25 Bojangles Interview Questions (With Excellent Answers)

Bojangles Interview Questions

You’ve finally landed that coveted interview for a role at Bojangles. You know how much this opportunity means to you – a chance to advance your career and take on more responsibility at a company you’ve always admired. However, you also feel nervous about the interview and unsure of what to expect. What kinds of questions will they ask? How can you make the best possible impression?

This blog post is your secret resource to feel 100% ready and confident walking into that interview. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked interview questions at Bojangles and provided examples of outstanding answers to each one. With these in hand, you’ll demonstrate your relevant experience, passion for the work, and ability to exceed expectations. Using this post, you’ll show up fully prepared to share why you’re the best candidate for the role.

Landing this position would be a dream come true, and that dream is within your reach. Let this blog post be your guide to prepare thoroughly and shine in your upcoming interview. Read on to unlock the inside scoop to Bojangles’ interview process and your key to career success.

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Bojangles Company Information

Want to show Bojangles you’re the kind of person who goes the extra mile to understand their business?

The following facts about the company’s story and key information will give you that edge—read through them and stand out as the well-informed candidate.

Trade Name Bojangles
Type Fast Food Restaurant Chain
Date Founded Oct 22, 1948
Founders Jack Fulk, Richard Thomas
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Menu Boneless Chicken, Sandwiches, Family Meals, Individual Biscuits, Kid’s Meals, Fixins, Beverages, Sweets
Signature Items Signature Bone-in Chicken Meals, Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit, Legendary Iced Tea
Number of Locations 800
Core Values Serving High-Quality Food, Community Involvement, Charitable Giving
Website www.bojangles.com
Competitors Popeyes, KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby’s, Cane’s, Church’s, Hardee’s

Additional facts:

  • Bojangles’ proudly calls the South its home, with its roots in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the first location opened in 1977.
  • It’s fascinating to learn that Jack Fulk, the co-founder of Bojangles’, began his journey in the fast-food business as a Hardee’s franchisee. His passion and commitment to creating the perfect biscuit recipe ultimately led him to partner with Richard Thomas and create the Bojangles’ empire we know and love today.
  • Bojangles may not be reinventing the wheel, but their delicious menu of fried chicken, biscuits, and mouthwatering sides such as mashed potatoes, dirty rice, Cajun pinto beans, and mac and cheese keeps fans coming back for more. Even though their offerings are similar to those at KFC and Popeye’s, Bojangles sets itself apart with its dedication to quality.
  • Their chicken is always fresh, never frozen, and marinated for a full 12 hours before being hand-breaded and deep-fried to crispy, juicy perfection.
  • Every Bojangles location boasts a full-time biscuit connoisseur, responsible for creating these heavenly treats. These devoted bakers undergo rigorous training and even sign contracts to protect the top-secret Bojangle’s recipe. The biscuit-making process is an intricate dance of 48 separate steps, ensuring that each one is crafted to perfection.
  • While other fast-food joints might simply heat up frozen biscuit disks, Bojangles is committed to providing with the best experience possible by making their biscuits from scratch every 20 minutes.
  • Bojangles fans are so passionate that when the Washington Post rated their biscuits near the bottom of a fast food taste test, North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis jumped to their defense, questioning the taste testers’ abilities.
  • Although Bojangles is typically a Southern fast-food chain, they once ventured into the Big Apple in 1982. Despite not being the typical New Yorker fare, the restaurant received a warm welcome. Unfortunately, the Manhattan location closed in 2007.
  • In today’s fast-paced world, you might appreciate the convenience of grabbing a delicious meal on-the-go. Bojangles has been catering to this need, with 80% of its revenue coming from take-out and drive-thru customers.
  • The Cheddar Bo, a fan-favorite, wasn’t initially a permanent menu item. After an online uproar and a Change.org petition, Bojangles’ listened to their loyal customers and made this cheesy biscuit a permanent fixture on the menu.

Bojangles Mission Statement

To win the hearts of our customers by delivering quality and service all day, every day.

Bojangles Mission Statement

Bojangles Interview Questions

Can you provide a brief overview of your personal and professional background and how it relates to the position at Bojangles?

This is a common opening question asked in Bojangles interviews aimed at getting to know you and understanding your relevant experience and qualifications. The interviewer wants to see if your background will translate well into this role and the day-to-day requirements of the position.

