17 Zaxby’s Interview Questions (And Detailed Answers) 2023

Zaxby's Interview Questions

If you’re interviewing at Zaxby’s, congratulations!

This Southern favorite is not just any fast-food chain. Known for its Fingerz, wings, and house-made sauces, it’s carved out a niche in the chicken industry.

But to become part of the Zaxby’s family, you need more than just a love for their mouth-watering meals.

The following guide, derived from extensive research, deciphers the commonly asked Zaxby’s interview questions.

And just like Zaxby’s signature Zalads, we’ve tossed in a mixture of insights, action steps, and sample answers.

So, take a deep breath, grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive into the guide.

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Zaxby’s Company Information

As you prepare for your upcoming Zaxby’s interview, it’s vital to know the company inside out.

A deep grasp of the company’s history, mission, and offerings can show your genuine interest and position you strongly for any related questions.

To help you out, we’ve gathered key Zaxby’s details, from its history to menu specifics. This information can be your secret weapon to impress during the interview.

Dive in, and prove to your interviewer that you’re tailor-made for the Zaxbys team!

Trade Name Zaxby’s
Type Fast-Casual Restaurant Chain
Founded August 1990
Founders Zach McLeroy, Tony Townley
Headquarters Athens, Georgia, United States
Menu Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers, Sandwiches, Salads, Zappetizers, Beverages
Signature Items Zax Sauce, Zalads, Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich, Boneless Wings
Core Values People First, Accountability, Transparency, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion
Website www.zaxbys.com
Competitors Chick-fil-A, KFC, Popeyes, Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Church’s Chicken

Additional facts:

  • Drumming up Business: ???? In pursuit of chicken dreams, Zaxby’s co-founder Zach McLeroy sold his drums, originally hoping to be a rock star, to raise money for the first Zaxby’s building which opened in 1990 in Statesboro, Georgia.
  • Signature Sauce: ???? Zaxby’s made its mark not just with its chicken, but also with a unique offering called “Zax Sauce,” setting the chain apart from competitors.
  • Sauce Fame: ????️ Zaxby’s vast array of sauces, ranging from “Wimpy” to “Insane” levels of spice, has gained them significant recognition. Their Caribbean Jerk Sauce even won the “2020 Sauce of the Year” title.
  • Fried Favorites: ???? While famous for its chicken, Zaxby’s surprised fans by offering fried pickles coated in cornmeal, becoming a beloved albeit temporary item on their menu.
  • Soothing Scents: ????️ To mark National Relaxation Day in 2020, Zaxby’s unveiled limited-edition “relaxation packs,” which included a rather unconventional fried chicken-scented candle.
  • Ad Adventures: ???? Zaxby’s knows how to create buzz with their ads. In January 2022, they launched a parody ad campaign “Guy on a Buffalo Wing,” inspired by an old YouTube series.
  • Expansion Endeavors: ???? Zaxby’s is on a growth trajectory. Partnering with Goldman Sachs in 2020, they aim to spread their chicken delights beyond their Georgia origins.
  • Star-studded Staff: ???? Before hitting the charts, rapper and songwriter Lil Nas X worked at a Zaxby’s in Georgia, a testament to the chain’s deep roots in the state.
  • Controversial Claims: ???? Accusations flew that Zaxby’s borrowed ideas from chains like Guthrie’s, a chicken-finger-selling restaurant founded in 1965.

Zaxby’s Mission Statement

Consistently create encore experiences that enrich lives, one person at a time.

Zaxby’s Mission Statement

Zaxby’s Interview Questions

Can you tell me about yourself?

This is a common interview question asked by many employers, including Zaxby’s, to gather information about your background, skills, and personality.


Research Zaxby’s values and ethos. Reflect on your work history and the accomplishments most pertinent to Zaxby’s role. Identify personal attributes that resonate with Zaxby’s culture.

Structuring Your Answer:

  1. Introduction: Share your name, present designation, and how long you’ve been in your field.
  2. Professional Journey: Touch upon your work experience, emphasizing relevant skills and milestones.
  3. Personal Alignment: Conclude by articulating your enthusiasm for Zaxby’s and how your values mesh with theirs.

Key Tips:

  • Brevity: Aim to answer within 2-3 minutes. Offer a snapshot of your journey, not a deep dive.
  • Tailor Your Reply: Align your response with Zaxby’s specific role requirements, demonstrating how you’ll be an asset.
  • Exude Confidence: Maintain eye contact and speak with clarity. Your eagerness for the role and alignment with Zaxby’s vision should be palpable.
  • Practice: Reiteration helps streamline your answer and boosts your confidence.

