25 Friendly’s Interview Questions (And Wholesome Answers)

Friendly's Interview Questions

Ever imagined yourself on the verge of launching an exciting new career at Friendly’s? Picture this: You’re on the edge of stepping into the limelight of your new role, heart racing with the thrills of the unknown and a touch of jitters. You’ve grinded your way here, and the spotlight moment is just around the corner: the big interview.

But here’s the kicker: nothing beats the sensation of walking into that room, armed with the knowledge and bursting with self-assurance. That’s why you’re here. To supercharge your prep game with our ultimate guide on Friendly’s most-asked interview questions. And not just that – we’re serving them up with insightful, hard-hitting answers.

In today’s post, you’re about to hit the goldmine. This isn’t just another interview guide; it’s a specially tailored deep dive, crafted to laser-focus your prep and position you as the master of this thrilling voyage. Dive into these handpicked Q&As and you’ll find yourself waltzing through that interview, every answer delivered with clarity and conviction.

Here’s the deal: the champs are always the ones who come prepared. So if you’re taking on the Friendly’s interview, gear up like a pro. Enter with a game plan, master your moves, and wow them with razor-sharp answers. This post? It’s your secret weapon. Sharpened to perfection, ready to give you the winning edge.

Are you pumped? Because you should be. Tap into that fiery drive inside you. Every stride you take is a step towards your goal. Dive deep. Let this knowledge be your guiding star and watch as it lights your way straight to the top at Friendly’s.

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Friendly’s Company Information

Quick Tip: Want to start strong? Get the lowdown on Friendly’s. Doing your homework not only scores brownie points with the panel but also preps you for questions that probe your homework skills and company know-how. And trust us, kicking off with the essential facts below, you’ll walk in with a swagger that’s hard to beat.

Trade Name Friendly’s
Type Restaurant Chain
Date Founded 1935
Founders Prestley Blake, Curtis Blake
Headquarters Wilbraham, Massachusetts, United States
Menu Ice Cream, Burgers, Sandwiches, Breakfast, Soups, Salads, Sundaes
Signature Items Fribble, Jubilee Roll, Honey BBQ SuperMelt Sandwich, Friendly’s Big Beef Burger
Core Values Fun, Friendship, Community Engagement, Customer Satisfaction
Website www.friendlys.com
Competitors Denny’s, IHOP, Dairy Queen, Baskin-Robbins, Red Robin

Additional facts:

  • ???? Humble Beginnings: In the midst of the Great Depression in 1935, brothers Prestley (20 years old) and Curtis Blake (18 years old) borrowed $547 to start an ice cream shop. Their motivation? A family passion for ice cream.
  • ???? Affordable Treat: They sold double-dip ice cream cones for just 5 cents, undercutting the competition’s prices, leading to instant popularity.
  • ???? From Ice Cream to Full Menu: The initial store was exclusively for ice cream. By 1940, responding to demand, they introduced the “Friendly burger” and the iconic “One Dandy Split” sundae.
  • WWII Hiatus: Friendly’s temporarily shut down during WWII, optimistically declaring their intention to reopen post-war, which they did in 1945.
  • ???? Name Evolution: It began as “Friendly Ice Cream.” The brand’s name shifted to “Friendly’s” in the late 1980s.
  • ???? Founders’ Rift: Business tensions between the Blake brothers led to their decision to sell to Hershey’s in 1979. Prestley, emotionally attached, later attempted to regain control, causing further disagreements.
  • ???? Financial Hurdles: Faced with multiple bankruptcies in 2011, 2019, and 2020, the company navigated through closures and restructuring.
  • ???? Acquisition by Amici Partners: On January 19, 2021, Amici Partners Group, a consortium of veteran restaurant investors and operators, acquired Friendly’s. The group, with global franchising experience, took over 130 Friendly’s locations, intending to keep them all operational.
  • ???? Bestseller Beyond Ice Cream: Ice cream may be their origin, but the Honey BBQ Chicken Melt holds the title of their most popular dish.
  • ???? Record Holders: Friendly’s holds the Guinness World Record for hosting the largest ice cream party in 2013, with 794 attendees.
  • ???? Adapting to Modern Times: With renovations, quality improvements, and an eye on expansion, Friendly’s continues to evolve while maintaining its historical charm.

Friendly’s Mission Statement

We Create Great Memories by Bringing Family & Friends Together

Friendly’s Interview Questions

Could you please take two minutes to introduce yourself?

Sounds simple, right? But the hiring manager at Friendly’s doesn’t just want to know about your love for gooey grilled cheese or the minty indulgence of their Forbidden Chocolate ice cream. They’re keenly assessing how well you communicate, how you present yourself, and whether your values align with Friendly’s culture.

Start by emphasizing your most relevant experiences. Have you worked in the restaurant industry before? Mention that!

Use this time to highlight some of the qualities that make you a great team player. Are you prompt, reliable, friendly? Tell them! The Friendly’s team will be glad to hear it.

Additionally, how well do you handle customer service? Can you juggle many different tasks at once? Now’s the time to share it.

Remember though, in Friendly’s world, it’s not just what you say but how you say it that counts. Confidence, authenticity, and a dash of charm will take you a long way.

“I’m Jake, a passionate food enthusiast with three years of experience in the hospitality industry. I’ve always found joy in connecting with people, making me exceptionally good at customer service – a skill I’ve developed during my time at my previous restaurant job. Working in a fast-paced environment has honed my multitasking abilities, making me incredibly efficient. I’m also punctual and reliable, traits that my previous employers have always appreciated. More than anything, I’m a friendly face who loves to make customers feel welcome, mirroring the values that Friendly’s is so well known for. For me, working at Friendly’s isn’t just a job – it’s an opportunity to be part of a team that values camaraderie, service, and, of course, mouth-watering food.”


