21 Steak n Shake Interview Questions (And Excellent Answers)

Steak n Shake Interview Questions

Picture this: It’s interview day, and you’re at Steak ‘n Shake, palms sweaty, heart racing.

Questions buzz in your head: What will they ask? How should I respond?

Relax. You’re in luck.

This blog post is your all-access pass to the most common Steak ‘n Shake interview questions and top-tier answers.

Here’s the truth: preparation doesn’t just increase your chances, it changes the game.

With this guide, you’ll enter the interview room ready to engage and impress.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get you from an eager applicant to the candidate they can’t forget.

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Steak ‘n Shake Company Information

Know Steak ‘n Shake Inside Out

To truly stand out, showcase your grasp on Steak ‘n Shake’s heritage and ethos.

Don’t just read—absorb. Your familiarity with Steak ‘n Shake’s story will speak volumes about your dedication and fit for their team.

Trade Name Steak ‘n Shake
Type Casual Restaurant Chain
Date Founded February 1934
Founders Gus Belt
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Menu Steakburgers, Fries, Milkshakes, Sandwiches, Salads, Desserts
Signature Items Original Double ‘n Cheese Steakburger, Frisco Melt, Classic Milkshakes
Core Values Quality, Empowerment, Customer Focus
Website www.steaknshake.com
Competitors McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Five Guys, Dairy Queen, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Shake Shack

Additional facts:

  • ???? Pioneering Quality: Founded by Gus Belt in 1934, Steak ‘n Shake began as a burger stand in Normal, Illinois, where Belt would grind steaks into burgers right before customers to ensure freshness.
  • ???? Slogan Story: The company’s promise, “In Sight It Must Be Right,” traces back to Gus Belt’s practice of grinding steak in view of the customers, symbolizing transparency and quality.
  • ???? Drive-thru Innovation: Expanding from a single stand, Gus Belt transformed multiple central Illinois restaurants into the now-famed Steak ‘n Shakes, introducing a pioneering drive-thru service.
  • Speed Service: In its early years, Steak ‘n Shake set a five-minute delivery goal for orders, rewarding fast-working employees with sugar cubes for meeting this speedy standard.
  • ???? Nautical Nourishment: The 1930s saw Steak ‘n Shake’s unique customer service extend to the waterfront, where it delivered meals directly to boats in Peoria, Illinois.
  • ???? Retro Vibes: The chain is lauded for its classic American diner feel, complete with vintage decor that whisks patrons back to the golden age of diners.
  • ???? Celebrity Endorsement: Notables like film critic Roger Ebert and Shake Shack’s Danny Meyer have publicly expressed their love for Steak ‘n Shake, the latter finding inspiration as a teenager.
  • ???? Signature Flavors: Famous for its steakburgers and milkshakes, Steak ‘n Shake’s menu boasts beloved flavors ranging from vanilla to banana, securing its status as a culinary icon in America.

Steak n Shake Mission Statement

Constantly to serve our patrons the highest quality burgers and shakes along with extending them great service at the lowest possible prices.

Steak n Shake Mission Statement

Steak n Shake Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Steak n Shake?

When this question pops up in your interview, it’s your chance to shine.

The interviewer is peering into your genuine interest and passion for the company and role.

They want to know you did your research on Steak n Shake and can speak articulately about why it’s a good personal fit and career move for you.

So, what’s the game plan?

  • Do your research. Learn about Steak n Shake’s brand, values, culture, and goals. The more you understand about the company, the more authentic and compelling your answer will be.
  • Highlight relevant experience. Connect your background and skills to the requirements of the role and company. For example, mention how your experience in fast-paced restaurant environments will allow you to thrive in Steak n Shake’s fast-casual style.
  • Express genuine passion. Share 1-2 of Steak n Shake’s qualities or opportunities that genuinely excite or interest you. Being authentic and passionate will make you a strong candidate.

Now, here’s a snappy example to put it all together:

“Steak n Shake’s commitment to maintaining its tradition of providing high-quality burgers and hand-dipped milkshakes to its customers really appeals to me. The ability to prepare fresh food and provide great guest experiences matches well with my 1.5 years of experience as a line cook and server at various restaurants. I’m drawn to restaurants like Steak n Shake because of the fast-paced team environment and the opportunity to build rapport with regular customers. Most of all, Steak n Shake’s vision of ‘inculcating the American spirit’ inspires me, and I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your growth as a company.”