Remember, the question is not just about your history but about your fit for Zaxby’s.

Example Answer:

“My name is [Your Name], and I’m currently working as [Your Current Title] with [Number of Years of Experience] years of experience in the [Field]. I’m excited about this opportunity to join Zaxby’s, as I’ve always admired the company’s commitment to providing high-quality food and excellent customer service.

In terms of my work experience, I have a strong background in [Relevant Skills or Experience]. For example, [Provide an Example or Achievement that Demonstrates Your Skills or Experience]. I believe these skills and experiences make me a strong fit for the role at Zaxby’s.

I am particularly drawn to Zaxby’s mission to create a welcoming environment for guests and team members alike. I have a passion for providing excellent customer service, and I would be thrilled to bring my skills and experience to this role.

As I look to the future, I’m excited about the opportunity to grow with Zaxby’s and continue to make a positive impact on the lives of guests and team members. I truly believe that I would be a great fit for this role and would be dedicated to representing Zaxby’s values and mission in everything I do.”


Why do you want to work for Zaxby’s?

The interviewer aims to gauge your motivation for working at Zaxby’s and your understanding of the company’s culture and values. They want to see if you have done your research and are genuinely interested in working for the company.

Here’s how to address it:

  1. Demonstrate Company Knowledge: Display a strong grasp of Zaxby’s history, mission, and values. This reflects genuine interest and prior research.
  2. Highlight Personal Alignment: Zaxby’s highly values a “People First” approach. If you prioritize the well-being of colleagues and customers alike, this is your moment to shine. Mention how other Zaxby’s values like accountability or innovation resonate with your personal and professional ethos.
  3. Discuss Relevant Experience: Relate your background to the role at Zaxby’s. If you’ve thrived in similar settings, narrate how this past experience equips you for success at Zaxby’s.
  4. Be Genuine: Avoid generic responses. Illustrate specific reasons like being drawn to their team culture or admiring their culinary offerings. Your sincerity can set you apart from others.

Example Answer:

“I am motivated to work for Zaxby’s because I align with its mission to enrich lives and create memorable experiences for its customers. The company’s core values of putting people first, being accountable, transparent, innovative, and promoting diversity and inclusion, also resonate with me. I believe that working for a company with these values will not only be fulfilling but will also provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am excited about the prospect of being a part of a team that strives to make a positive impact on the lives of others. My previous experience in the restaurant industry, combined with my strong work ethic and passion for serving customers, makes me confident that I can contribute to Zaxby’s success.”


What strengths do you possess that would enhance the Zaxby’s dining experience for our guests?

When asked about your strengths in your Zaxby’s interview, it’s a chance for you to showcase how you align with the job’s requirements and the company’s values.

1. Be Precise: Instead of broad statements like “I’m diligent,” give detailed examples. For instance, “Due to my strong work ethic, I surpassed performance goals, leading to a 10% sales boost in my last role.”

2. Tie Strengths to the Job: Relate your strengths directly to Zaxby’s needs. If they seek someone with excellent customer service and you excel at that, highlight it.

3. Do Your Homework: Familiarize yourself with Zaxby’s values and the specifics of the role. This positions you to craft an answer that reflects both your worth and your alignment with the company.

Example Answer:

“Two of my key strengths are my friendly service skills and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. As an example, in my current job, I’m adept at taking orders quickly, fulfilling requests with a smile, and handling rushes or complaints with patience. I work well under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude. If hired at Zaxby’s, my service skills would allow me to serve guests efficiently and effectively. My ability to multitask and problem-solve on the fly would be valuable for working through busy periods alongside my team. I’m passionate about delivering an outstanding experience, which is central to Zaxby’s mission. Overall, my relevant strengths and motivation would allow me to contribute to Zaxby’s high service standards and growth.”


Are there any weaknesses you’re working on, considering the demands of this role at Zaxby’s?

The Zaxby’s interviewer is looking to see your self-awareness and dedication to personal growth.

Here are some tips for answering the question effectively:

  1. Choose Relevant Weakness: Opt for a weakness that isn’t critical to the role you are applying for. If you’re applying for a customer service position, don’t say you’re poor at dealing with people.
  2. Emphasize Improvement: Illustrate your proactive measures to address this weakness. Maybe you’re working on your time management by using certain tools or attending workshops.
  3. Spin Positively: Tie your weakness to a strength. If you mention you’re detail-oriented to a fault, it can also mean you’re thorough in your tasks.
  4. Honesty and Growth Mindset: Showcase your earnestness and highlight your eagerness to develop, both personally and professionally.