To answer this effectively, highlight relevant experience and skills from your background that align with the key responsibilities of the role. Mention experience in the restaurant industry (if available), customer service, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. Share 1-2 key experiences showcasing relevant strengths. Discuss how these strengths will benefit you in the Bojangles role and help you achieve department and company goals. Keep your answer brief and high-level, around 2 minutes when speaking, while emphasizing why you’re a great fit.

Here’s an example:

“I have over 5 years of experience in the restaurant industry, most recently as a manager at a fast-casual chain similar to Bojangles. In that role, I led a team of 15 staff, trained new hires, and maintained excellent customer service resulting in a 25% increase in customer satisfaction scores. My leadership and team-building skills, passion for delivering an unbeatable customer experience, and deep understanding of restaurant operations will allow me to excel as a manager at Bojangles. I’m drawn to the company’s mission and would appreciate the opportunity to bring my experience to help achieve your goals.”


Why do you want to work for Bojangles?

This is a common interview question used to assess your motivation and fit for the role and company. The interviewer wants to see your genuine interest in the position and Bojangles as a brand.

To ace this question:

  • Explain why Bojangles appeals to you, such as their values or mission if relevant to your goals. Prove you’ve researched the company thoroughly.
  • Highlight relevant skills and experience that would benefit the role and company. Explain how you can contribute to their work.
  • Express passion for the job responsibilities and desire to grow your career with the company long-term.

Here’s an example answer:

“I’m extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of joining Bojangles because of my dedication to serving customers and preparing high-quality food. With three years of experience as a line cook and over one year of supervisory experience in the restaurant industry, I believe I could quickly assist in training staff and upholding food safety standards. Beyond applicable experience, I’m drawn to Bojangles’ community outreach efforts and would appreciate the opportunity to help achieve your mission of supporting local families in need. It’s evident Bojangles prioritizes employees, and I would value the chance to establish a long-term career with an organization that puts people first.”


Can you share a personal weakness and explain how you’re working to improve it?

The Bojangles interview question about your personal weaknesses is designed to assess two key qualities: self-awareness and a growth mindset.

By asking you to identify a genuine weakness and explain how you are working to improve it, the interviewer wants to see that you can recognize your own areas for development and are taking proactive steps to strengthen them.

To craft an effective answer:

  • Choose a minor weakness that won’t disqualify you: Select something like being a perfectionist, rather than a major shortcoming. Focus on a weakness that can be reframed as a positive, like being extremely detail-oriented.
  • Explain the impact: Briefly explain how your weakness affects your work. For the perfectionism example, you might say it can lead you to spend excessive time polishing details, sometimes resulting in minor delays. Be authentic but keep your answer brief.
  • Highlight your solution: The most important part is conveying the specific actions you are taking to address the weakness. Using the perfectionism example, you might say you have been setting stricter deadlines for yourself and soliciting feedback sooner to avoid over-polishing. Show that you are taking practical steps to improve.
  • Maintain a positive tone: Your answer should demonstrate a growth-oriented mindset by staying optimistic about your ability to improve.

Here’s an example of how to tie it all together:

“One area I’m working to improve is my shyness in group interactions, especially when meeting new people. This has sometimes made me hesitant to ask questions when I’m unsure of something. To address this, I’ve been pushing myself to speak up more in meetings at my current job. I also recently joined a public speaking group to gain experience engaging with others in a confident, comfortable way. Through continued practice and feedback, I’m committed to strengthening my communication skills.”


Which Bojangles menu item is your favorite and why?

Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit

This question seems straightforward but is actually a clever way for the interviewer to assess several of your qualities. Under the guise of a simple personal preference query lies an assessment of your product knowledge, analytical skills, and communication abilities.

To show you comprehend Bojangles’ offerings, select an item you genuinely like and can speak to with specific examples. Explain why you find that item appealing, mentioning ingredients, flavors, textures, or other qualities that resonate with you. Tie in a personal context to bring your answer to life and show your passion.

Articulate your thoughts coherently using descriptive language to demonstrate your ability to analyze attributes of the food and connect them to your preferences. Express yourself persuasively to convey strong communication skills.

“My favorite Bojangles menu item would have to be the Cajun Filet Biscuit. I love the hearty, spicy flavor of the Cajun seasoning on the crispy fried chicken filet. The buttermilk biscuit is the perfect complement, soaking up some of the seasoning’s flavors while providing a warm, comforting base. Growing up in the South, biscuits and fried chicken were staples of family meals and social gatherings, so this sandwich really hits home for me and is the ideal mix of nostalgia and Bojangles’ signature flavors.”