Where do you see yourself in five years, and how do you see your role at Steak n Shake fitting into your future plans?

Picture this — in five years, you’ve climbed a few rungs up the career ladder. Where are you standing?

That’s what Steak n Shake wants to suss out with this classic interview curveball.

Here’s how you knock it out of the park:

Start with the big picture. Where’s your career compass pointing? Sketch out the kind of role you’re gunning for.

Then, bridge the gap. How does flippin’ burgers or managing shifts at Steak n Shake pave your path to that dream role? Talk about the skills you’ll hone and the experiences you’ll gain.

Get them nodding. Point out the bits of the job that have you buzzing with excitement. Your answer should be dripping with passion and show you’re not just there for the paycheck — you’re there to grow.

And remember, this isn’t just about climbing the ladder — it’s about climbing the right one.

Here’s how you can frame it:

“In five years, my goal is to become an operations manager at a fast-casual restaurant. The assistant manager role at Steak n Shake would be an ideal next step, allowing me to gain valuable experience managing teams, streamlining processes, and driving business results. I’m attracted to Steak n Shake’s strong emphasis on leadership development and promoting from within. I hope to exceed expectations in this role and earn the opportunity to take on more responsibility as a general manager in the coming years. Overall, I see a lot of growth potential at Steak n Shake, and this position would be a perfect fit for my career path.”


What do you understand by the “gold standard” in service, and how do you plan on delivering it?

Steak n Shake Customer Service

“Gold standard” in service? Now, that’s a phrase that gets the taste buds of any service industry professional tingling.

When you’re up for a spot at Steak n Shake, they’re going to want to see if you’ve got the recipe for top-notch service.

Here’s the scoop: ‘Gold standard’ is your Oscar-winning performance of the service world. It’s about dishing out service so good, guests can’t wait to come back for seconds.

Explain that you view the gold standard of service as providing fast, friendly, and accurate service that exceeds guest expectations.

Then, convey how you would work to achieve this, such as through attentive listening, timely follow-through, working collaboratively with colleagues, and going the extra mile when needed.

Tell them about a time your service skills shone bright.

Now, let’s cook up a quick example:

“The gold standard of service refers to fast, exceptional service that leaves an impression. If hired, I will deliver the gold standard through strong communication, accountability, and a team-first mentality. For instance, by promptly greeting guests, actively listening to understand their needs, and providing quick, accurate results. I will also readily support colleagues to ensure high-quality service with a smile. In my current role, I received commendations for sustaining high morale and fast table turns, even during extremely busy periods. I am passionate about delivering premier guest experiences and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring my service skills to Steak n Shake.”


How would you describe your approach to teamwork, and what strategies do you use to foster collaboration among colleagues?

Teamwork? It’s the secret sauce that makes or breaks the guest experience at Steak n Shake.

The interviewer wants to assess your collaborative nature and see that you have the skills and mindset required to foster positive relationships with coworkers.

When answering, convey that you view teamwork as critical to achieving company goals and that you proactively contribute to an environment of support and camaraderie.

Here’s how you serve up your answer:

  • Dish out the good stuff from your past. Share a bite-sized story of when you worked hand-in-glove with a team to meet your goals.
  • Lay on the communication thick. It’s all about talking the talk and walking the walk, right? Add a pinch of accountability and a dash of adaptability to the mix.
  • And, oh, attitude is everything. You’ve got to show that your glass is half full, always ready to top it up. It’s about nurturing those roots of rapport and harvesting fresh perspectives.

Let’s blend these ingredients into a response that Steak n Shake can’t resist:

“I approach teamwork with a solutions-focused mentality. The success of the team is what matters, not personal glory. To build collaboration, I start by getting to know team members and understanding their strengths and goals. I facilitate open communication and respond well to feedback. I hold regular check-ins to provide support and identify any barriers to productivity or morale. I also strive to make the work environment fun by planning team outings or workplace competitions. In the restaurant industry in particular, collaboration is essential to providing a great customer experience. I would work hard to create a strong team dynamic in which we can draw on each other’s diverse skills and perspectives to problem-solve issues and boost sales and satisfaction.”