It’s all about portraying that you’re not just aware of areas needing improvement, but you’re also actively seeking solutions. This shows Zaxby’s you’re adaptable and committed to evolving, aligning with their team’s values.

Example Answer:

“I will be direct in acknowledging one weakness: At times I can be impatient and try to move through tasks too quickly. However, I’m aware of this and working to improve. For example, in my current role, I’ve started using daily checklists to break down key priorities. This helps me maintain a steady, structured pace. Two strengths that counterbalance this are my ability to adapt to fast-paced environments and my passion for delivering efficient yet high-quality work. I appreciate your consideration of both my areas of growth and strengths that would benefit your team and mission.”


What do you know about Zaxby’s?

What do you know about Zaxby's?

When asked this question, your aim is to showcase your knowledge about the company and emphasize your interest in being a part of their team.

  1. Company Background: Start by mentioning a brief history of Zaxby’s, including when and where it was founded. This shows your understanding of its roots.
  2. Unique Selling Points: Highlight their unique menu items or any particular branding campaigns they’ve had which set them apart from competitors.
  3. Mission and Vision: Illustrate your awareness of the company’s mission and values, and express alignment with them.
  4. Recent Developments: If Zaxby’s has recently launched a new product, opened a new branch, or any other major company news, mentioning it can demonstrate your ongoing interest in the company’s trajectory.

Showcasing a well-rounded understanding of Zaxby’s not only displays your research skills but also your genuine interest in becoming a part of their organization.

Example Answer:

“I know that Zaxby’s is a fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in serving chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, and salads. Founded in 1990, Zaxby’s has grown to over 900 locations in the United States and is known for its exceptional customer service, commitment to quality, and fun and friendly atmosphere. I also know that Zaxby’s values community involvement, sustainability, and providing delicious and healthy menu options for its customers. Given my background in the food service industry and passion for customer satisfaction, I am confident that my skills and experience align well with the values and goals of Zaxby’s.”


What sets you apart from other candidates and makes you the ideal fit for this role at Zaxby’s?

To address this question, your response should articulate your uniqueness and how it aligns with Zaxby’s needs and values.

  1. Unique Blend of Skills: Maybe you have a combination of customer service experience, culinary training, and team management which is rare and suits the role.
  2. Alignment with Company Values: After researching Zaxby’s values, discuss instances or traits that showcase your alignment with these values. For instance, if Zaxby’s emphasizes teamwork and you’ve successfully led collaborative projects, highlight that.
  3. Proven Track Record: Use quantifiable achievements from your past roles that directly relate to the job you’re applying for. “In my last role, I improved customer satisfaction ratings by 20% through active feedback mechanisms.”
  4. Passion and Enthusiasm: Express genuine interest in the brand. Maybe you have been a long-time customer and have insights from a consumer’s perspective, or you admire their commitment to quality and community.
  5. Potential Value Addition: Indicate how you plan to contribute to Zaxby’s. “Given my background in social media marketing, I see opportunities for Zaxby’s to further engage younger audiences through targeted campaigns.”

Example Answer:

“I believe what sets me apart from other candidates is my passion for the food industry and my commitment to providing exceptional customer service. I have several years of experience working in fast-paced environments, and I thrive under pressure. My attention to detail and ability to work effectively in a team make me the ideal fit for this role at Zaxby’s. I am confident that my skills and experiences align perfectly with Zaxby’s values and mission, and I am excited about the opportunity to bring my passion and commitment to providing excellent customer service to this role. I am eager to become a part of Zaxby’s team and help drive success for the company.”


Where do you see yourself in your career after 5 years?

The Zaxby’s Interviewer asks this question to assess your long-term ambitions and gauge whether you’ll be a good fit for the company in the future.

Keep the following in mind, while answering this question:

  1. Company Commitment: Emphasize your dedication to Zaxby’s, aiming to grow through dedication and stellar performance. Stress your commitment to the firm’s long-term success.
  2. Relevant Skills: If you possess valuable skills like leadership or operational experience, link them to potential senior roles at Zaxby’s. Stay genuine; only mention genuine strengths.
  3. Passion: Display sincere enthusiasm for Zaxby’s and the fast-casual sector. Highlight your eagerness to hone skills in this domain, showcasing your long-term vision.
  4. Be Grounded: While being positive, avoid unrealistic career jumps like going from crew member to VP of Operations in 5 years. Base your growth expectations on the company’s standard progression paths.