With an authentic, passionate answer showcasing intimate knowledge of the brand and menu, you will prove yourself an invaluable candidate for the role.


If you saw a coworker doing something incorrectly or against procedure, how would you handle that situation?

Interviewers ask questions like this to assess several qualities: your accountability, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.

A strong answer would convey that you would not ignore the violation but would handle it appropriately. Explain that you would speak to your coworker privately and directly about what you witnessed and why the action was against procedures. Emphasize that you would then work together to determine the correct procedures and find a solution to ensure compliance going forward. This shows your ability to have difficult conversations sensitively, build cooperation, and achieve resolution.

Here is an example answer:

“If I saw a coworker doing something incorrectly or against procedure, I would privately and respectfully address the situation with them. For example, if I saw a coworker not following proper food safety procedures, I would say something like, ‘I wanted to talk to you about what I saw during the lunch rush. I noticed you weren’t changing gloves between handling raw chicken and garnishes. Food safety is very important, so let’s double-check the procedures together to ensure we are both following them accurately going forward.’ By handling the situation directly yet sensitively, we could work as a team to resolve the issue and strengthen our food safety practices.”


How soon would you be available to begin working at Bojangles?

The Bojangles interview question about your availability to start is seeking to determine how soon you can begin the job and whether you have your affairs in order. The interviewer wants to hire someone responsible who can start promptly without issues.

To answer, be honest but brief. Explain you have handled any necessary logistics to start within a reasonable timeframe, such as:

“I understand the fast-paced nature of the restaurant business and would be able to start within the week. I have given appropriate notice at my current serving job, and my last day there would be this Friday. Starting earlier next week would be ideal if your training schedule permits.”

This conveys availability, acknowledges industry context, and requests prompt training while showing flexibility.


Can you provide an example of when you received constructive criticism and how you responded to it?

This Bojangles interview question about constructive criticism is seeking to assess your self-awareness and growth mindset. By asking for a specific example of feedback you received and how you responded, the interviewer wants to see that you can accept constructive criticism and use it to improve.

To answer efficiently, first acknowledge that receiving criticism can be difficult, but that you view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Then, discuss a time you received constructive feedback, explain how you understood the feedback and what you learned from it, and share the actions you took to address the feedback. Be open and honest, but stay positive. Show that you can reflect on your weaknesses and are committed to continuous improvement.

For instance, you could say:

“Yes, when I started as a server at my last restaurant, my manager gave me feedback that I was too slow taking orders and bringing out meals. At first, the criticism was hard to hear, but after thinking it over, I realized she was right. I wasn’t yet familiar enough with the menu to quickly recall ingredients or recommendations, and I needed to streamline how I entered orders and worked with the kitchen. To improve, I shadowed seasoned servers, studied the menu extensively, and practiced inputting orders quickly and accurately during downtime. Thanks to my manager’s feedback and my follow-up efforts, I provided much faster, higher-quality service and earned a promotion to trainer within a few months.”


How would you describe your interpersonal skills, and how do they contribute to your ability to work effectively with others?

This interview question about your interpersonal skills probes how well you work with others. As a fast-paced restaurant, Bojangles values teamwork and communication, so the interviewer wants to ensure you have the interpersonal skills necessary to work harmoniously with colleagues and customers.

To answer, first list key interpersonal skills you have, such as active listening, resolving conflicts, and a positive attitude. Then, explain how these skills would benefit the restaurant.

For instance, say you’re an active listener, so you understand colleagues’ needs. You’re positive, so you improve team morale and customer experience. You resolve conflicts by openly communicating to solve issues respectfully. By linking your skills to work benefits, you show self-awareness and passion for great customer service.

For example, you might say:

“My interpersonal skills include active listening, maintaining a positive attitude, and collaborating to resolve conflicts. These skills allow me to understand colleagues’ needs, defuse tensions, and work together towards a common goal. As a Bojangles team member, my listening skills would enable me to take accurate orders and fulfill customers’ requests. My positivity would uplift team morale and enhance the dining experience. And my conflict resolution skills would facilitate open communication to tackle any workplace issues efficiently and respectfully.”


What are your top strengths and how do you think they will benefit Bojangles?

This interview question is asking you to demonstrate self-awareness of your key skills and how they would be valuable for the role and company. The interviewer wants to understand your strengths and how you can utilize them to meet Bojangles’ needs.

