, especially in an ice cream joint, where health and hygiene standards need to be top-notch.

Subsequently, show how you’ve made it your habit to uphold these critical standards in previous roles. It’s also an excellent opportunity to prove your proactiveness, teamwork skills, and leadership if the situation demands.

Remember, at Ben & Jerry’s the sundae is more about the scoop, it’s about serving joy with every lick. So, don’t shy away from embracing lesser roles to deliver a memorable experience and ensure the store runs as smooth as their flavors!

But hold on! Here comes the cherry on top.

“I’ve always believed ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.‘ In my previous job at a bakery, I took the initiative to arrange cleaning schedules and ensure health regulations were always met. I understand how crucial it is, particularly when you’re serving food. The cleanliness of your store affects customer perceptions and experience. At Ben & Jerry’s, where it’s about spreading joy one scoop at a time, I believe maintaining an inviting shop ambiance is key. So yes, I’m more than comfortable with this responsibility, and I know that it’s an essential part of delivering the best experience to the customers.”


How would you respond if you noticed a customer attempting to steal something?

Ben & Jerry’s hiring manager is really seeking to understand your potential responses to stressful situations, your adherence to company policy, and your ability to maintain a positive customer experience, even in tricky situations.

When responding, ensure to touch on three important points.

  • Firstly, express your commitment to uphold the company’s loss prevention procedures. Be sincere and show that you understand the importance of following protocol.
  • Secondly, communicate your ability to handle the situation professionally, with respect for all involved – that means keeping cool, firm, and discreet.
  • Finally, emphasize your dedication to maintaining a positive environment within the store and continuing to offer excellent services to other customers.

But hey, all good advice is not only ‘read’, but ‘seen’ – so let’s put these tips into action!

“In the situation where I suspected a customer of theft, I would not confront them directly due to safety and respect reasons. If available, I would subtly alert a manager or security and keep a close eye on the situation while continuing to provide service to other customers. I am aware that Ben & Jerry’s prioritizes the safety of its staff and customers, which will extend to my response in this case. Above all, I’ll uphold the policies and procedures of the company while ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is maintained in the store.”


What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

With this double-edged question, the interviewer aims to assess your self-awareness, honesty, and ability to improve while gauging how your skills align with the role. Your serving size of humility versus confidence in this response will also be carefully evaluated.

So, how do you make sure they find your response as irresistible as a pint of Cherry Garcia?

When discussing strengths, focus on attributes that resonate with Ben & Jerry’s ethos – think creativity, team spirit, and dedication to quality. You should substantiate your claim with mini-stories or achievements.

Discussing weaknesses might seem tricky but it’s your golden ticket to display your commitment to growth. Identify a real, professional weakness and immediately follow it with action steps you’ve taken or plan to take to improve.

A melting ice cream scoop waits for no one, so let’s swiftly transition to an example.

“The top strengths that come to mind are enthusiasm, adaptability, and eye for detail. I genuinely enjoy working with people and putting a smile on their faces. Learning new skills and processes quickly has served me well in past food service roles with constantly changing priorities and rushes. I would ensure that every customer I serve receives not just an ice cream but an impeccable Ben & Jerry’s experience.

Speaking of weaknesses, I have found that I can be overly critical of myself. However, I have been addressing this by practicing self-compassion and listening to constructive feedback without being hard on myself. I firmly believe that this process will not only make me kinder to myself but also a better team player here at Ben & Jerry’s.”


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Ben & Jerry’s Interview

Have you prepared yourself for the final question – the one where they turn the tables and give you the chance to inquire? We can already see your puzzled expression! But believe us when we tell you this question is as crucial as the other ones.

Why so? This question aims to gauge your level of interest and understanding of the company, its products, and its values. This is also your chance to understand more about how Ben & Jerry’s operates and whether its work culture aligns with your values and style.

Not having any questions might send a signal that you’re just interested in getting any job without being particularly invested in this one. Now, you don’t want that, do you?

Here comes the exciting part! We’ve compiled an extensive list of questions you could consider asking your Ben & Jerry’s interviewer to give them an impression of your critical thinking skills and your genuine interest in the company.

  • What does a typical day look like in this role?
  • What measures does Ben & Jerry’s take to uphold its social mission values?
  • Could you describe the company’s culture?
  • How do you think an employee can make an impact in this role?
  • What are some challenges that I may face in this role and how can I prepare to overcome them?
  • How do you promote the growth and development of the employees at Ben & Jerry’s?
  • In what ways does the company support positive team dynamics?
  • How does Ben & Jerry’s respond to feedback and criticism from the staff?
  • What are the prospects for growth and advancement in this role?
  • What does success look like in this role?
  • Can you share more about the onboarding process?
  • What are the key traits for being successful in this role?
  • How are the company’s core values reflected in day-to-day operations and decision-making?
  • How does the company foster a work-life balance?
  • Could you share the best part of working for Ben & Jerry’s?
  • What is the company’s current goal and how can this role contribute to achieving it?
  • How does Ben & Jerry’s encourage creativity among employees?
  • What sets apart a great employee from a good one in the company’s view?
  • How collaborative is the work environment?
  • What initiatives does Ben & Jerry’s undertake for sustainability?