And remember, Zaxby’s is not just in the business of food but also of building a brand. The more you show interest in being a brand ambassador – someone who represents and promotes Zaxby’s spirit – the more you’ll stand out.

Here’s a sample answer:

“Over the next 5 years, my goal is to continue advancing my career at Zaxby’s through strong performance and hard work. I’m passionate about the fast-casual restaurant industry and committed to Zaxby’s success. I hope to start by mastering my initial responsibilities and then taking on more advanced duties and leadership opportunities. For example, in a year or two I would love the opportunity to train new team members and help open a new restaurant location. Longer-term, a management role would be very appealing and allow me to contribute at an even greater level. However, I understand that significant career growth will only come from consistently exceeding expectations. So, my aim is to work extremely hard, learn, and earn additional responsibilities and opportunities.”


Recall an instance where you handled a difficult customer. How would you apply that experience at Zaxby’s?

The food industry thrives on customer satisfaction. Zaxby’s, with its Southern charm, especially values this.

By posing this question, the interviewer is testing your ability to handle stressful and challenging situations and approach to customer service.

Imagine being in the customer’s shoes. Perhaps they had a long day or are celebrating a special occasion. Regardless, they expect a positive dining experience. Show that you would practice active listening, validating their concerns before finding a solution.

Pro Tip: Sharing a real-life instance (even if it’s not from the food industry) can give your answer an authentic touch.

Let’s slice this one down for a clearer picture.

“If I were faced with a difficult customer, I would first stay calm and professional. I would listen actively to the customer’s concerns and try to understand their situation. Then, I would offer solutions and alternatives to their problem while following the company’s policies and procedures. Throughout the interaction, I would remain respectful and treat the customer with dignity. By taking these steps, I believe I can effectively handle a difficult customer and provide the best possible customer service.”


Zaxby’s witnesses huge crowds. How would you manage such busy rushes and maintain our service standard?

Peak hours in food chains can get chaotic. Zaxby’s wants to ensure you can work efficiently under pressure while remaining friendly during high-volume periods.

Tips for addressing this question:

  • Highlight relevant experience. If you have experience working in a fast-paced, high-volume restaurant or retail environment, mention that. Share 1-2 examples of how you effectively handled challenging rushes and the skills it took, like speed, accuracy, and composure. If you’re new to the industry, you can still express strong work ethic and a willingness to learn.
  • Focus on teamwork and communication. Note that you understand the team must work together effectively to succeed during busy rushes. Discuss how you would communicate with coworkers, assist others when needed, and ask for help if you’re struggling. A “we’re in this together” attitude shows you have the right team-first mindset.
  • Share a step-by-step process. Walk the interviewer through the specific steps you would take.
  • Express a passion for providing great service, even when busy. Explain that you view rushes as an opportunity to rise to a challenge and make a difference through keeping customers happy. Your passion for the work will show you would thrive in the environment.

Example Answer:

“Having worked in fast-paced restaurants before, I’m accustomed to handling busy rushes. The key is remaining team-focused, composed, and efficient. I would communicate with my coworkers to work together meeting customer demand. If orders started backing up, I’d ask how I could help others, like taking orders or preparing easier items. I would work accurately and minimize wasted effort, like re-checking orders before sending them out. Even when busy, I’d maintain a positive attitude in taking orders and clearing tables. Most importantly, I view busy rushes as an opportunity to provide great service and contribute to the team’s success. With hard work and communication, I know we can deliver a great experience for every customer, even during a rush.”


What do you know about Zaxby’s menu and food offerings?

Zaxby's Wings & Things Meal

The interviewer is trying to assess whether you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with Zaxby’s menu and offerings, and whether you have a genuine interest in the company and its products.

It’s not just about rattling off some menu items. It’s about proving your dedication and showcasing your genuine interest.

Here’s how to nail it:

  • Research The Menu: First things first, get cozy with that Zaxby’s menu! A quick session browsing their offerings will not only help you dazzle during the interview but will also build your confidence. The goal here? Prove that you’re not just looking for any job, but a role at Zaxby’s specifically.
  • Be Specific, Be Brilliant: Anyone can say, “I know they serve chicken.” But can you talk about the Zax Sauce, or the kick of their Tongue Torch sauce? Maybe you’ve got a favorite menu item? Mention it! These details showcase that you’ve done more than a cursory glance—you’re engaged and eager.
  • Show Your Enthusiasm: Here’s the thing: Zaxby’s isn’t just looking for workers; they want fans. Let your genuine excitement for their food and culture shine. Trust us, a little passion can set you miles apart from other candidates.
  • Keep It Concise: While you might be tempted to dive deep into a lengthy monologue about the nuances of their menu, keep it snappy. Hit those high notes, showcase your knowledge, and wrap it up. A concise, passionate response is a winning combo.