Some key strengths Bojangles may be looking for include:

  • Strong communication skills to assist customers and work with team members
  • Adaptability to quickly learn new roles and responsibilities
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-volume environment while delivering great customer service
  • Hard work ethic and motivation to go above and beyond

To adequately respond to this question, discuss 2-3 of your most relevant strengths and provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated them in your career. Explain why these strengths would be useful for the responsibilities of the Bojangles role and for achieving the company’s goals.

For instance, you might say:

“Two of my key strengths are my strong communication skills and ability to adapt quickly to new situations. In my current role, I effectively communicate with customers and colleagues to resolve issues and ensure a great experience. I have also shown adaptability by quickly learning new menus and procedures when my restaurant has changed systems or added new products. I thrive in fast-paced environments and would appreciate the opportunity to bring my communication skills and adaptability to Bojangles to assist customers and team members and support the restaurant’s success.”


In a high-pressure situation, what strategies do you use to remain calm and maintain your efficiency?

As a fast-paced restaurant environment, working at Bojangles will undoubtedly involve high-pressure situations where remaining calm and efficient is crucial.

This interview question is assessing your ability to handle stress and think clearly under pressure. The interviewer wants to hire someone who can keep a level head when things get chaotic, not fold under pressure. To convey you are that person, discuss strategies you rely on to avoid panicking and maintain efficiency, applying them to typical high-pressure scenarios in a fast-food environment.

For example, you could say:

“In high-pressure situations, I take a few deep breaths to avoid panicking and think the situation through logically. I break down the problem into smaller steps, focusing on one aspect at a time instead of feeling overwhelmed by the big picture. I also try to minimize distractions and unnecessary conversations to stay focused on the task at hand. For example, if the drive-thru line is long and orders are piling up, I would tune out the noise and conversations around me, take things one order at a time, and work as efficiently as possible to get orders out quickly and accurately.”


What does excellent customer service mean to you, and how do you plan on providing it to our customers?

Bojangles Differentiator

The interview question about excellent customer service and how you would provide it is an opportunity to demonstrate your passion for service and lay out your approach. The interviewer wants to see that you have the right mindset and skills to serve customers exceptionally.

To answer, first express your strong belief that customers are top priority. Explain you aim to make each customer feel valued, heard, and satisfied. Then, describe specific strategies: promptly greeting, introducing yourself, attentively accommodating needs, taking ownership of issues, and thanking customers. Note you would work with colleagues as a team to provide quick, friendly service with positivity.

For example:

“Excellent customer service means doing everything I can to make the customer’s experience pleasant and rewarding. I believe going above and beyond to serve others is key to success in this role. If hired, I would make it my goal to know regular customers by name and order and be there to swiftly assist new customers. I would take a proactive approach, frequently checking in on tables and anticipating needs. Whether addressing complaints or recommending menu items, I would listen attentively and be sensitive, caring, and solution-focused. It’s the little details and moments that make a difference, so I would maintain a positive attitude and work with team members to create an welcoming atmosphere where customers feel cared for. My objective is for customers to leave happier than when they arrived and eager to return again.”


Are you open to learning new skills, such as biscuit making and cooking?

Bojangles Buttermilk Biscuit

The Bojangles interview question about learning biscuit making and cooking skills is assessing your ability and willingness to learn practical skills essential for the role.

To convey you are a strong candidate, demonstrate a genuine growth mindset and motivation to acquire the knowledge and experience required for the job.

Explain that you embrace opportunities to learn hands-on skills through practice and patience. Highlight relevant experience learning technical or physical skills. Express strong interest in gaining expertise in Bojangles’ recipes and cooking techniques.

For example, you could say:

“Yes, I am very open to learning the cooking skills required for this position. While I don’t have experience with biscuit making or frying chicken currently, I have always been someone who learns best by doing. In my previous role, I had to learn how to operate complex machinery to assemble parts, which required patience and practice. I am keen to bring this same attitude to learning Bojangles’ recipes and techniques. The chance to learn valuable skills like this is part of what appeals to me about working for a restaurant that prides itself on serving fresh, homemade food.”


How do you feel about our policy of not using microwaves in our restaurants and preparing all menu items from scratch?

The interviewer is asking this question to assess your views on food quality and customer service. Bojangles prides itself on making fresh food daily without microwaves, so the interviewer wants to ensure you will uphold these values and understand the importance of high food standards and good service.

To answer, express strong support for preparing food fresh and your commitment to quality and service.