Describe a time when you went above and beyond to provide exceptional service to a customer, and what impact did it have on their experience?

Going above and beyond for a customer — that’s where the rubber meets the road in service.

Steak n Shake wants to know if you’ve got the horsepower to take that extra mile.

Think of it like this: every customer is a guest at your dinner party. You wouldn’t just pass them a plate; you’d make it an experience. That’s what they’re after.

So, when you’re responding:

  • Briefly describe the customer interaction and situation. Set the scene to help the interviewer understand the context.
  • Explain what you did that went above and beyond normal expectations. Show your initiative and dedication to great service. Mention any resources or effort required.
  • Discuss the positive impact and outcome of your actions. For example, you made the customer’s day, turned a poor experience into a positive one, received praise or recognition, or built repeat business and loyalty.

Ready to cook up an answer? Here’s a taste:

“A couple came in late at night after a long drive, frazzled and hungry with two tired kids. Unfortunately, we were closing soon, and several items on the menu were sold out. Rather than just letting them order the remaining options, I asked what they wanted and personally made their burgers and fries from leftover ingredients so they could have their full meal. Though it meant staying a bit later, seeing their appreciation and thanks for saving their night made it worth it. They ended up coming back again as loyal regular customers, recognizing me each time.”


Can you explain your experience with cooking and food preparation and how it would relate to your work at Steak n Shake?

Steak n Shake Food Preparation

Steak n Shake is curious about your spice level when it comes to the heat of the kitchen.

They want to know you have the knowledge and skills to prepare food items efficiently and correctly to meet Steak n Shake’s standards.

Start by seasoning your answer with your food prep history. Toss in even those home kitchen escapades. It’s all about the flavors you bring to the table.

Carve out the skills that make you a whiz, whether it’s your ninja knife work or your mastery of the grill. Don’t forget a pinch of sanitation savvy — it’s essential.

Then, let’s get into the qualities. Speed, precision, and cool under fire. That’s what makes a kitchen sizzle. And your drive to dish out joy? That’s the cherry on top.

Show ’em your love for food and service is as real as it gets. Make them see you in their apron, flipping burgers to perfection.

Let’s plate up an example:

“While my experience is informal, I regularly cook meals at home for my family and have strong knife skills and experience operating commercial-style kitchen equipment. I thrive under pressure while maintaining a strong attention to detail. My time management skills allow me to prepare multiple items simultaneously while meeting strict guidelines. I have always had a passion for food and service, so I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring my skills to contribute to your team and high standards at Steak n Shake.”


Can you share an experience where you had to work with a difficult colleague, and how did you handle the situation?

The interviewer wants to assess your conflict management skills and ability to work with others professionally, even in challenging situations.

Steak n Shake is all about the teamwork that turns challenges into triumphs.

So, here’s how you can dish it out:

Start with the special of the day: a real-life scenario. Just the facts, no extra seasoning. Show you’re a team player, even when the team’s not playing nice.

Then, get into the action. What’s your secret sauce for handling the heat? Remember, focus on your steps, not the spice of the conflict.

Serve up those skills. Did you communicate like a champ? Whip up a compromise? Give them the highlights.

Keep it as short as the time it takes to flip a burger. They want the gist, not the gristle.

Ready for an example?

“At my current restaurant job, a co-worker and I initially disagreed on the best way to prepare a new menu item. However, we made an effort to listen to each other’s perspectives, understand the concerns, and collaborate on a solution that combined the best of both approaches. By communicating openly and being willing to compromise, we were able to overcome our differences and work together effectively to execute the new item’s preparation.”


What is your approach to customer service, and how do you plan to create a hospitable environment for guests at Steak n Shake?

Customer service isn’t just a phrase; it’s your stage.

And Steak n Shake? That’s your audience, eager for a show of hospitality.

Serve up your approach with gusto:

Pour on the passion. Why does excellent service get your motors running? Maybe it’s the smiles or the satisfaction of a job well done. Let them see that spark.