Hungry for an example answer? Dive in.

“I have thoroughly researched Zaxby’s menu and offerings. I know that you are known for your signature chicken fingers, wings, and sandwiches. Some of your most popular items are the Tongue Torch, Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich, and Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate. You also offer a variety of sides like french fries, coleslaw, baked beans, and Zaxby’s signature Zaxby’s Sauce. Beyond the signature chicken, you also have hamburgers, salads, and kid’s meal options. I’m particularly excited about your focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and signature recipes and sauces. My knowledge of your menu will allow me to effectively take orders and recommend items to customers to deliver a great experience.”


Can you describe a time when you had to handle a high-pressure situation in a fast-paced environment?

The “high-pressure situation” question is a classic, and for good reason. It’s a window into your problem-solving prowess and composure.

Your goal is to reassure your interviewer that when things heat up, you’re not just about survival – you’re about thrival.

Let’s break down how to approach this question and leave a lasting impression:

  1. Setting the Stage: ????????
    Begin by painting a vivid picture of the situation. Was it a jam-packed Friday evening with an under-staffed team? Or perhaps a tricky customer interaction? The more specific you are, the more tangible the scenario becomes for the interviewer.
  2. Walk Them Through Your Thought Process: ????????
    Once the situation is laid out, dive into your thinking. Did you prioritize tasks? Did you delegate or call for backup? Sharing your thought process showcases your ability to think critically and adapt on the fly.
  3. Highlight the Action: ????
    Now, let’s get to the heart of the story: the steps you took. Whether it was calming a frustrated customer, juggling multiple tasks at once, or making quick decisions to keep operations smooth, this is your time to shine. Make sure to focus on your proactive measures and quick thinking.
  4. The Positive Spin: ????????
    High-pressure doesn’t have to mean high panic. Emphasize your ability to stay cool under fire. Did you greet challenges with a smile? Did you manage to keep team morale high despite the hurdles? These are golden points that highlight not just your problem-solving skills, but your leadership and people skills too.
  5. Wrapping Up with Reflection: ????
    End your story by reflecting briefly on the outcome. Maybe you learned something new, or perhaps it reinforced the importance of certain skills or values. This shows the interviewer that you’re always learning and growing, even from challenging situations.

“One time, I was working as a server at a busy restaurant during peak hours. One of the kitchen staff called out sick and we were suddenly short-handed. The orders were piling up and customers were becoming impatient. I could feel the pressure building, but I knew I had to keep my cool. I approached the situation proactively and started working with the kitchen staff to prioritize the orders and make sure the most pressing ones were taken care of first. I also offered to help out in the kitchen, preparing some of the side dishes myself. Thanks to my quick thinking and ability to work well under pressure, we were able to fulfill all of the orders on time and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. This experience taught me the importance of teamwork and adaptability in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.”


What do you believe sets Zaxby’s apart from other restaurants?

Ah, the age-old “What sets us apart?” question. It’s not just about knowing Zaxby’s; it’s about feeling Zaxby’s.

Let’s see you can hit this question out of the park.

Start with the Core ????❤️

Begin by tapping into Zaxby’s mission and values. Maybe it’s their commitment to quality or their local community involvement. Grounding your answer in the company’s ethos not only shows you’ve done your homework, but also that you align with what they stand for.

The Zaxby’s Experience ????✨

Is it the unique flavor profiles of their menu? Or perhaps the signature Zax Sauce? Maybe it’s the ambience of their restaurants. Highlighting specific offerings or experiences showcases your deep understanding of the brand and how it differentiates itself in a saturated market.

A Personal Touch ❤️????

Bring in your personal experiences. Did a particular visit to Zaxby’s leave an impression? Maybe you shared a special moment there with friends or family. Infusing personal anecdotes makes your response more genuine and relatable.

Beyond Just Food ????????

Zaxby’s isn’t just about delicious meals. Maybe you admire their sustainability initiatives, or how they give back to the community. Showcasing these broader elements underscores your appreciation of the brand as a whole, beyond just its food.

Serve with Enthusiasm ????????

Your answer should radiate authenticity and excitement. An interviewer can tell when a candidate’s passion is genuine, so let your enthusiasm for Zaxby’s shine bright.

Ready to set your answer apart just like Zaxby’s?