Why do you want to work for Friendly’s?

This is an essential part of the interview that allows the hiring manager to gauge how well you’ve researched the company, why you chose Friendly’s specifically, and how motivated you are to become a part of their team. Put simply, they’re testing if you’re genuinely interested in working with them or just looking for a paycheck.

There are a few crucial points you want to hit when crafting your answer.

First, showcase your knowledge about the company. You could talk about Friendly’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, or its well-established reputation. You may also like to mention its preservation of a rich legacy since 1935, while innovatively adapting to new customer needs.

Secondly, highlight any alignment between the organization’s values and yours. If you thrive in a friendly, customer-centric environment, express this to them.

Lastly, let them see that you’re excited about the role and the potential contributions you could make to Friendly’s.

So, having absorbed all this advice, it’s time to put it into practice, right? Well, let’s move swiftly to your perfect response:

“First and foremost, I’ve always admired Friendly’s longstanding reputation for delivering quality food and excellent customer service. It aligns with my belief in the importance of satisfying customers and maintaining high standards. Besides being attracted to the friendly and energetic atmosphere of the restaurant, I also appreciate the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to adapt and grow. The opportunity to contribute to this company, known for its long-standing legacy and modern-day relevance, excites me. I genuinely want to work for Friendly’s, where I see potential for both personal development and contribution to the company’s success.'”


What valuable skills could you bring to this role at Friendly’s?

This question is offering a platform for you to showcase your assets directly connected to the role. Further, it’s a chance for the hiring manager to see if you can align your skills with Friendly’s core values.

To ace the question, pause and contemplate what’s genuinely unique about you. Your goal is to identify skills that set you apart from others. Keep in mind to stress on those skills that are both applicable to the job and resonate with Friendly’s ethos. You might want to highlight your exceptional customer service skills, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork and leadership experience.

Tip: A good practice is to reflect on previous situations where your skills truly shone, providing you with concrete examples to discuss during the interview. Remember, it’s not just about asserting you have these skills; it’s also about proving it with real-life instances.

Ready to serve up a satisfying answer as sweet as Friendly’s signature Sundae? Well then, let’s dive in!

“When I reflect on my prior experiences, the most valuable skills I bring to the table are my strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and passion for customer service. In my previous role as a shift manager at a busy restaurant, I was successful in fostering a cohesive team environment through clear communication and mutually respectful relationships, embodying Friendly’s values of collaboration and recognition. My meticulous attention to detail allowed me to ensure high-quality food and service consistently, which aligns with Friendly’s dedication to greatness. Furthermore, my heartfelt passion for serving customers and providing them with memorable experiences speaks to my ability to exude Friendly’s core value of energy. I believe these skills, along with my love for the Friendly’s brand, make me a perfect candidate for this role.”


Can you tell me about one of your favorite interests or hobbies outside of work?

At first glance, it might seem like they are just making casual conversation. But lo and behold, there is more to it! They want to assess how well-rounded you are as an individual, your commitment and passion for something outside of work, and whether your hobbies align with Friendly’s values of family-friendly service, teamwork, and customer focus.

Let’s help you craft a compelling response.

Firstly, choose a hobby or interest that could potentially resonate with Friendly’s values and culture. For instance, a hobby that showcases your creativity, teamwork, or exceptional customer service would be ideal.

Also, ensure your chosen hobby is something you can discuss at length. The interviewer may probe further, and being able to answer confidently will paint you as an authentic and passionate candidate.

Most importantly, demonstrate how your hobby has shaped you as a person and what transferable skills it has armed you with that could be relevant to your work at Friendly’s.

Now that we’ve shared some valuable tips, are you ready to ace that question? Hold on to your seat because it’s time for an example answer.

“Absolutely. I have a keen interest in amateur theatre and have been a part of a local theatre group for the past three years. It has nurtured my creativity, teamwork, and improvisation skills. There are times when things don’t go as planned onstage, so we quickly have to come up with solutions in real-time. Also, interacting with the audience post-performance has boosted my customer interaction abilities. I believe these skills align perfectly with Friendly’s values and can be of great use when dealing with unexpected situations at work and ensuring customers have an exceptional dining experience.”


Could you share an example of when you were able to stay calm and productive during a high-pressure situation at work?

When the Friendly’s interviewer asks you this question, they are testing your crisis management skills, your ability to remain unruffled under pressure, and if you can multitask and prioritize tasks effectively.

Now, how do you effectively respond to such a loaded question?

Start by thinking back on your employment history and picking out instances where things got heated, and you rose to the occasion. Have a couple of possible stories ready, focusing on those that align closely with the role at Friendly’s you’re applying for.

Keep in mind, the hiring manager is looking for a demonstration of your problem-solving ability as well as your cool and collected demeanor. How you react when things are not smooth sailing says a lot about you.

Craft your story around the situation you found yourself in, the actions you took, and the result of your efforts- this is otherwise known as crafting a ‘SAR’ (Situation, Action, Result) narrative.

Ready to take center stage with an answer? Let’s serve up an appetizing reply!

“While working at my previous restaurant job, we experienced a sudden staff shortage on a particularly busy Friday evening – we were down three servers. The pressure was building, but I knew I had to remain calm to ensure things didn’t spiral out of control. I sprung into action, discussing the situation briefly with my manager and proposing that I could handle some of the server’s tasks while maintaining my usual responsibilities. With their approval, I quickly distributed the responsibilities among the present staff, ensuring no tables were left unattended. The result? We not only managed to serve our customers efficiently but also received compliments on our professionalism. From that day forward, my managers had faith in my ability to handle high-pressure situations effectively and even trusted me to guide the team during rush hours occasionally.”