Next, discuss how you would anticipate and meet customer needs, be attentive and friendly, and resolve any issues. Give examples of your strong service orientation from previous roles.

Then, paint the picture of teamwork. How do you toss the ball around to make sure everyone’s playing the same game? It’s about setting up the pins for a perfect strike.

Let’s whip up an answer that’s as satisfying as their milkshakes:

“I have always had a strong passion for customer service and an enjoyable guest experience is my top priority. I would fully commit to Steak n Shake’s dedication to hospitality, actively listening to customers and understanding their needs. Whether addressing a complaint or taking an order, I give my full attention and service with a positive attitude. For example, in my current role, I received praise for promptly and kindly handling a large group’s various requests and issues. I would bring this same service approach to Steak n Shake, collaborating with colleagues to monitor customer feedback and make improvements. Most importantly, I would ensure a welcoming environment so that every guest leaves happy. I hope to bring my customer service skills and enthusiasm to the Steak n Shake team.”


How do you stay organized and manage your time effectively when dealing with multiple tasks or orders simultaneously?

Staying organized with a grill full of orders is like conducting an orchestra. You’ve got to keep the symphony in sync.

That’s what Steak n Shake wants to see — can you keep the music playing sweetly when the kitchen’s hot?

Here’s your recipe for an answer:

First, set the table. How do you map out your to-do’s? Are you old-school with a notepad or digital with the latest tech?

Then, talk timing. How do you decide which order gets the first sizzle? Share your strategy — it’s about serving up satisfaction efficiently.

Communication is your garnish. It’s not just about juggling orders, but also about keeping customers in the loop. They want to know their burger is coming hot and fresh.

Lastly, stay cool as a milkshake. They need to know you’re the calm in the kitchen storm.

Now, let’s flip an example onto the grill:

“Staying organized in a busy restaurant environment is crucial. I would create a systematic approach, such as using a digital tablet to log orders and priority levels. Higher priority orders, like those with dietary restrictions or timing constraints, would be handled first. Strong communication is key, so I would keep customers updated on order status. Even when dealing with multiple tables and orders at once, I remain calm and composed to ensure high quality service. With this approach, I have effectively managed my time and tasks in past serving roles, even during busy rushes. My goal is to provide an incredible experience for every customer, no matter how hectic the environment is.”


Can you share an experience where you had to adapt to a new work environment, and how did you handle it?

Switching work environments can be like changing tables mid-meal.

The interviewer is trying to determine if you remain flexible, take initiative, and have a positive attitude when faced with change.

To whip up your answer, start with a story. Dish out a time you jumped into a new kitchen and had to find where all the pots were without missing a beat.

Highlight your open-minded and proactive approach. For instance, mention how you asked questions to learn the new standards and procedures, took good notes in training, and volunteered to help others coming on board.

Don’t forget to season with positivity. Keeping a sunny side up when the kitchen’s heating up shows you’re not going to scramble under pressure.

Let’s serve up an example that’ll show them you’re ready for their rush hour:

“A relevant experience for me was transitioning from a smaller restaurant to a very busy, high-volume franchise location for the same company. I knew it would be an adjustment, but I was eager to take on the challenge. To prepare, I asked the manager for a detailed overview of procedures so I could hit the ground running. I took thorough notes during multi-day training to learn the larger menu and new recipes. Despite the steeper learning curve, I kept a positive attitude, asked lots of questions, and volunteered to help train new hires. The hustle and bustle of the bigger restaurant was invigorating, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work as part of a larger team. This experience has equipped me with the adaptability and hard work required for a fast-paced environment like Steak n Shake.”


How do you approach continuous learning, and what strategies do you use to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices?

In the whirlwind world of Steak n Shake, learning isn’t just a side dish — it’s part of the main course.

They’re peering over the counter to see if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just flip burgers but also flips through pages of industry insights.

Serve up your dedication to growth with a dash of specifics you use, such as:

  • Reading industry publications and blogs to learn best practices.
  • Taking online courses to strengthen your knowledge in key areas like food safety procedures or customer service practices.
  • Attending industry events and conferences to network and discover the latest innovations.
  • Regularly reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities for improvement.