“I believe that Zaxby’s sets itself apart from other restaurants with its commitment to providing high-quality, made-to-order menu items in a welcoming and energetic environment. The unique flavors in dishes like the Zax Sauce and the unique dining experience offered by the restaurant are what make Zaxby’s a standout in my mind. I’ve dined at Zaxby’s several times and have always been impressed with the speed and friendliness of the service. These qualities align with my personal values and are what make me excited about the prospect of joining Zaxby’s team.”


Can you tell us about your previous experience in the food service industry?

This is your chance to shine and prove you’re a cut above the rest.

Here’s the playbook on how to tackle this:

1. Get Specific: ????

Don’t just say, “I worked at a diner.” Dive into the specifics. Were you a “Lead Server at Jenny’s Diner”? Or perhaps a “Shift Manager at Tim’s Taco Truck”? Those titles sound way more impressive and give your experience depth.

2. Flaunt Those Achievements: ????

Got accolades or achievements? Flaunt them! Did you introduce a system that sped up order times by 15%? Or perhaps received the “Employee of the Month” award three times? These aren’t just bragging points; they’re proof of your commitment and expertise.

3. Show, Don’t Just Tell: ????️

Anyone can say they “provided great customer service”. But what about that time you handled a challenging customer situation with grace? Or when you trained five new hires and they all became top performers? These stories offer a vivid picture of what you’re truly capable of.

4. Connect the Dots: ????

Now, bridge your past to the present. How does your stint as a “Barista at Bean Bliss Cafe” make you the perfect candidate for this new role? Maybe it’s your expertise in handling peak hours or your knack for upselling gourmet pastries. Show them why your past makes you perfect for their future.

No experience? Focus on your passion for the industry and your eagerness to learn.

Let’s garnish this one with an example.

“I have several years of experience in the food service industry, working in both fast-paced and fine dining environments. My most recent role was as a line cook at XYZ Restaurant, where I was responsible for preparing various dishes, managing food inventory, and ensuring food safety standards were met. I was also able to improve kitchen efficiency by streamlining the prep process, resulting in a 25% decrease in prep time. I am confident that my experience and skills make me a strong candidate for the role.”


What is your availability for work at Zaxby’s? Are you able to work on weekends, and holidays, if needed?

This question helps the Zaxby’s interviewer assess your availability and make sure that you are able to commit to the hours required for the position.

1. The Honest Start: ????

Begin with transparency. If you can work weekends, awesome. If not, it’s okay. But do tell them why. Maybe you have classes on Saturdays or another commitment on Sunday mornings.

2. Specifics Win: ????

“Available most days” is vague. Instead, how about “I can work from 3 pm to close on weekdays and full shifts on Sundays.”? See the difference?

3. Show Flexibility: ????

While being honest about limitations, also hint at moments you can be flexible. For instance, “I usually have classes on Saturdays, but I’m open to occasionally switching around for special shifts.”

4. Be Prepared to Dive Deeper: ????

Have your schedule ready, even if they don’t ask for it upfront. If they want to delve deeper into your timings, having that info at your fingertips can be a game-changer.

Transparency, clarity, and a touch of flexibility. Blend these together, and you’ve got an answer that resonates professionalism and commitment.

“I am available to work up to 30 hours a week and I am flexible with my schedule. I can work any time between 8 am to 11 pm, any day of the week. I am a quick learner and a hard worker, and I am committed to providing excellent customer service. I am confident that my availability and work ethic would be a great asset to Zaxby’s team.”


Can you describe a time when you had to handle a difficult co-worker?

Dealing with a challenging colleague? Yep, we’ve all been there.

But narrating that experience in an interview? That’s an art.

Here’s a quick blueprint on nailing this answer:

1. Set the Scene…But Not Too Much: ????

Dive into your story with just enough detail to make it relatable. Maybe it was “a project where team inputs were clashing” or “a time-sensitive task with differing opinions.”

2. Highlight Your Role as The Problem Solver: ????

You’re the hero here. Maybe you “initiated a one-on-one chat” or “suggested a team brainstorming session” to ease the tension.

3. Focus on Solutions, Not Blame: ????????

Refrain from playing the blame game. It’s not about what your co-worker did wrong, but about what you did right. Did you “encourage open dialogue”? Or “suggest a compromise”? Dive into that.

4. End on a Positive Note: ????

Wrap up with a learning or a silver lining from that experience. “While it was challenging, it honed my mediation skills” or “It taught us the value of effective communication.”

Let’s light the way with an example.