Here at Friendly’s, teamwork is essential. Could you share an example of a time you worked effectively as part of a team?

Friendly's Teamwork

Stepping into a Friendly’s interview is like entering a world where the importance of teamwork takes center stage. We all know Friendly’s as a cherished diner and ice cream podium, but behind the counter, it’s a harmonious symphony of workers, guided by the conductor of collaboration.

When the hiring manager pops up the question, they are trying to evaluate whether you can contribute to that symphony, and whether you possess the skills to orchestrate, cooperate, and communicate effectively, a trait which is the lifeline of Friendly’s operations.

So how do you approach this question? Start with a short narration of a situation where teamwork was pivotal to reaching a common goal. Talk about your role, the actions you took, what challenges you met and conquered, and the final outcome.

But remember, this isn’t just about stating what happened. This is about showing how your actions directly influenced that success. The best stories are those where the team’s victory is your victory.

Now, hold on to your story, breathe life into it, and turn it into an impressive narrative you’d be proud to share with your future Friendly’s family.

“During my time in my previous role at a fast-paced restaurant, we were faced with a sudden rush hour that put our abilities to the test. As the cashier was overwhelmed with the steep influx of orders, and the kitchen struggled to keep pace, I noticed the situation. I realized that if we were to beat this challenge, we needed to communicate more effectively and coordinate our actions. I took the initiative to organize the team, assigning responsibilities carefully to avoid duplication of effort, and streamlining the flow of orders. Within an hour, we not only managed the sudden rush but also received commendations for our service from our customers. To me, this was a powerful reminder of what teamwork, efficient communication, and collaborative problem-solving can achieve.”


What would be your approach if a guest asked for something we were currently not stocked with?

This question is a tricky way for the interviewer to gauge your ability to handle challenges, your customer service skills, and your resourcefulness. They want to see how you would think on your feet to turn an inconvenient situation into a positive and satisfactory experience for the customer.

Now, let’s delve into some actionable strategies to help you nail this question.

Start by emphasizing the importance of maintaining a calm and friendly demeanor throughout the interaction.

After that, you need to offer an apology for the inconvenience and assure the guest that you’ll do your best to remedy the situation. Use this as an opportunity to suggest an available alternative that aligns closely with the out-of-stock item.

Finally, remember to mention how you would ensure that this feedback is communicated to the relevant teams to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

Here’s an illustration to help inspire your own response to this question:

“If a guest asked for something we didn’t currently have, I would first apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and empathize with their disappointment. I would then say something like, ‘I’m really sorry, but it seems we’re temporarily out of that item. However, we do have a similar item that you might enjoy just as much, if not more.’ Then, I would describe the alternative in an appealing way, ensuring it closely matches their original request. At the end of the interaction, I’d make sure to pass this information to our kitchen or stock team, so they’re aware of the demand and can possibly arrange for it to be available in the future.”


Could you share what do you NOT like about working with customers?

At first glance, this query may seem like a trap, but trust us, it’s not. The interviewer isn’t looking for a rant on your past customer service nightmares. Instead, they are trying to gauge your approach to challenges, your problem-solving skills, and your disposition towards service-oriented roles.

When answering, refrain from stating you don’t like customers or dealing with people—this is a cardinal sin in the service industry! Instead, focus on specific situations or issues, like inefficiency or miscommunication. Showcase your skills by highlighting how you turned negatives into positives.

Remember though, honesty is key; don’t fabricate situations. The hiring manager can easily sniff out insincerity.

Moreover, mention your love for problem-solving, how you enjoy turning a frustrated customer into a satisfied one, and how you always strive to improve in dealing with challenging situations.

Just before we reveal our example response, remember this golden rule: customers are the lifeblood of any business, especially in the hospitality industry. Your answer should reflect your understanding of this.

“Absolutely, while I generally enjoy interacting with customers, there have been occasions when miscommunications have led to a less-than-ideal situation. For instance, at my previous job, I often found it challenging when customers had certain expectations for which we weren’t equipped due to miscommunication. Here’s the thing: I’m not a fan of dissatisfaction. So, I took that as an opportunity to improve our communication channels and ensure the customer knows precisely what they can expect from our service. This approach turned a ‘dislike’ into a productive method in providing excellent customer service. For me, it’s all about turning potential negatives into positives, striving to make every customer interaction a beneficial and joyful experience.”


How would you describe your approach to work and collaborating with others?

This is more than just a ‘get-to-know-you’ question. By delving into your personal work style and collaborative skills, the hiring manager is trying to assess whether your approach aligns with the company’s core values and culture, particularly the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that the Friendly’s brand is known for.

To show that you’re their perfect cup of tea, draw from your past experiences and illustrate how you’ve collaborated with others to achieve common objectives. Shed light on your preferred communication methods and provide an example of a situation when your collaborative efforts resulted in success. Be sure to share instances where you’ve taken initiative, shown your commitment to completing assigned tasks, and supported fellow team members.

It’s crucial that your answer paints a vivid picture of your proactive, easy-to-work-with, and results-oriented character. Remember, your answer sets the tone for them to judge whether you can perform well in a team-oriented setting like Friendly’s.

“I believe in creating a balance between independence and collaboration. On one hand, I am self-driven and able to work on tasks independently ensuring deadlines are met with meticulous attention to detail. However, I also understand that great outcomes often emerge from effective collaboration. In my previous role at a busy café, our team was facing bottlenecks during peak hours. By having open communications and pooling our ideas together, we redesigned the workflow reducing wait times and receiving a 15% increase in customer satisfaction. I find such experiences rewarding, and I look forward to bringing this spirit of teamwork and productivity to Friendly’s.”.