Now, let’s plate an example that really sizzles:

“Continuous learning and improvement are very important to me. To stay ahead of industry trends, I regularly read publications like Restaurant Business and Nation’s Restaurant News to learn the latest best practices. I also take online courses on restaurant management and food safety procedures to strengthen my knowledge. Attending industry events is valuable for networking and discovering new ideas, and after each shift, I spend a few minutes reflecting on how I can improve and better serve our customers. By proactively developing my skills and absorbing the latest insights, I aim to be an invaluable asset to Steak n Shake as the industry evolves.”


Can you share an experience where you had to think creatively to solve a problem or overcome a challenge?

Creative thinking? In the Steak n Shake kitchen, it’s as essential as salt and pepper. They’re hungry to see how you cook up solutions when the heat’s on.

To serve an answer they’ll eat right up:

Start with a meaty challenge that showcases your resourcefulness and grit. Perhaps the grill went down, and you had a line out the door.

Stir in your process. How did you keep your cool and consider multiple options before choosing the best path forward? Maybe you crafted a limited-time “Stovetop Specials” menu.

Season with your takeaway. What’s the zesty lesson you learned? Show them how it’s added to your flavor as an employee.

Whip up an example like this, and they’ll see you’re ready to handle Steak n Shake’s lunchtime rush.

“One Friday night, our restaurant was hit with an unexpected flood of customers due to a local event. We were understaffed for the volume and orders were piling up. To alleviate the stress on the cooks and avoid upsetting customers with excessively long waits, I came up with a solution on the fly. I asked servers to take orders for multiple courses at once and alerted the kitchen to fire orders simultaneously when possible. I also reassigned some staff to take on other roles as needed, like expediting or hosting to keep things moving. Ultimately, my quick thinking ensured a busy night ran as smoothly as possible and taught me the value of remaining adaptable to challenges.”


How do you plan to create a positive, fun-loving environment for colleagues and guests at Steak n Shake?

You know what’s contagious? Enthusiasm! And Steak n Shake is all about that buzz of excitement.

So when they toss this question your way, they want to see that you understand the importance of enthusiasm, collaboration, and enjoyment as driving forces of productivity and customer satisfaction in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

Here’s the scoop: Be the energy you want to see!

Chat about how you’d be that spark. Maybe you’ve been the mastermind behind epic team events or the hero who turned Monday blues into Monday woohoos. Translate that zest to the restaurant scene, and you’re golden.

Dish out specific game plans. Think team breakfasts or a “Kudos Board” for shout-outs. Show them your strategy isn’t just talk; it’s a slam dunk for smiles.

Remember, a happy crew equals guests grinning from ear to ear. Your knack for creating a feel-good zone? That’s going to make their day, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Example answer:

“I would love the opportunity to create a fun and collaborative environment at Steak n Shake. Building close-knit teams is one of my strengths, as shown by my experience organizing team-wide events in my current role. At Steak n Shake, I would plan team cook-offs, game nights, and team dinners to bring everyone together, recognize good work and achievements, and make coming to work more enjoyable amidst busy shifts. These team-building activities would not only lift team morale but also improve guest service by fostering enthusiasm and support among staff. Combined with engaging with guests and rewarding positive feedback, I would work to deliver an unbeatable experience for every team member and guest at Steak n Shake.”


Can you share an experience where you had to manage a difficult situation, and what did you learn from it?

Tough spots? We’ve all been there.

But what really matters is how you swing back. This is your chance to strut some grace under fire.

  1. Kick-off with a tale where you turned the tides.
  2. Paint the picture of the chaos, then zoom in on how you played the calm in the storm.
  3. And lessons? Those are the golden nuggets. Maybe you learned the power of a deep breath or the art of the pivot.