“I once had a co-worker who consistently arrived late for our team meetings, causing us to fall behind on our project deadlines. I approached the situation by first having an open and honest conversation with my co-worker. I expressed the impact their tardiness was having on our team and offered suggestions on how we could work together to find a solution. We ultimately agreed to set a reminder for the meetings and establish clear expectations for punctuality. This not only improved the dynamic between us, but also allowed us to complete our project on time.”


How would you handle a mistake on an order?

This question is meant to assess your problem-solving skills and how you handle situations that require quick thinking and a calm demeanor. It also gives the interviewer insight into your customer service skills and how you handle difficult customers.

An order mistake? It’s a classic scenario. But your response can be the difference between a regular candidate and the next team rockstar.

Here’s your formula:

1. Admit the Error Swiftly: ????????

Begin by acknowledging the mistake. Avoid playing the blame game. A simple “Firstly, I’d acknowledge the error…” sets the right tone.

2. Solution Time: ????

Jump straight into how you’d rectify it. Maybe you “prioritize a replacement order” or offer “an additional complimentary item as a gesture of goodwill.”

3. Customer First: ????

Highlight the significance of ensuring the customer leaves happy. Whether it’s “regularly updating them on the rectification process” or “offering an apology discount for their next visit,” let the interviewer know that for you, the customer’s experience is paramount.

4. Learn & Improve: ????

Wrap up by touching on how you’d prevent the same mistake in the future. Maybe it’s “suggesting a brief training for the team” or “introducing a double-check system for orders.”

Mistakes can be stepping stones. Let’s roll out a blueprint answer.

“If I were to make a mistake on an order, the first thing I would do is apologize to the customer and take responsibility for the error. I would then quickly assess the situation and determine the best course of action to rectify the mistake. If it is a simple fix, such as adding an item to the order, I would immediately make the correction and inform the customer. However, if it requires a more extensive solution, I would bring the issue to a manager and work together to find a solution that meets the customer’s needs and ensures their satisfaction. My goal in handling any mistake would be to resolve the issue as efficiently and effectively as possible while maintaining a positive and professional demeanor.”


Are you comfortable with being on your feet for extended periods of time?

This question is crucial for the interviewer to assess if you have the physical ability to perform the job duties, which primarily involves standing, walking, and working with your hands.

Here’s a game plan to prove you’re up for it:

1. Dive Right In: ????

Be direct. Start by saying, “Absolutely, I’m used to jobs that require being on my feet for prolonged periods.”

2. Cite the Experience: ????

Whether it’s a stint at a bustling coffee shop or those grueling retail holiday sales, drop a line about where you’ve showcased this endurance before.

3. Stamina Secrets: ????

Share a tip or two about how you manage: “I’ve found that wearing comfortable shoes and occasionally shifting weight helps me stay energetic and focused.”

4. Openness to Adapt: ????

If you have any limitations, be upfront but optimistic, “While I have a minor foot issue, I’ve always found ways to manage effectively and ensure it doesn’t hinder my performance.”

Ready to star in this one? Let’s cook up an example.

“I have no problem standing for long periods of time. In fact, I have worked in customer service for several years, where I had to be on my feet for the majority of my shift. I make sure to take breaks when needed and stretch my legs to keep my energy levels up. I also make sure to wear comfortable shoes to avoid any discomfort. Overall, I am physically able and willing to stand for extended periods, and I am eager to perform the job duties to the best of my abilities.”


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Zaxby’s Interview

You’re at the end of your interview and the hiring manager asks, “Do you have any questions for us?”

This is not just a polite inquiry – it’s an opportunity for you to show your interest in the company and position, and for them to gauge your fit for the role.

So, what should you ask?

To help you out, here’s a list of questions you can ask the interviewer during your Zaxby’s interview:

  • Can you tell me more about the daily responsibilities of this role and what a typical day looks like?
  • What does success in this role look like? How does Zaxby’s measure employee performance?
  • What is the career path for this position? What opportunities are there for growth and advancement?
  • What initial training and support is provided for this role? What ongoing training and development opportunities are available?
  • Is there anything about my background or experience that concerns you regarding this role? Is there anything I can clarify or expand on?
  • Do you have any reservations about my fit for this role or reasons the company may not be the best place for my career goals? I appreciate your candor so I can make the best choice for my needs and goals.
  • Can you speak to the role’s opportunities for advancement within the company?
  • How does Zaxby’s approach diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace?
  • Can you share more about the training and development opportunities available for employees?
  • What is Zaxby’s approach to innovation and new ideas?
  • How does the company prioritize and approach teamwork and collaboration?
  • How does Zaxby’s invest in the development and growth of its employees?