What’s your favorite Friendly’s ice cream flavor?

Hunka Chunka PB Fudge

Don’t be fooled by its casual tone, this question is a golden opportunity for the interviewer to subtly assess your familiarity with their offerings as well as your enthusiasm for the brand. Being a beloved establishment known for its wide array of ice cream variants, your choice of flavor can also tell them a bit about your personality.

To provide a rounded answer, we advise you to actually visit a Friendly’s location (if you haven’t yet) and experience yourself the flavors you might want to speak about. Let’s be honest, pretending to love a flavor you ain’t ever sampled is tougher than it sounds!

Be prepared to give a clear explanation of why you like that particular flavor. Is it because of the distinct taste? Or perhaps it brings back happy childhood memories?

Your answer should project an image of you as a customer-turned-employee who genuinely enjoys what Friendly’s has to offer. This not only shows awareness but emphasizes a connection to the brand.

Now, let’s dip our spoon into an example answer, shall we?

“When I think of my favorite Friendly’s ice cream flavor, it has to be the ‘Hunka Chunka PB Fudge’! From the very first scoop, I fell in love with the perfect blend of peanut butter and fudge chunks swirled in rich premium chocolate ice cream. It’s like experiencing different textures and flavors in every bite. But it’s not just the taste, it’s also the nostalgic feeling it gives me – enjoying a summer day with my family, smiles all around, and my tiny hands grasping a dripping cone of this magnificent delight. It’s these feelings and experiences I anticipate creating for our Friendly’s customers.”


Are you someone who takes pride in your hard work?


The purpose of this pivotal question is multi-faceted. On one hand, they’re trying to glean insights into your work ethic, dedication, and commitment to the tasks at hand. On the other, they’re assessing whether you possess a sense of achievement and satisfaction derived from a job well done, a trait that certainly helps build a positive atmosphere in their family-oriented restaurants.

Crafting a strong, relatable response needs a bit of groundwork. Start by reflecting on your past work or relevant experiences where you’ve had to put in substantial effort to achieve desired results. Illustrate your determination, perseverance, and the consequent pride you derived from the output.

Do mention moments when you went above and beyond, and how doing so not only led to professional growth but also personal fulfillment. Moreover, make sure you tailor your response to align with Friendly’s values—family, community, and quality service.

Scratching your head, wondering how to stitch these threads together? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.com,11

“Indeed, I do take great pride in my hard work. One instance that comes to mind is when I was working part-time at a local café while studying. The barista called in sick during a peak hour and I stepped in, although I was relatively new. I quickly learnt, handled customers and their orders, ensuring they had a positive experience. That day, I not only learnt how to make countless coffees but also honed my multi-tasking skills, accommodating requests and maintaining a friendly demeanor amidst the rush. It was hard work, but I felt an outstanding sense of fulfillment and pride at the end of my shift. I believe this trait would be valuable at Friendly’s, where the focus is on providing quality service and creating a welcoming ambiance for the customers.”


Could you walk me through your approach to maintaining cleanliness standards and processes?

They’re looking to see if you know your mop from your broom here, no doubt about it. But also, they’re peeping if you have one eye for detail, are as organized as an ant’s nest, and committed to keeping everyone safe and snug by maintaining a clean surrounding. After all, in Friendly’s world, cleanliness is as savory as the meals served.

Now, let’s unpack some strategies to nail this question.

First, emphasize your preventative mindset; show them you’re proactive rather than reactive when it comes to cleanliness. Next, elaborate on measures you have previously taken or would take to maintain hygiene standards. This may include routinely cleaning and sanitizing areas, adhering to cleaning schedules, and maintaining equipment or utensils. Most importantly, demonstrate your understanding of relevant health and safety regulations.

Top off your answer by highlighting how these practices provide a pleasant experience for customers, which is essentially what Friendly’s stands for.

From understanding to action, let’s translate these ingredients into a compelling interview response.

“From my time working in food service, I’ve understood the immense importance of maintaining cleanliness standards. My first approach is always to prevent, rather than respond to sanitation issues. For instance, I maintain rigid routines for cleaning and sanitizing all work areas, particularly those that are frequently touched. I believe in the importance of cleaning schedules and I ensure every task is completed on time. Additionally, I am knowledgeable about and compliant with all necessary health and safety regulations, as I know this not only safeguards the wellbeing of both customers and staff but also enhances the overall dining experience. To me, keeping Friendly’s clean is synonymous with keeping Friendly’s a space everyone loves to dine at.”


How would you describe great customer service in a restaurant setting?

Why, you ask, does the hiring manager care about your understanding of customer service? Well, they are essentially assessing your ability to match Friendly’s well-known emphasis on cultivating an authentic connection and an incredible dining experience for their customers. In essence, phenomenal customer service is recognized as the lifeblood of their operations.

Start by stating that exceptional customer service is creating a welcoming atmosphere the moment customers grace the entrance. Then, talk about the importance of being attentive to customers’ needs, actively listening, having a deep knowledge of the menu, and solving any issues promptly and professionally.

Remember, the interviewer is looking for concrete examples, so weave in instances from your past experiences to highlight your capabilities. Don’t forget to underscore that superb service extends beyond a single interaction – it’s about building a rapport that entices customers to keep coming back.

Now, here’s the bridge to guide you from theory to practice.