For example, you might say something like:

“I fully support the “made fresh, not nuked” approach. As a customer, I appreciate restaurants that make food to order using fresh ingredients. It shows respect for guests and dedication to a premium experience. If I were hired, I would maintain the highest food quality and service standards to deliver on Bojangles’ brand promise.”

Highlighting your alignment with company values and priorities is key. Mentioning your own perspectives as a customer who cares about quality shows you “get it.” With this answer, you convey you would be a great culture fit who understands what is important to the company and its guests.


What do you know about the Bojangles brand, and why do you think our food is popular in the Southeast U.S.?

The interviewer is asking this question to gauge your knowledge of Bojangles and why their brand resonates with customers.

When addressing this question, focus on three key points:

  • Bojangles is known for signature menu items like fried chicken and biscuits. Mentioning their popular food shows you understand what they offer.
  • Bojangles has a strong presence across the Southeast U.S., especially in the Carolinas. Discussing their prominence in this region demonstrates your awareness of their business and customer base.
  • Bojangles is expanding quickly, opening many new locations annually. Highlighting their growth plans reflects your research into their strategy and goals.

Weaving in these points, here is an example answer:

“I know Bojangles is a popular fast food chain in the Southeast U.S., especially known for its seasoned fried chicken and homemade buttermilk biscuits. The brand has clearly resonated with customers in this region and established itself as a go-to for quality Southern comfort food. Given Bojangles’ rapid growth, and their popularity in target markets like the Carolinas, I believe their food is popular because of its authentic flavors, fresh ingredients, and value. I’m excited by the opportunity to contribute to a fast-growing brand with a passionate customer base.”


Are you comfortable handling cash and processing transactions accurately and efficiently?

The Bojangles interview question about handling cash and processing transactions is evaluating if you have the necessary skills and composure to be responsible for critical money-handling tasks.

The interviewer wants to see that you would be diligent, attentive to detail, and able to stay calm under pressure while handling many transactions at once.

To convey you are a strong fit, highlight any relevant experience you have and the applicable skills you would bring, such as solid math skills, patience, and grace under pressure.

For example, you could say:

“Yes, I am very comfortable handling cash and efficiently processing high volumes of transactions. In a past role as a barista, I frequently managed a cash register with many sales in a short time while ensuring strict accuracy. I have always had strong attention to detail and math abilities, and I remain positive and composed under pressure. I would leverage these skills to diligently and promptly carry out all cash-handling duties for Bojangles.”


What are your long-term career goals, and how do you see your experience at Bojangles contributing to those goals?

The interviewer wants to understand your career aspirations and how this role at Bojangles would advance you toward them. They are assessing if you have a clear vision for your future and specific goals, as well as whether Bojangles would be instrumental in helping you achieve those goals.

To answer satisfactorily, first share your key career goals, such as becoming a general manager or franchise owner in 3-5 years. Then, explain how the skills and experience from this Bojangles role would be applicable to reaching those goals.

For instance, you could say leading a team and managing operations would prepare you to be a general manager, or learning to drive sales and profitability would prepare you for franchise ownership.

Give a genuine example that aligns with your background and goals, such as:

“My goal is to become a district manager overseeing franchised Bojangles locations within 5-7 years. The opportunity to help run daily operations and lead a team at a high-volume Bojangles restaurant would be invaluable preparation for a district manager role. I would further develop leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills that are critical for success at the next level. Given Bojangles’ internal promotion focus, I see a lot of growth opportunity in this position and at the company.”


How would you handle working at a fast pace and interacting with a high volume of customers? Do you work well under pressure while remaining positive?

The interviewer asks this question to assess if you can handle the fast pace and high volume of customers that come with this role. They want to know if you will stay calm under pressure, work efficiently, and provide great service with a positive attitude.

To answer well, first acknowledge the demands of the job and confirm you can handle them. Then, highlight relevant skills and experience that will enable your success. Mention time management to prioritize demands, composure to stay solution-focused in stress, communication to serve customers kindly, and teamwork to collaborate effectively. Finally, express genuine passion for delivering excellent customer service.

For example,

“I thrive in fast-paced, high-volume environments and would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the team at Bojangles. With 5+ years of experience in the restaurant industry, I have strong time-management, communication, and teamwork skills that allow me to serve a high volume of customers with a positive attitude. Even when under pressure, I remain composed and committed to providing fast, friendly service. Most importantly, I have a true passion for delivering an outstanding experience to every customer. I would appreciate the chance to bring my experience to Bojangles and provide excellent service to your guests.”