For example:

“One difficult experience I successfully navigated was when an upset customer complained about his order being incorrect at my serving job. I remained composed and listened sincerely as he voiced his frustrations. I apologized for the mistakes and took responsibility, even though I did not directly cause the errors. I offered him a free dessert or drink as compensation and had the kitchen remake his dish immediately. Through this experience, I learned the importance of attentive service and accuracy to prevent complaints. Staying calm under pressure allowed me to think clearly and remedy issues. Going above and beyond turned a negative interaction into a positive outcome and gained a loyal guest. These lessons would allow me to thrive in Steak n Shake’s fast-paced environment and deliver an excellent experience for every customer, even in difficult situations.”


How would you go about resolving a customer’s complaint or addressing a customer who was dissatisfied with their dining experience?

The interviewer is trying to evaluate if you have the right approach to resolving complaints and addressing dissatisfied customers.

Picture this: A customer’s frown is practically begging to be flipped upside down. You’re on stage!

First things first, lend them your ears. Let them spill the beans while you tune in with all you’ve got.

Then, it’s showtime for empathy. Nod, acknowledge, and echo their concern. They need to feel heard and understood, right?

Now, roll up your sleeves. Whether it’s rallying the manager, whipping up a fresh meal, or offering a sweet deal for their next visit, you’re the maestro of mending fences.

For example, you could say:

“I would first listen closely to the customer and apologize for the poor experience. I would take responsibility and let them know I understand why they are dissatisfied. Depending on the issue, I would get a manager to help resolve the complaint or remake a dish myself if needed. The goal would be to make the customer feel heard and to take action to remedy the situation, whether through a discounted bill, free item voucher, or other way of showing we value their business. My key priorities would be listening, acknowledging the customer, and finding a solution to leave them satisfied.”


What aspects of the Steak n Shake brand and values align with your own?


So you’re digging into the Steak n Shake vibe, and you gotta show you’re not just on the same page; you’re in the same sentence.

Do a little homework on Steak n Shake’s brand identity and company values.

Their key values include:

  • Providing friendly, fast, and accurate service
  • Valuing and investing in employees

Got a story where you dazzled a customer with lightning-fast service? Or perhaps a time when you boosted a colleague’s day? Those gems show you’re not just walking the walk; you’re talking the Steak n Shake talk.

Wrap your tales around their values. It’s like telling the interviewer, “Your brand’s DNA? It’s got my name all over it.”

For example, you could say:

“Two of Steak n Shake’s values that strongly resonate with me are providing fast, friendly service and valuing employees. In my current role, I pride myself on delivering prompt and pleasant customer service, even during busy periods. I also enjoy leadership opportunities, such as training new team members. I believe investing in employees leads to better results, so Steak n Shake’s emphasis on employee growth and development is appealing to me.”


At Steak n Shake, we value hard work, a dedication to quality, and an enjoyment of working as a team in a fast-paced environment. Have your experiences prepared you for this?

Alright, let’s cut to the chase.

They’re not just curious about your work history. They want to know if you’ve got the chops to juggle the heat, the teamwork, and the quality all in one go.

To answer this question successfully, you need to highlight relevant experiences and convey genuine enthusiasm.

  • Tell a quick tale about thriving under pressure. Did you nail a project with the clock ticking? Perfect.
  • Team player much? Share a snippet about harmonizing with a group to deliver something awesome.
  • Quality is your middle name, right? Boast a little about your sharp eye. But keep it humble, of course.
  • Now, wrap it up with passion. You love making someone’s day with a great meal, don’t you? That’s the spirit they’re looking for!

Here is an example answer:

“My experience waiting tables at a busy restaurant has prepared me very well for this role and the fast-paced, team-focused environment of Steak n Shake. I’ve honed my ability to handle a packed house of customers with a positive attitude, taking orders quickly and accurately, working with co-workers to get food out fast while maintaining high quality, and providing attentive service to leave a great impression. I work very efficiently under pressure while also bonding with my team to support each other and get the job done. Most importantly, I genuinely love engaging with customers and trying to make their dining experience special. The dedication to quality service and teamwork are values that strongly resonate with me, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring my experience to your restaurant.”


What are the strengths you pride yourself on and the weaknesses you are committed to developing?

Self-improvement is the name of the game. No one’s perfect, but hey, you’re on the right track!

The interviewer is trying to gain insight into your self-awareness, growth mindset, and fit for the role and company culture.