“In my opinion, great customer service in a restaurant setting is all about making patrons feel genuinely welcome and comfortable. It begins with a warm greeting right at the door. It’s about being attentive to their needs, be it swapping ingredients to cater to dietary restrictions, recommending dishes based on preferences, or attending to special requests. Above all, it’s imperative to handle any mishaps with grace and professionalism. In past roles, I have always sought to quickly address any issues that arose, ensuring the customer leaves on a positive note. Further, by remembering details like a patron’s favorite dish or dessert, we can truly make the dining experience personal. In fact, it’s these small gestures that often turn first-time visitors into regulars. At Friendly’s, my aim would be to deliver such a memorable experience to every customer, time and time again.”


If you noticed a guest with crossed arms and untouched food at their table, how would you approach the situation?

The primary goal of the interviewer is to gauge your ability to handle difficult customer-service situations, your thought process, and how compassionate and sensitive you are towards the customers, especially when they’re seemingly not happy.

Nailing this answer is all about blowing their socks off with your people-first mindset. Show your active listening and observation skills, genuine concern for the customer’s experience, and creative problem-solving methods.

Indicate your understanding of non-verbal cues and demonstrate empathy, all the while maintaining excellent communication. Always express your intent to work towards providing a solution that will ensure a positive experience for the customer.

After you’ve established your customer-centric mindset, it’s time to let your actions do the talking.

“If I observed a guest with crossed arms and untouched food, my first step would be to approach them politely with a warm smile. I’d say something along the lines of, ‘I noticed that you haven’t started your meal yet. Is everything alright?’ This will not only express my keen interest in their comfort but also give them a chance to voice any concerns they have. If they’re dissatisfied, I’d listen attentively to understand the depth of the issue, then look into it and take the necessary action right away. Whether that means replacing the dish or offering an alternative, my goal would be to ensure they leave Friendly’s satisfied and eager to return for another pleasant experience.”


Could you walk me through how you would learn to properly prepare and serve our iconic ice cream treats if hired?

Friendly's Food Preparation

The interviewer is assessing your adaptability, learning approach, and, above all, customer service orientation. They want to hear how you plan to master a process that is essential to Friendly’s sweet success!

To answer this question effectively, keep three key points in mind.

  1. First, emphasize your proactiveness and willingness to learn. Mention how you plan on shadowing experienced colleagues, observing their techniques, asking questions, and, given the opportunity, practicing under their guidance.
  2. Second, discuss your intent to adhere to brand-specific methods by studying company resources, which may include manuals, instructional videos, or any specialized training provided.
  3. Lastly, underline the importance of customer interaction. Detail how you would combine your ice cream preparation and serving training with excellent customer service to ensure each scoop of creamy goodness leaves behind a delighted customer.

Let’s whip up an enticing answer to this creamy question that the Friendly’s interviewer will simply find irresistible!

“Absolutely! If hired, my approach would involve a blend of hands-on training and self-development. I’d initially seek to learn from experienced team members, watching their techniques and asking inquisitive questions. I believe in the power of practical experience, so, with time, I would look for opportunities to practice under their watchful eyes. Moreover, I would also invest time in thoroughly studying any resources or guidelines provided by Friendly’s. This would ensure I stay true to the company’s well-loved methods of preparing and serving. But I understand Friendly’s is not just about ice cream. It’s about the entire customer experience. So, I would strive to serve our iconic ice cream treats with a big heart and a beaming smile, ensuring every patron enjoys not just the product, but the wonderful atmosphere and exceptional service that Friendly’s is renowned for.”


How would you describe your approach to acting with integrity in the workplace?

When the interviewer poses this question, they’re attempting to assess your moral compass, your character, and how you handle uncomfortable situations. Essentially, they want to ensure that you’ll uphold Friendly’s values and maintain a positive work environment, even in the face of challenges.

So what’s the secret sauce to answering this question, you ask? We’ll break it down for you. First off, first, mention your understanding of what ‘integrity’ means in a professional context. Then, link this to real actions – no theory needed here! And lastly, connect it all back to what Friendly’s is all about.

Still with us? Good. Remember, actual examples always trump hypothetical ones. Try to speak about a time when you acted with integrity, and it made things better at work, not worse. Keep it positive. We appreciate honest talk, not tall tales.

Let’s put the rubber to the road and see how it looks:

“When faced with challenging situations, my approach has always been to act in a manner that is honest, fair, and respectful. I believe that integrity in the workplace is about treating all clients and colleagues with dignity, sticking to commitments, and being transparent in my dealings. For instance, at my previous job as a hostess at a local family restaurant, it was important to treat all customers with fairness and respect. One time a large group came in right before closing and demanded to be seated even though the kitchen was about to shut down. Rather than compromising our standards or causing issues for the kitchen staff, I politely explained our policies. The customers were understandably frustrated, but I stood firm while still being courteous. Acting with integrity in that situation helped avoid problems down the line. At Friendly’s, I would aim to provide excellent customer service at all times while also supporting my coworkers.”


Tell me about a time you received feedback that initially surprised you. How did you handle it?

The hiring manager is grilling down on your ability to adapt, learn from constructive criticism, and your commitment to self-improvement – all key elements to succeeding in Friendly’s vibrant and ever-evolving team environment.

So, how should you tackle this question?

First and foremost, your memory should zero in on a situation where your reaction to feedback led to a positive outcome or an important learning experience. Be sincere and honest. Not every feedback initially makes sense – acknowledging that surprises happen is a good start.

Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique to structure your response and offer a clear narrative that the interviewer can easily follow.

When discussing the feedback, focus on your proactive steps to incorporate it, rather than the shock you experienced. Remember, they are less interested in the surprise and more inclined to know how it catalyzed your growth and development.