If hired, you’ll be working as part of a team to serve customers. Can you give an example of collaborating with others to achieve a goal?

The interviewer is asking about your ability to work with others to accomplish shared goals. Teamwork is essential in a fast-paced restaurant environment where great customer service depends on staff seamlessly collaborating.

When answering this interview question, first acknowledge teamwork’s importance. Then, give an example showing how you collaborated with others to achieve an objective.

“At my previous restaurant job, my coworkers and I had a daily goal of preparing for and serving 100 lunches within 2 hours. This required constant communication and teamwork to ensure all dishes were prepared simultaneously and customer service was prompt and attentive. By dividing tasks, helping each other when needed, and maintaining open lines of communication, we were able to work together as a team to achieve and often exceed our goals each day. This experience showed me how vital collaboration and teamwork are to success, and how I can contribute to a team to help achieve a common goal.”

By recognizing teamwork’s significance and giving a specific, relatable example demonstrating how you collaborated with others toward an objective, you can effectively answer this interview question.


What’s your approach to resolving problems and leaving customers satisfied?

The Bojangles interview question about resolving customer problems is assessing your customer service skills and approach. The interviewer wants to see that you have the ability to handle difficult situations and leave customers happy.

To answer effectively, first acknowledge the importance of solving issues and delivering a great experience. Highlight any relevant experience you have dealing with upset customers or addressing problems. Then, outline the steps you would take.

For example, you might say:

“First, I would listen closely to the customer to fully understand the problem and how I can help. Then, I would take responsibility and apologize sincerely if an error occurred. I would work to find a solution promptly, getting help from managers if needed. Throughout the process, I would communicate with the customer and express empathy. My goal would be to not only solve the problem but leave the customer feeling valued and pleased with the resolution and service.”

Focusing on listening, accountability, solving problems, and communication shows the customer service skills and mindset that Bojangles is looking for.


Can you give me an example of a time you anticipated a need at work or noticed an opportunity for improvement, then took it upon yourself to address it?

The interview question about anticipating needs and taking initiative is asking you to show that you notice problems and inefficiencies, then take action to resolve them without being told to do so. The interviewer wants to hire someone who is observant, proactive, and able to solve problems.

To answer this effectively, first acknowledge the skills being assessed. Then share an example that demonstrates these skills.

“While working as a crew member at a fast food restaurant, I noticed that the drink station was often disorganized during busy rushes, leading to delays and frustration. I anticipated that a more structured system was needed to keep everything in order. On my own initiative, I reorganized the station to group ingredients and cups by type of drink. I also prepared additional supplies in advance of rushes. This system helped the team work more efficiently and reduced customer wait times. My manager noticed the difference and recognized me for taking the initiative to improve operations.”

Be authentic and highlight what specifically you noticed, how you came up with a solution, and the positive results or feedback you received. With a concrete example and confident delivery, you can show the interviewer you have the initiative and drive to anticipate and address needs or opportunities in a fast-paced work environment like Bojangles.


Attention to detail is important in food service. How meticulous are you in following procedures and ensuring high quality?

The interview question about attention to detail seeks to determine how stringent and process-focused you are. The interviewer wants to hire someone who will carefully follow Bojangles’ procedures to the letter to ensure high quality and consistent service.

To answer effectively, highlight how you are diligent about following protocols properly without cutting corners. Discuss relevant experience demonstrating your strong ability to follow steps accurately and meet strict standards. Explain that you understand how vital carefully following food safety procedures is in the restaurant industry to avoid mistakes or illness. Express your genuine commitment to delivering an exceptional product and service.

For example, you could say:

“Attention to detail is absolutely critical in food service. I have always been extremely meticulous in following procedures and guidelines to achieve high quality. For example, in my current role as a line cook, I closely follow all recipes and vigorously sanitize equipment and utensils between each step to prevent cross-contamination. I double-check that temperatures are accurate before serving and would never cut corners on quality or safety. I genuinely care about serving food at the highest standards, so you can rely on me to diligently follow Bojangles’ procedures to deliver an unbeatable product and experience to each customer.”

By stressing your meticulous nature, prioritizing quality, and applicable experience, you can convey your suitability to meet Bojangles’ rigorous requirements.


Are you passionate about serving high-quality food and providing excellent customer service? How would your passion for service show through in this role?

The interviewer wants to know if you have the passion and drive to deliver an unbeatable customer experience and delicious food, core to Bojangles’ mission.