To ace this question:

Acknowledge that professional growth is an ongoing process. Explain you recognize the importance of continuously improving and building on your strengths.

Highlight one skill or quality you excel in that would be applicable to the role, such as ‘strong work ethic,’ ‘ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment,’ or ‘passion for delivering great customer service.’

Discuss an area you’re proactively trying to strengthen, such as ‘getting overly enthusiastic at times, ‘ ‘being a perfectionist,’ or ‘reluctant to delegate.’

Explain how you’re working to develop this skill, e.g., ‘modulating your energy’ or ‘establishing better boundaries’ or ‘consciously empowering and trusting teammates.’

Express enthusiasm for self-betterment and relate your efforts back to the requirements of the Steak n Shake role.

For example:

“One area I excel in is delivering a great customer experience through a positive attitude and ability to connect with guests. Something I’m actively working to strengthen is my communication skills, as my enthusiasm can come across as overly strong at times. I’m learning to modulate my passion, being more mindful of how others may perceive my communication style, and working to find the right tone to still show motivation and energy while exercising good judgment.”


What is your availability like, and are you comfortable working nights and weekends?

So, they’ve popped the big question about availability. No sweat! This is your chance to shine with your flexibility.

Steak n Shake is all about that hustle and bustle, often well into the night and on weekends.

When answering, be honest but emphasize your willingness to accommodate the needs of the business.

Try something like this:

  • Open with your current schedule.
  • Explain that you understand the hours may be irregular and are prepared to work shifts as needed, including nights and weekends.
  • Highlight any relevant experience you have with a flexible schedule.

Put it out there that you’re game for what they throw at you because, let’s be real, flexibility is key in the restaurant biz.

A strong answer could be:

“I understand that as a restaurant, Steak n Shake has unique hours of operation and scheduling needs. I have open availability and am willing to work any shifts necessary, including nights and weekends. In my previous role as a server, I frequently worked nights and weekends to cover busy periods and am accustomed to an irregular schedule. I’m looking for a long-term position where I can grow with the company, so I will work diligently whenever needed to get the job done.”


Do you have reliable transportation to get you to work on time?

The Steak n Shake interviewer isn’t just asking if you have a set of wheels.

They’re looking at the bigger picture – can they count on you to be there when the fries are flying and the shakes are spinning?

Hit them with the good stuff:

  • Confirm your transport is as reliable as you are. Keep it affirmative and confident.
  • Share a quick insight into why punctuality is your middle name.

To answer effectively, say something like:

“Yes, I have a reliable vehicle and do not anticipate any issues getting to my scheduled shifts on time each day. As someone who takes their work responsibilities very seriously, having a consistent means of transportation is important to me to ensure I can be at work when expected and fulfill my duties. I understand how being late or unreliable can negatively impact a fast-paced work environment like a restaurant, so you can count on me to always make getting to work on time a priority.”


If hired, how soon could you start working at Steak n Shake?

When they ask when you can start, they’re really asking, “How pumped are you to jump in?”

It’s your moment to show them you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Here’s the play-by-play:

  • Start off with a bang by expressing just how thrilled you are about the prospect of joining the team.
  • Have a current gig? No problem. Let them know you’re the kind of person who wraps things up right, giving your current employer the heads-up they deserve.
  • Lay down the timeline like you’re setting up the perfect burger – neat, precise, and satisfying.

For example, you could say:

“I can start turning up the heat here at Steak n Shake in two weeks, right after I’ve given my current job a respectful goodbye. I’m passionate about delivering great customer experiences and Steak n Shake’s vision. The opportunity to contribute to your team is very compelling to me, and I would appreciate the chance to start promptly if selected for the role.”


Questions to Ask the Interviewer in Steak n Shake Interview

As your Steak n Shake interview winds up, a question you’re almost guaranteed to face is: “Do you have any questions for me?”

The interviewer isn’t just being polite—they’re assessing if you’re truly interested in the role and whether you’ve done your research.

To prepare, think of questions that reveal your enthusiasm and also help you decide if the role and company are the right fit.