Ben & Jerry’s Hiring Process

Ben and Jerry's Hiring Process

So you’ve got an interview coming up with Ben & Jerry’s? Awesome! Working at the iconic ice cream shop seems like a sweet gig. But before your tastebuds get too excited, let’s talk about what to expect from Ben & Jerry’s hiring process.

First up, you’ll likely need to apply online or in-person at a shop. The application itself is pretty straightforward – just make sure to highlight your passion for ice cream and fun.

A few days or weeks later, expect a call to schedule an initial in-store interview.

That first interview will have a casual and conversational vibe. They’ll ask about your personality, interests, and background – getting a feel for who you are as a human being. Think of it as an icebreaker. Just be your chill, charming self.

If all goes smoothly, a second interview may follow, either on the spot or in the coming days.

Then the moment of truth: the job offer call!

But hold on to those sprinkles…there’s still some paperwork and orientation you’ll need to complete before getting behind the counter.

The training process is informal and hands-on. Over a short time, you’ll pick up the basics of dishing up deliciousness with a smile.

Before you know it, you’ll be slinging cones alongside the crew and settling into the groove of scooping shifts.

The hiring process really reflects Ben & Jerry’s laidback, quirky culture. While it never hurts to prep, the key is being your authentic self. So take a deep breath, be friendly and passionate, and you’ll be on your way to a sweet new adventure.


Ben & Jerry’s Interview Tips

When interviewing with Ben & Jerry’s, be yourself and let your personality shine through. Don’t stress about having extensive qualifications – they want to get to know the real you. Expect casual questions about your interests, background, and values. Share what makes you passionate and drives you. Be ready to talk about why you love ice cream and making people happy. Highlight your strengths that align with their mission to spread joy.


What to Wear to Ben & Jerry’s Interview

Ben and Jerry's Dress Code

We all know that first impressions can be everything, and while your skills and personality play a huge role, your attire can make or break that crucial interview. Now, don’t fret! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

You’ve probably heard that age-old advice: “Dress for the job you want.” And it’s absolutely true. One smart move is to mimic the company’s dress code but with a touch more polish. Think of it as speaking their language before you’ve even said hello. By aligning with their style, you’re signaling that you’re not just a fit skill-wise, but also culture-wise.

When you think of Ben & Jerry’s, you probably imagine a cool, laid-back vibe, right? It’s no surprise that their dress code reflects that chilled spirit.

The dress code at Ben & Jerry’s is a clean company-provided t-shirt paired with either appropriate shorts or pants. Hair is neatly tucked into a hat, ensuring that ice cream scoops remain pristine. And, for safety and cleanliness, fake nails are not allowed.

For Ice Cream Scooper, Team Member, or Crew Member roles? Think casual or business casual. You can never go wrong with a crisp, plain tee or a neat polo shirt paired with clean jeans or chinos. For the ladies, a comfortable knee-length skirt with a casual top works too.

If you’re aiming for a leadership role such as Store Manager or General Manager up the game a bit. Business casual is your friend here. For gents, consider chinos and a button-up shirt, maybe even toss on a blazer if you’re feeling it. Ladies, a smart blouse paired with slacks or a modest skirt should do the trick.

For corporate warriors, business formal is the order of the day. Men, consider a well-fitted suit in a neutral color. Women, a tailored pantsuit, skirt suit, or a sophisticated dress with a blazer is ideal.



We’re sure you’ll agree that the benchmark for walking into any Ben & Jerry’s interview should not be just about showing up and responding to the usual interview barrage. Your success lies in being able to connect your experience, skills, and aspirations with the company’s vibrant culture.

The most common interview questions we’ve explored aren’t hurdles but rather platforms from which to communicate your compelling story to Ben & Jerry’s. Now go in there and crush it – your dream scooping job awaits!

However, while hoping for the best at Ben & Jerry’s, it’s beneficial to also explore opportunities at other leading brands. In the highly competitive service industry, remember you never stop growing, nor do you limit your options. For instance, other ice cream and dessert companies like Haagen-Dazs, Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, and Dairy Queen offer similar roles that might also fit your tastes.

Regardless of how well your interview goes or how much you love Ben & Jerry’s, remember: don’t halt your job search until you have a solid offer in hand. Keep learning, applying, and exploring with the same unwavering determination. The world is your oyster; now you just need to find the perfect pearl!

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