This question is your opportunity to show how customer service excellence and high-quality food are personal priorities of yours, not just job responsibilities.

To ace this question, first express genuine enthusiasm for serving customers and pride in preparing food to exacting standards. Then, draw on relevant experience to illustrate your passion in action…

“I have a true passion for delivering amazing service and food. In my current role as a server, I thoroughly enjoy interacting with customers and trying to exceed their expectations. I also have a knack for preparing high-volume, high-quality food in my experience as a line cook. Bojangles’ focus on service and quality resonates deeply with me, and I would love the opportunity to bring my passion for customer service and scratch cooking to this role. If hired, you could count on me to serve up the best experience and food for every single customer.”


How would you respond if a customer asked you for a recommendation or your opinion on a menu item?

The interviewer’s question about recommending a menu item is a prime opportunity to show how you would handle a common customer interaction and embody the company’s values. Rather than being caught off guard, prepare to address what the interviewer wants to assess with your answer and ways to effectively convey your qualifications.

When answering, first acknowledge the customer’s request and express appreciation for their interest in your recommendation. Then, mention a few menu items you are familiar with and can vouch for, citing specific attributes like fresh ingredients or flavor profiles that you think the customer would enjoy based on their preferences. Explain why you’re recommending the items and emphasize the quality and taste. Close by thanking the customer for their business and offering to provide any other assistance.

Here’s an example:

“Thank you for asking for my recommendation. At Bojangles, we take great pride in serving fresh, homemade menu items. Based on your description of wanting something hearty but not too spicy, I’d suggest our Chicken Supremes, Bo-Berry Biscuits, or Homestyle Tenders. The Supremes and Tenders are made from fresh, never-frozen chicken, and our buttermilk biscuits are always baked fresh. Any of those choices would be delicious. Please let me know if you have any other questions. We appreciate your business!”


Do you have a reliable means of transportation to ensure punctuality and consistent attendance at work?

The Bojangles interview question about reliable transportation is assessing your ability to arrive to work on schedule every day. As a restaurant, rigid punctuality, and consistent attendance are crucial to opening on time and serving customers. By asking this question, the interviewer wants to determine if you will be a dependable hire who can meet the strict attendance needs of the role.

To convey your reliability, be transparent about your transportation situation but highlight any backups in place for unpredictable issues. Emphasize your strong attendance record and punctuality in previous jobs or schooling. Explain you understand the critical importance of timely and regular attendance for a restaurant and are committed to being present for all shifts.

If driving, note your well-maintained vehicle and buffer time allowed for unexpected delays. If using public transit, explain your route timing should enable substantial extra time as a precaution.

For example:

“I have a very reliable vehicle that I inspect and maintain regularly to prevent any issues. I also plan my travel route and timing in advance to account for unexpected traffic or delays, and would give myself more than enough time as a buffer. In my current role, I have not missed a single day of work in over 2 years due to transportation issues. I understand how essential consistent attendance is for a restaurant, and you can count on me to be present and clocked in on time for every shift.”

By giving a thoughtful, structured response outlining your reliability and punctuality, you demonstrate to the interviewer you would be a dependable hire who understands and is devoted to the strict attendance requirements of the role.


Can you discuss your availability, including preferred days and hours, to work at Bojangles?

The interviewer is asking about your availability to determine if you would be a good fit for the schedule and staffing needs of the restaurant. As a fast food restaurant, Bojangles likely has early morning, late evening, weekend, and holiday shifts. The interviewer wants to ensure you would be available during these necessary times.

When answering, be honest but also convey flexibility. Mention any constraints but focus on the times you are available.

For example, you could say:

“I understand the varied schedules of a restaurant and am available to work early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. While I do have a few family commitments, I am flexible in working around them to meet the staffing needs of the restaurant.”


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Bojangles Interview

Picture this: you’re sitting in a Bojangles interview, feeling confident in your responses so far, when suddenly, the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

This question may seem like a formality, but it is actually one of the most important parts of the interview. We have seen countless candidates stumble with this question and miss a valuable opportunity. Asking insightful and thoughtful questions shows your passion for the role and company, as well as your preparation as a candidate.

To help you leave a lasting impression and come across as a well-prepared candidate, here is a curated list of questions you can ask during your interview.