Hold on to your ice cream scoop – the perfect illustrative scoop to serve as your answer is just around the corner.

“Well, I was once working at a small café where I handled the role of a shift supervisor. I always believed that I was doing a great job, but one day, my manager expressed that I needed to improve my time management skills. I was initially surprised because I thought I had been handling the work efficiently. After overcoming my surprise, I carefully evaluated the feedback and saw the truth in it. I decided to take decisive action by setting timers for certain tasks, planning my shift ahead, and delegating where necessary. This not only improved my productivity but also enabled me to manage staff more effectively and provide better service to our customers. This example underlines how crucial feedback is in helping us identify blind spots and providing avenues for improvement.”


What techniques or tactics do you use to develop rapport with customers and make them feel valued?

Friendly's Customer Service

Sounds simple right? But there’s more to it. It’s not just a buzzword competition, they want to figure out if you can jive with Friendly’s diverse crowd of guests. The key here is to show how your way of engaging with people gels with Friendly’s strong focus on making guests feel like they’re on cloud nine.

Start by talking about your knack for really listening to people, not just nodding along. Showing you value their thoughts will make them feel like a million bucks.

Then, show off your ability to get guests chatting by using open-ended questions, you know, the ones that can’t simply be answered with a yes or no.

Next, explain how you remember guests’ names and use them often. It’s like being on a first-name basis with the barista at your favorite coffee shop, it feels good, right?

Last but not least, let them know how fast and empathetically you can handle any bumps in the road, flipping a potential grumpy customer into a happy one. Now that’s what I call customer service magic!

Now let’s tie all these elements together, creating an answer that shines like your future Friendly’s nametag.

“When the opportunity arises to interact with our guests, my first goal is to listen actively to their needs or concerns. For me, this starts by greeting them with a warm, welcoming smile and a ‘How can I assist you?’—a broad, open-ended question to get them talking. I’m a big advocate for using their names whenever appropriate; it’s a small gesture that can have a major impact, making them feel known and appreciated. If they do have any complaints, I act swiftly and genuinely to rectify the issue. My guiding principle in all interactions is the understanding that ‘the customer’s perception is our reality’, thereby turning potential negatives into reaffirming experiences.”


Describe a time you managed to appease an irritated customer who was creating a scene. How did you resolve the issue?

The hiring manager at Friendly’s asks this question to get a glimpse into your problem-solving skills, your customer service mojo, and how you hold up when the heat is on. They’re seeking insights into your emotional intelligence and ability to maintain the brand’s image even in challenging situations.

To answer this question competently, start by describing the situation, explain the customer’s concerns, and why they were irritated. Detail the steps you took to diffuse the situation, your action plan, and your decision-making process. Reinforce how your actions maintained the reputation of the previous organization, ensured customer satisfaction and prevented a potential escalation.

Use the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to craft a comprehensive and compelling narrative. Positive language throughout your response is crucial, even if the situation was tense.

Let’s set the stage and fuse all this into an example.

“Once while working at an ice cream parlor, I encountered a customer who was furious about their waiting time on a busy Saturday evening. They were creating quite a scene. First, I acknowledged their feelings, ‘I understand your frustration and apologize for the delay.’ Next, I explained the reason for the delay, ‘We are experiencing a high volume of orders tonight.’ To rectify the situation, I offered them a solution, ‘Can we offer you a complimentary drink as an apology while you wait? Or perhaps there’s another way we could make this right for you?’ The customer calmed down and opted for the complimentary drink. He thanked me for the gesture and expressed his appreciation for my understanding, thereby preserving the image of the business despite the initial dissatisfaction.”


Can you walk me through how you would handle a guest complaint about their meal or ice cream?

The Friendly’s interviewer tosses this scenario into the mix to understand how you deal with stress and to gauge your commitment to delivering excellent customer service. After all, at Friendly’s, the focus is entirely on delivering a memorable dining experience with a side of stellar ice cream, and dealing positively with complaints is an essential part of that recipe.

When answering this question, focus on strategy and approach rather than relying solely on sympathy. The hiring manager wants to know how you would ensure the guest leaves happy and willing to return.

So, start out by showing empathy to the guest situation, then address their concerns by proposing a solution, and finally, you assure the guest proper action using your diplomatic communication skills. Remember, Friendly’s loves team players, so don’t forget to mention collaborating with your team members to fix the issue!

Now that we’ve aided you with understanding the expectation from the question and how to navigate it, let’s walk through an example that does precisely that.

“If I were dealing with a guest complaint, my first step would be to listen attentively to understand their dissatisfaction fully, saying something like ‘I’m really sorry you’re not satisfied with your meal/ice cream. Could you please explain exactly what seems to be the problem?’. Once I’ve absorbed the issue, I would propose an immediate solution such as replacing the item or offering a different selection from the menu. My objective would be to turn their negative experience into a positive one as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Finally, I would communicate the issue to the kitchen team or ice cream scooper to prevent anyone else from experiencing the same dissatisfaction. At the end of the day, my aim is to ensure that all guests, irrespective of whether their experience started off rocky or not, leave Friendly’s with a smile on their face and a desire to return.”


Tell us about a time you had to deal with a difficult coworker. What steps did you take to resolve the issue while preserving team spirit?

This question is a chance for the hiring manager to peer into your conflict resolution skills, interpersonal abilities, and commitment to maintaining a harmonious workplace environment. They want to understand how you handle challenging situations without allowing any drastic impact on team morale.

To answer this effectively, you need to stay calm and recollect a real-life example. Avoid using general terms. Paint a vivid picture by telling them a story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Here’s a handy framework that we recommend – Situation, Task, Action, and Result (S.T.A.R). Share the situation you were in, the task at hand, the action you took, and the result of your actions.