Here are some suggestions:

  • What’s a typical career path for someone in this position?
  • What opportunities for growth and advancement are available within the company?
  • What does success look like in this role? What would you like the person in this position to have achieved in 6-12 months?
  • How does Steak n Shake prioritize employee satisfaction and well-being?
  • Can you tell me more about the company’s commitment to providing the maximum wage and being the employer of choice?
  • How does the company approach training and development for new team members?
  • What is the company culture like at Steak n Shake?
  • How does the company support team members who may have scheduling conflicts or need time off for personal reasons?
  • Can you tell me more about the specific roles and responsibilities of the various stations, such as grill, drive-thru, milkshakes, and sandwich assembly?
  • How does Steak n Shake ensure consistent quality in its food and service?
  • How does the company approach customer feedback and handle complaints or negative reviews?
  • How does the company give back to the communities in which it operates?
  • What types of benefits are available to team members, such as health insurance or retirement plans?
  • Can you describe a typical day in the life of a team member at Steak n Shake?
  • What qualities do you look for in successful team members at Steak n Shake?


Steak n Shake Hiring Process

Steak n Shake Hiring Process

As you eagerly await the opportunity to start your new career with Steak ‘n Shake, you may be wondering – what is the hiring process actually like?

While the process can vary slightly depending on the specific role you are applying for, Steak ‘n Shake’s hiring process generally consists of an application, phone interview, in-person interview, reference check, and background check.

When applying for a Team Member role, the hiring process moves quickly, taking on average just 3 days.

After submitting your application, you will likely have a phone interview to gauge your initial fit for the role.

If that goes well, you will be invited to an in-person interview at your nearest Steak ‘n Shake location.

For more senior managerial roles, the process is more extensive and can take up to 9 days. You may go through multiple interviews – both on the phone and in person – as well as shadowing current employees and meeting with district and VP-level managers.

Although the process may sound intimidating, stay confident. Steak ‘n Shake wants you to succeed and will evaluate if you are a great fit for the role and company culture.


Steak n Shake Interview Tips

Go into your Steak ‘n Shake interview prepared to highlight why you’re passionate about the company and role and how you can contribute to the team.

What to Wear to Steak n Shake Interview

Steak n Shake Dress Code

Now it’s time to determine what to wear for your Steak ‘n Shake interview.

The best approach is to mimic the company’s dress code to show you understand their culture and are a good fit.

The dress code at Steak ‘n Shake is a standard uniform. The uniform includes a white long-sleeved button-up shirt, black slacks or pants, a black apron, a black bow tie, and non-slip black shoes.

This dress code policy ensures that Steak ‘n Shake staff present a clean, professional image to match the family-friendly atmosphere and high-quality dining experience the restaurant aims to provide its guests.

So for your interview at Steak ‘n Shake, base your outfit on the role you’re interviewing for:

For a Cashier, Team Member, or Shift Manager position, casual or business casual attire is appropriate. Wear dark-colored slacks or khakis, a modest top or blouse, and close-toed shoes with a low heel. Avoid shorts, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, or lots of accessories.

For a management role (Restaurant Manager or General Manager), dress in business casual. That means slacks or a knee-length skirt, a button-down shirt, a blouse or vest, and possibly a blazer. Loafers or modest heels are good footwear options.

If interviewing at the corporate office, wear business formal attire. For men, that’s a suit and tie, and for women, a pantsuit, skirt suit, or formal dress.



Alright, let’s tie it all together.

You’re now equipped with a goldmine of Steak ‘n Shake interview questions and, more importantly, how to knock them out of the park.

Stepping into that interview room, you’re going to be the epitome of preparation and poise.

But let’s not hit the brakes just yet. The job hunt game is a marathon, not a sprint.

Even if you leave that Steak ‘n Shake interview feeling like a million bucks, keep that momentum going by applying to other players in the fast-casual space.

Why? Because if you’re a perfect fit for Steak ‘n Shake, you’re probably going to crush it at similar joints too.

We’re talking about Five Guys, In-N-Out, Shake Shack, Culver’s, Denny’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen, and Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers—you name it.

By casting a wider net, you’re more likely to snag a role that’s not just the first one to bite, but the one that’s the best fit for you.

So, what’s next? It’s game time. Go out there and land that gig.

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