  • What does a typical career progression look like for a team member at Bojangles, and what opportunities are available for growth and advancement within the company?
  • How does Bojangles maintain the quality and consistency of its food across all locations, especially with regards to the made-from-scratch menu items?
  • Can you share more about the company culture at Bojangles and how it contributes to employee satisfaction and motivation?
  • What does a typical day look like for someone in this position?
  • What kind of training and support does Bojangles offer to new employees to ensure their success in learning new skills, such as biscuit-making and cooking?
  • What are the most significant challenges this role might face, and how can I prepare for them?
  • How does Bojangles keep up with the changing trends in the food-service industry, and what strategies are in place to continue differentiating itself from competitors?
  • Are there any initiatives or programs in place for team members to give back to the community or support local causes?
  • What are the key performance indicators you use to measure success in this role?
  • Can you provide examples of successful employees who have moved up within the company, and what qualities or skills made them stand out?
  • How does Bojangles prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in its operations?
  • What do you personally enjoy most about working for Bojangles, and what keeps you motivated in your role?
  • Can you share any recent accomplishments or milestones that the company is particularly proud of?
  • What are some of the most important qualities you look for in a team member to ensure they contribute positively to the Bojangles experience for customers?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process, and when can I expect to hear from you?
  • Is there anything else you think I should know about Bojangles, this position, or the team I would be joining?


Bojangles Hiring Process

Bojangles Hiring

The hiring process can certainly feel nerve-wracking and unfamiliar, but with some insight and preparation, you can feel empowered and ready to leave a stellar first impression.

Let’s break down the hiring process for Bojangles to help you feel prepared and confident.

  1. Application: Start by submitting your application online or in person. Make sure to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific position you’re applying for at Bojangles.
  2. Phone Screening: If your application catches the hiring team’s attention, you’ll move on to a phone screening. This step is essential for both crew members and management candidates. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience and why you’re interested in the position.
  3. In-Person Interview: For crew members, you’ll be invited via email to an in-person interview with the General Manager (GM) of the location you applied to work at. Management candidates, on the other hand, will be invited to a Zoom meeting with the Operations team for a first interview. Remember, these interviews are casual and serve as an opportunity for both you and the team to get to know each other, assess fit, and ensure you are on the same page about goals and expectations.
  4. Background Check: Once you’ve completed the interview process, you’ll undergo a background check. This step is necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of the workplace.

The entire process, from application to offer, typically takes between a few days to a few weeks, depending on the position. The key is to remain patient and professional throughout.


Bojangles Interview Tips

With the right mindset and preparation, you can feel fully ready to share your talents with the Bojangles team. Believe in yourself and go in there ready to shine!


What to Wear to Bojangles Interview

Bojangles Dress Code

You’ve landed the interview, and now it’s time to ensure you make the best first impression. The key to job interview attire is to match expectations: observe and replicate the style of those already in the role and company.

The dress code at Bojangles is a company uniform comprising black work pants, non-slip shoes, a Bojangles work shirt with a name tag, Bojangles vizor or hat, socks, and a black belt.

While you do not need to wear the exact uniform, choosing attire in similar styles and colors shows that you understand their culture and are a good culture fit.

For entry-level roles like Cashier, Team Member, Cook, or Drive-thru positions, wear casual or business casual options such as nice jeans or khakis, a fitted blouse or button-down shirt, and closed-toe shoes with a modest heel or flats. Avoid overly casual clothes like sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts, or sneakers.

For mid-level management roles such as Shift Manager or Restaurant Manager, elevate your look to business casual with slacks or a knee-length skirt, a blouse or blazer, and dress shoes. This demonstrates your professionalism and experience.

For corporate positions at the office, wear business formal attire such as a suit and tie or a pencil skirt and blouse. This shows you are able to present yourself in a polished, executive-level way.

By knowing the typical dress code and dressing one level up, you can show your enthusiasm and preparation as an interview candidate. Feel confident that you are putting your best foot forward and ready to share why you are the ideal candidate for the role.



Now that you have insights into Bojangles’ top interview questions and recommendations for stellar responses, you can feel ready to ace your upcoming interview.

While it’s great to feel prepared and optimistic about your Bojangles interview, it’s important to keep in mind that opportunities abound in the fast-food industry. Don’t limit yourself by stopping your job search after just one interview. Continue to send out applications and explore other companies with similar offerings, such as Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, Zaxby’s, Church’s Chicken, and KFC.

We understand that preparing for interviews can feel tiresome, but remember that each application you submit and conversation you have brings you one step closer to the right opportunity. Believe in yourself and stay determined—the perfect job for you is out there, and being thoroughly ready plus maintaining momentum will help you land it. Now, go get ’em!

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