After all, a scoop of Friendly’s ice cream often tastes better when served with a dollop of diplomacy and a sprinkle of teamwork.

“Back when I was working at my last job, I had a coworker who often came across as abrupt or short-tempered with customers. While their work was fine otherwise, I noticed it was starting to affect some customers’ experiences. Rather than complaining, I politely asked if we could have a private chat. I explained how I noticed their interactions could possibly come across, and offered suggestions to defuse tense situations with empathy and understanding. They were open to the feedback and we brainstormed strategies together. In the following weeks, I made sure to positively reinforce their Calmer approach and thank customers who commented. By taking the coworker aside respectfully and we working as a supportive team, the issue improved without damaging team morale. At Friendly’s, I’d aim to constructively address any concerns through open communication first before they escalated.”


Where do you see your career in the next 3-5 years, and how can Friendly’s help you meet your career goals?

Why is this question so crucial? It’s all about Friendly’s hiring manager assessing your ambition, forward-thinking approach, and suitability for their company. Essentially, they want to see if your career aspirations align with the opportunities Friendly’s can offer.

To knock this question out of the park, you must clearly understand your career goals and know about Friendly’s corporate structure and branding. Be specific about the role you envisage in 3-5 years, and, most importantly, be realistic. Not everyone will be the CEO in five years!

Explain how this position at Friendly’s aligns with your career trajectory. Familiarize yourself with the opportunities within the organization for learning and growth, and mention these in your response. This approach will prove your long-term commitment to the interviewer and that you’re not just viewing this as ‘another job.’

Now, let’s brass ring it right into our example response, shall we?

“In the next 3-5 years, I see myself growing my managerial skills and taking on more responsibilities. I’m confident Friendly’s will help me reach this goal due to its reputation for supporting employee development and growth. For example, I understand you offer a rigorous management training program and emphasize promoting from within. If I have the opportunity to join your team, I’ll strive to absorb as much knowledge and experience as I can, and aim for a managerial position. This will let me contribute on a larger scale to Friendly’s success and uphold the values it symbolizes while fulfilling my personal and professional development needs.”


What is your availability to work weekdays and weekends at Friendly’s?

Such a question may seem simple, but it carries significant weight as it helps the hiring manager assess how well your schedule aligns with the demands of the job. At the heart of it, they’re trying to understand whether you’re capable of meeting the company’s operational requirements and how flexible you are with your time.

As you prepare to answer, we advise that you maintain absolute honesty. It’s important to communicate your availability clearly, without promising more than you can deliver.

Secondly, research the business hours of Friendly’s, then correlate this with your personal schedule. This will enable you to provide a well-rounded, informed response.

Lastly, show a degree of flexibility. Even though you have your routine, demonstrate that in certain situations, you can adjust your schedule to meet the company’s needs.

Now, let’s dive into that deep end and swim our way to delivering an impeccable response.

“I understand that Friendly’s operates from 8 am to 9 pm. As it stands, I’m available to work full-time during the weekdays, typically from 8 am to 6 pm, which should cover the bulk of your operating hours. On the weekends, while I do have some personal commitments, I’m happy to work around them and be present during peak hours. I believe this will give me ample time to contribute effectively to the team. Nonetheless, I am open to any necessary adjustments in the future, as may be required by the dynamics of the job.”


When can we expect you to join the team if offered the position at Friendly’s?

The hiring manager aims to see how quickly you can transition and how well you’ve considered this employment’s implications and adjusted your schedule accordingly.

Here’s your game plan. Deploy honesty yet show keen flexibility. You should cite any prior commitments like giving notice at your current job, or possible out-of-town travels, but assure them you’re excited to start ASAP.

Play your cards right, show understanding towards the company’s needs but kindly request them to appreciate your existing commitments. You’re not just another candidate trying to land a job; you’re a responsible individual showing them respect by fulfilling your previous commitments while being ready to embrace Friendly’s.

“Should you extend the offer, I am committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. Given the standard two-week notice period at my current position, I can start at Friendly’s after those two weeks. However, I am open to discussions around what works best for both of us. I look forward to becoming a part of Friendly’s and am genuinely excited to begin this journey with you.”


How reliable is your transportation to get to your shifts on time?

From our vast experience, we can tell you that the interviewer is seeking assurance that you will always be on time for shifts, that buses won’t be missed, cars won’t break down, and that shifts won’t frequently start late because of your transportation issues.

Here’s our golden rule for tackling this question: Don’t fudge it. Sure, it can be tempting to gloss over transportation difficulties to secure the job, but consider the consequences. If you face consistency issues later, it could hurt your job performance. Instead, share your primary mode of reliable transportation.

If you use public transportation, mention the frequency and reliability of the service. If you own a car, don’t forget to talk about its condition. Carry a tone of assurance in your voice, letting them know that you have a backup plan in place, in case things go south with your primary mode of transport.

Let’s deliver the perfect response that makes the interviewer add another tick to your employability.

“I drive my personal car to work, which I keep well-maintained to ensure its reliability for everyday commutes. Additionally, our community has a highly dependable public transportation system which aligns perfectly with my shift schedule, offering me an alternative if needed. So, even in the unlikely event of a breakdown or other unforeseen problems with my car, you can count on me to be there, serving those delicious Friendly’s treats on time, every shift.”


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Friendly’s Interview

You’ve confidently navigated the maze of interview questions. And just as you think you’re wrapping up your session at Friendly’s, they ask you if you have any questions.

Wait, is this just a formality? Think again.