Remember, the interview is a two-way street. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, and show the interviewer that you are knowledgeable, prepared, and eager to learn more about the company and the role.


Zaxby’s Hiring Process

Here’s what you can expect in the hiring process at Zaxby’s:

1. Application

The first step is submitting an application, either online or in-person with a paper form.

2. Initial Screening

Give it about 1-2 weeks, and you’ll likely get a call from a Zaxby’s recruiter or hiring manager to schedule an interview.

3. Interview

When interview day arrives, be ready for a 15-30 minute chat with the general manager or assistant manager. Come prepared to talk about your background and qualifications. Focus on highlighting any customer service skills and ability to work in a team. The manager will ask basic questions to learn more about you and your experience.

4. Hiring Decision

In most cases, Zaxby’s extends job offers on the spot after the interview. If you aren’t offered the job right away, you’ll generally hear back within 1-2 days. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t hired immediately – follow up and check on the status.

5. Background Check / Drug Screening

Some locations require a background check or drug screening. If so, comply with the requirements to move forward. You’ll also need to complete new hire paperwork like tax forms and set up direct deposit.

7. Orientation and Training

The final steps are orientation 1-2 weeks after hiring, completing online training, and on-the-job training once you start. Some locations may have a 30-day probationary period as well.


Zaxby’s Interview Tips

When interviewing with Zaxby’s, be confident in showing your friendly personality and teamwork skills. Share examples of providing excellent customer service in past jobs, like greeting customers warmly or resolving complaints. Talk about how you enjoy collaborating and supporting coworkers.


What to Wear to Zaxby’s Interview

Zaxby's Dress Code

So, you’ve got an interview lined up with Zaxby’s? That’s awesome.

Now, you’re probably wondering: “What should I wear?”

No worries. We’ve got you covered.

One of the secrets to acing any job interview is to mimic the company’s dress code, subtly showcasing that you’re already in sync with their culture. Think of it as borrowing a page from their book to write your success story.

Understanding Zaxby’s dress code can give you a strategic edge.

The dress code at Zaxby’s is a tucked-in Zaxby’s shirt, blue jeans (without rips or holes), a hat or visor, a name tag, a plain black belt, black socks, and black slip-resistant shoes. While most jewelry is prohibited, a wedding band is an exception. Nail polish, fake nails, and visible tattoos are not allowed.

Now, here’s a guide to help you decide on the best attire based on the role you’re eyeing at Zaxby’s:

For those of you stepping into the roles of Team Member, Crew Member, Cashier, Cook, or Shift Manager, casual or business casual is your best bet. Think clean jeans paired with a polished top or perhaps a modest dress or skirt.

Aspiring Assistant Managers and General Managers, you’ll want to lean a bit more into the business casual spectrum. Consider slacks or khakis paired with a well-fitted blouse or shirt. A blazer or a smart cardigan can be the cherry on top, giving you that leader vibe.

For those targeting Corporate positions at Zaxby’s, bring out your business formal attire. Ladies, think sharp pantsuits or tailored dresses, and gents, a well-cut suit with a crisp shirt and tie will do the trick.



Alright, so you’ve brushed up on the top Zaxby’s interview questions. Great start.

But let’s take things a step further, shall we?

Knowledge vs. Execution ????????

Knowing the questions is one part of the game. But delivering top-notch, compelling answers? That’s the real deal. Dive deep into your past experiences and find stories that align with each question.

Confidence is Key ????✨

Walk into that interview room like you own it. Not in an arrogant way, of course, but with the surety that you know your stuff. A Zaxby’s interview isn’t just a Q&A session. It’s your time to shine and showcase yourself as an informed, driven, and downright likable candidate.

Expect the Unexpected ????????

Let’s be real: interviews can be unpredictable. You might face a curveball question or even a surprise test. But here’s the secret: Stay. Calm. With poise and a can-do attitude, you’ll navigate those challenges and leave a mark they won’t forget.

Beyond Zaxby’s ????????

Had a stellar interview at Zaxby’s? Fantastic. But remember, the sky’s the limit. Keep that momentum going and keep an eye on other big players in the game – think Wingstop, Popeyes, KFC, Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Church’s Chicken, Slim Chickens, Raising Cane’s, Chick-fil-A, and more.

Final Thoughts????

Not every interview leads to a job offer, and that’s okay. Each experience is a learning curve. Stay positive, stay hungry, and remember: It’s all about finding the right fit that aligns with your aspirations. With dedication and a dash of patience, your dream job is just around the corner.

Best of luck, and may you wing your way to success! ????????????

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