This isn’t just a routine way to conclude an interview. It’s an opening for you to position yourself as more than just another applicant.

What they’re really asking is:

  1. Are you genuinely interested in becoming a part of Friendly’s family?
  2. Have you taken the time to understand the unique spirit of Friendly’s?
  3. Is your curiosity backed by a strong sense of self-awareness?

Your answer? It shouldn’t just be a nod or a simple, “No, I think you covered everything.” Your reply needs to highlight that you’re not on a mere job hunt. For you, Friendly’s isn’t just another stop; it might just be the destination.

So, What Should You Ask?

Glad you’re curious! To truly stand out, your questions need to echo your enthusiasm for the role, your grasp of the company’s ethos, and your vision for contributing to Friendly’s journey ahead.

To give you a headstart, here’s a toolkit of strategic questions you can ask your Friendly’s interviewer. Each of these is designed to underscore your dedication, understanding, and commitment to Friendly’s long-term vision. Dive in, adapt, and make them your own.

  • Can you elaborate on the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
  • What distinguishes Friendly’s from its competitors?
  • What are the skills needed to excel in this role?
  • Could you define Friendly’s culture through your experience?
  • What opportunities for professional growth does Friendly’s offer?
  • How does Friendly’s handle feedback and suggestions?
  • Are there opportunities for staff to participate in community service?
  • What kind of training programs does Friendly’s provide?
  • How does Friendly’s evaluate performance?
  • What are some challenges Friendly’s currently facing?
  • Can you tell me about the team I would be working with?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • How does this position contribute to the organization’s success?
  • What do you enjoy most about working at Friendly’s?
  • What is the company’s management style?
  • Can you share some examples of career progression at Friendly’s?
  • How is innovation fostered within the company?
  • Can you share more about Friendly’s commitment towards diversity and inclusion?
  • How does Friendly’s balance business needs with employee well-being?
  • Is there anything else you think I should know about the company or the position?


Friendly’s Hiring Process

Understanding the hiring process at Friendly’s can help you feel prepared and confident going into your interview.

When applying to Friendly’s, the first step is submitting an application. You can do this online through their website or in-person at the location you want to work. Having an inside referral or knowing someone who already works there can also help get your foot in the door.

After applying, your information will be reviewed by the hiring manager. If they’re interested, you’ll get a phone call to come in for an initial interview. This is your chance to make a great first impression! Interviews are typically casual one-on-one conversations lasting 15-30 minutes. You’ll speak directly with the general manager, assistant manager, or other manager.

Be ready to answer questions about your previous experience, availability, and customer service skills. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked some scenario-based questions too, like how you would handle an unhappy customer. Show them you have the right attitude and people skills for the job. Remember, they aren’t just looking for any warm body – they want someone who can socialize and converse comfortably with customers.

If the interview goes well, you may even get a job offer on the spot! Other times, they may tell you they’ll call with an update. If you don’t get an immediate offer, don’t be discouraged.

Once they extend an official offer, a background check and reference check will be completed.

Then it’s time for training! Expect to spend a few weeks training through videos, job shadowing, and computer modules to learn the menu, recipes, and responsibilities. This helps ensure you’re fully prepared before working solo.

With the training complete, you’ll be ready to begin working regular shifts at Friendly’s. It may seem like a long process, but going in knowing what to expect will help you shine every step of the way.


Friendly’s Interview Tips

When interviewing with Friendly’s, be ready to highlight your customer service skills. Come prepared to chat casually and personably about your work experience and availability. Brush up on your knowledge of the menu offerings, and think through some examples of how you’ve gone above and beyond for customers in the past.


What to Wear to Friendly’s Interview

Friendly's Dress Code

So you’ve landed an interview at Friendly’s. Congratulations! But wait, a question pops up – what should you wear? The clothing you choose can play a vital role in making that unforgettable first impression.

When aiming for the right attire, think of a golden rule: Mimic the company’s dress code. To put it another way, try to mirror the outfit you’d be donning day-to-day if you were already on the job. Doing so not only showcases your attention to detail but also sends a clear signal that you’re already visualizing yourself as part of the Friendly’s family.

Now, let’s talk about what the dress code at Friendly’s looks like.

The dress code at Friendly’s is a company-provided shirt, black dress pants, black socks, and black closed-toe shoes. Jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, is not permitted. Additionally, employees should not wear nail polish or makeup.

Your attire should be casual or business casual for the Server, Ice Cream Preparer, and Cook roles (whether you’re on the Grill, Line, or Prep). Think of a nice blouse or polo with your dress pants.

Business casual is your best bet for the Assistant Manager and Restaurant Manager roles. Perhaps a dress shirt or a smart blouse paired with those signature black dress pants.

The corporate world often requires a touch of formality. For these roles, business formal is the way to go. Think tailored suits, pencil skirts, or elegant dresses.



Congratulations on taking the time to diligently prepare for your Friendly’s interview! ???? This top list of common interview questions is a practical road map for you to showcase how your skills, strengths, and experiences directly align with Friendly’s brand values.

But here’s the secret sauce: Authenticity. While practice is golden, letting the real YOU shine through is platinum. Walk in there with confidence, ready to impress. Remember: a prepared candidate isn’t just a candidate. They’re a standout.

???? Pro Tip: Even if your Friendly’s interview feels like a home run, don’t put all your fries in one basket (pun intended ????). Broaden your horizons! There are plenty of diners on the food block:

Dive deep into our interview preparation guides on these brands and send your application to them. The key? Always be one step ahead, and closer to landing your dream job. Persistence + Preparation = ???? With this guide, you’re not just closer – you’re destined to succeed. Best of luck on your journey! ????

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